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Card Trader Update - January 2018

The Card Trader’s inventory has been updated with some new additions to his card pool.

Duel Links Card: That%20Grass%20Looks%20Greener
Duel Links Card: Aromage%20Bergamot
Duel Links Card: Vivid%20Knight

Top Player Council Opinions

superforms says:

Vivid Knight only really has synergy with Bujins at the moment, and I don’t think they’d run him.

Aromage Bergamot has potential in future Plant decks because it seems like a really nice semi-boss monster in a consistent, swarming Plant deck with other 1-tribute monsters (so that Soul Exchange could be used), which we don’t have yet.

That Grass Looks Greener* is a very interesting card that’s actually limited in the TCG despite the fact that we’re getting it with the same consistency (60-card TCG decks ran 3x That Grass Looks Greener + 3x Searchers for it; we can just do 3x Grass in a 30-card deck). Grass fuels graveyard combos but likely requires you to play 25-30 cards, which means that your deck needs to be able to run without it. Obvious candidates include Red-Eyes Zombies and Magnets, but so is anything that special summons based on graveyard conditions - think Pyrorex the Elemental Lord, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight, Spell Striker, Darkflare Dragon, Dark Necrofear, etc. In the TCG, That Grass Looks Greener was abused with the “Infernoid” archetype which is full of those kind of monsters and consistent even without That Grass Looks Greener. Anything similar to this that makes its way to Duel Links should have a lot of synergy with it.

Kazin_X says:

That Grass Looks Greener’s implication is too far reaching, probably useful for many archetypes in the future… Currently though, it can be good for Red-Eyes Slash Dragon to fill the graveyard with things like Dawn Knight, Destiny HERO - Dasher, Destiny HERO - Malicious, A/D Changer, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight, and much more. Exodia can probably do some stupid stuff like use That Grass Looks Greener to mill, and then use Backup Soldier. Plants can benefit from it too, by dumping Rose Lover and doing a very quick swarm. I guess Zombies, especially Red-Eyes Zombies can benefit, but I don’t want to mention things superforms already mentioned.

Tutpup says:

Vivid Knight is not very impressive. Could see play if Bujins become meta, but even then I don’t think most Bujin decks are going to want to waste a normal summon on this card.

Aromage Bergamot: The current plant decks we have doesn’t really synergize with “LP Gain”, so I don’t think this card is going to see play. Maybe in some YouTube decks, but at first glance without looking into specific cards in the game that might synergize with it, I would say this is not going to see any real play.

The exact impact That Grass Looks Greener is going to have is hard to predict. We have already seen people like Billy Brake play Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress in his Red-Eyes Zombie deck and have great results with it. I think That Grass Looks Greener is going to advance decks that play with the graveyard to the next level, i.e. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight decks, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon decks, Bujin Decks, etc.


Aromage Bergamot and Vivid Knight don’t seem to have any immediate impact on any top-tier decks. They might see play in future archetypes yet to be released.

That Grass Looks Greener is very exciting, mostly for decks we will eventually see in the future, but also for certain top-tier competitive decks right now. It may see play in Red-Eyes Zombies and Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. It may also push decks like Bujins, Plants, graveyard banishers and others to competitive status.

How to unlock

The Card Trader is unlocked at Stage 7 and the cards in stock change periodically.

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