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Ranked Duels Rewards - March 2018

New Cards

New card rewards for your Ranked Duel Tickets are now available!

Duel Links Card: Dynatherium
Duel Links Card: Rose%20Archer
Duel Links Card: Flyfang
Duel Links Card: Rabidragon

Note: Ranked Duel Tickets from seasons before March 2018 cannot be used to obtain these rewards

Top Player Council Evaluation

UR - Dynatherium

Evaluation - Future Potential

superforms: ‘Dynatherium is future potential to the max. Turn 1 it’s a completely free special summon with no drawbacks. It might not have immediate use, but it’s so hard to imagine this card not being great in the future.’

SR - Rose Archer

Evaluation - Future Potential

superforms: ‘Rose Archer looks great against things like Wall of Disruption, Powerful Rebirth, Red-Eyes Spirit, etc., but the current Plant decks aren’t good enough for this card to actually push them onto the tier list. This is something with serious future potential if we get a Plant deck better than Aromages.’

R - Flyfang

Evaluation - Bad

Importantly, this card can be summoned with Hammer Shark. With Umi on the field (easily achievable with Mythic Depths), it becomes an 1800 ATK beater with piercing.

superforms: ‘Looking at current Hammer Shark builds, it likely won’t make the cut.’

N - Rabidragon

Evaluation - Bad

Pretty much anything Rabidragon can do, Blue-Eyes White Dragon can do better. They are both Light attribute and Level 8. The minute differences in ATK/DEF are unimportant when compared to the support Blue-Eyes White Dragon has, such as Kaibaman or Majesty with Eyes of Blue.

Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards

Ranked Victories Ticket Rarity
2 N
7 N
10 N (Glossy)
20 R
30 SR
40 R (Glossy)
60 SR
70 R
100 UR
120 SR (Glossy)

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