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In-Game Updates - March 2018

March 31st Update

Attack of Tristan Taylor!

You certainly can’t mock Konami for not having a sense of humour! Be sure to check out the event guide to get the most out of this event.

New Structure Deck - Dragonic Knights

It has been over a month since we found out in our Datamined Discoveries article there would be a Dragon Structure Deck, we’ll be posting a review of the deck shortly so stay tuned!

March 30th Update

New Box: Valaint Souls

Be sure to check out our First Impressions article that has a list of all the cards as well as comments by Top Player Council members!

New Chazz Skill

As we speculated in our Datamined Discoveries article, the new skill that begins the duel with Dragon’s Mirror in your Deck, and Five-Headed Dragon in your Extra Deck does in fact belong to Chazz!

March 28th Update

Card Trader Improvements

All cards are back at the Card Trader, finally! However, you can only buy one card from the ‘Regular Inventory’ (older cards) every 8 hours so choose wisely. Also, keys can now be exchanged up to ten times per colour.

PvP Duels

You can now surrender during your opponent’s turn - be wary there isn’t a confirmation on the surrender as I found out the hard way whilst curious! You can also report players for slow play and for using mods/hacks!

Jesse Unlock Event

The Jesse Anderson unlock event is here, be sure to check out the ‘Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!’ event article for the best farm decks and tips!

Deck Accessories

You can now set Card Sleeves and Game Mats for each and every deck - customise to your heart’s content!

March 27th Update

The Superb Téa event has been extended by 2 days, it will now end on 30th March. If you still need a playset - farm, farm, farm!

Bonus Reward Campaign

+1000 Duel Assessment score until 5th April. If you’ve been putting off farming that tricky Legendary Duelist, now is the time! Also, be sure to check out our Farm Guides for the best farm decks!

March 26th Update

Upcoming Updates (April)

Here are some key points:

  • The KC Cup is starting next week
  • Another Duel-A-Thon
  • Dr. Vellian Crowler will be the newest addition to the gate, as discussed in our Datamined Discoveries article!
  • Obtain Yami Marik: ‘Different reward will be given instead to those who already own The Winged Dragon of Ra’ - Obelisk the Tormentor perhaps!?
  • Battle City event - new skill for Yami Yugi!
  • Elegant Mai will return
  • Unlock a new character: ‘I’m ready to take on the world’ - could it be Zane Truesdale!?
  • And finally, character level cap increases - took your time Konami!

Challenge Stamps

Play Ranked Duels to get 90 whole gems - don’t spend them all at once!

Sale Underway

As we previously discussed in our Datamined Discoveries article, there’s a sale to celebrate 65 million downloads!

March 23rd Update

Obtain Jesse Anderson

After a long, long time we finally get another (new) unlockable duelist - fingers crossed for Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus as a drop reward!


Various Improvements

Here are some key points:

  • Character selection screen revamp
  • The Vagabond improvements
  • Ability to set different accessories for each deck (you will no longer be able to set at the Card Studio)
  • Card Trader - all older cards will return
  • Ability to report opponent and surrender during your opponent’s turn
  • Increased carrying capacity of Gold and Stones

March 20th Update

Phew! Even more announcements, read away!

Card Trader Improvements

Finally our overlords at Konami have heard our pleas… The Card Trader will now stock every card, all the time! However, newer cards will still be rotated in and out.

Double Keys & Gold

Double Gate Keys & Gold Campaign is back, don’t forget to claim your Duel Orb x10 from your Gift Box!

March 19th Update

With the new announcements, what has been a fairly mundane month for Duel Links is going out with a bang!

There will be a new Roaming Legendary Duelist in a few days, a Pick-a-Gift Campaign until the end of the month as well as a KC Cup announcement. There’s no need to check your notifications, we have it all here!

Roaming Legendary Duelist

The Superb Legendary Duelist has been revealed it be in fact Téa, you can read all about her drop rewards in our Datamined Discoveries article! Be sure to read our event article when the event starts so you know the most efficient way to farm her.


Pick-a-Gift Campaign

Tethys, Goddess of Light (SR) is a new addition this time along with Double Attack (R).

Top Player Council Thoughts

superforms says:

Since Tethys, Goddess of Light requires no effort to pick up, it should just be compared to Guardian of Felgrand and Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane, the other two options. Kurogane hasn’t been used in a top-tier Magnet deck for over a month and while Felgrand has potential with the datamined Dragon Structure Deck, it probably would not be run at more than 2x since Paladin of Felgrand is better in most cases.

Tethys has synergy with the upcoming Counter Fairy archetype and its effect is very easy to trigger (either from your normal draw or another card like Cards from the Sky; it also triggers off its own effect). Whether it can be squeezed into the best variant of Counter Fairies remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a card with potential.

For the R rarity cards you should prioritize Cards from the Sky over Double Attack, but if you already have 3 copies and a copy of Sword of Deep Seated (you’ll never need more than one), you may as well pick it up. However, it’s pretty bad though, and the discard is for cost so unfortunately no Dark World synergy.

KC Cup

It’s already time for another KC Cup! So if you didn’t perform as well as you wanted in the last one, or just want to continue to dominate the ladder and add more Prismatic Cards to your collection, get your deck ready and secure your invitation to your 2018 World Championship Regional Qualifier!

March 14th Update

Sale Underway

We will continue to update this article with new developments, keep an eye on the Duel Links Meta website to stay up to date with all important content!

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