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August 27th Update

Leaked by RandomPl0x

New Characters for the New World

  • Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Yugi Muto (DSOD)
  • Joey Wheeler (DSOD)
  • Tea Gardner (DSOD)
  • Aigami
  • Sera
  • Unknown Duelist
  • Scud
  • Scud Gang (4 IDs)

5D’s Character ID:

  • MC

New ID: Ticket Skill Exchange

A new ID for Ticket Skill was Added:

Recommended for beginners! “Obtain this Skill, You already have all the Skills that can be obtained from tickets.”


  • LP Boosts
  • Restart
  • Balance

Dark Side of Dimension Gate Drops

Credits goes to YAZAN


  • Anime card refers to a card that I couldn’t find because it’s used in the show only.
  • Since other characters don’t have drops yet, this most likely means that the above mentioned characters are the starter ones for this world.
  • The rest of the drops for the mentioned characters are just reprints from their DM world forms.
  • We may get more rewards next update.

New Skills Added to the JP Game Files:

Thanks to Cesco for the translations.

  • Menace of the Three Sacred Beast

No Description

  • Life Charge

Heal 200 LP x number of turn. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Attack Charge

Increase the attack of one of your monsters, 100 x number of turns. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Defense Charge

Increase the defense of one of your monsters by 200 x number of turns, until the end of the next turn. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • LP Boost Delta

Add 3500 to your starting LP and reduce your starting hand by 3 cards.

  • LP Boost Omega

Add 5000 to your starting LP and reduce your starting hand by 4 cards.

  • Dragonic Reincarnation

Send one lv7 or higher dragon monster from your hand to the GY, add to your hand one lv 4 light attribute dragon monster from the GY. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Dragonic Reverse

Usable on turn 4 and onward. Add to your hand from your GY a dragon monster whose level is the same as the turn number. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Alternative (White Dragon)

Change one (BEWD?) monster on the field whose attack is 3000 or more to Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • The Strongest Evolved Dragon

At the start of the duel put in your extra deck one Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and one Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

  • Complete Scourge of Defeat

You can use this skill from turn 6 and onward. Put on top of your deck one copy of Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon. Also, if your opponent has a monster on the field with more than 3500 defence, add from outside your deck one “Chaos Form”. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Farewell!

Return one monster from your field to its owner hand. You can use this skill once per duel.

  • Your Strength Doesn’t Work on Me!

Select one continuous spell card or trap card targeting one of your monsters. Make that card ineffective until the end of this turn. You can only use this skill once per duel

  • Decoy Tactics!

You can use this skill after your LP decreased by 1500. Put from outside your deck one Decoy Dragon on your field. You can’t special summon monsters the turn you use this skill. You can only use this skill in a deck with 5 or more dragon type monsters. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • My Gem Dragons!

If you have three or more of the below monsters in your deck, normal monsters will be in your starting hand more.

  • The Theme this Time will be… Pain!

When you inflict damage to your opponent, add 50 more damage every time. This skill will not activate when your opponent has less than 1000 LP.

  • You’re Really cute, Aren’t You?

Decrease your opponent LP by 50 at the start of your turn. This skill doesn’t activate when your opponent LP are less then 1000.

New Mat/Sleeves IDs

  • DSOD Release Celebration

Item IDs

  • Skill Ticket (Used to draw from Skill Lottery at the Trader. Can be obtained as event rewards etc.)
  • Skill Chip

Jaden Upcoming Brithday Celebration Banner


The New Main BOX Valhalla Calling has been leaked! Release date: August 31st


Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Odin,%20Father%20of%20the%20Aesir
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Masked%20HERO%20Dian
Duel Links Card: Master%20Hyperion
Duel Links Card: The%20Agent%20of%20Mystery%20-%20Earth
Duel Links Card: Fortune%20Lady%20Calling
Duel Links Card: Banishment%20of%20the%20Darklords
Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20Lance
Duel Links Card: Valhalla,%20Hall%20of%20the%20Fallen
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Fortune%20Lady%20Every
Duel Links Card: Star%20Eater
Duel Links Card: HTS%20Psyhemuth
Duel Links Card: Fortune%20Lady%20Past
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Solid%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: U.A.%20Perfect%20Ace
Duel Links Card: Reptilianne%20Lamia
Duel Links Card: Super-Nimble%20Mega%20Hamster
Duel Links Card: Hyper%20Hammerhead
Duel Links Card: Shining%20Angel
Duel Links Card: Kinka-Byo
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Boardefly
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Clover%20with%20Boar
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Maple%20with%20Deer
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Pine
Duel Links Card: Gleipnir,%20the%20Fetters%20of%20Fenrir
Duel Links Card: Guldfaxe%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Beasts
Duel Links Card: Hecatrice
Duel Links Card: Little%20Trooper
Duel Links Card: Recardination
Duel Links Card: Tanngnjostr%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Beasts
Duel Links Card: Tanngrisnir%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Beasts
Duel Links Card: The%20Agent%20of%20Miracles%20-%20Jupiter
Duel Links Card: Loki,%20Lord%20of%20the%20Aesir
Duel Links Card: Thor,%20Lord%20of%20the%20Aesir
Duel Links Card: U.A.%20Blockbacker
Duel Links Card: U.A.%20Turnover%20Tactics
Duel Links Card: Valkyrie%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Ascendant
Duel Links Card: Vanadis%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Ascendant
Duel Links Card: Warrior%20Lady%20of%20the%20Wasteland
Duel Links Card: The%20Agent%20of%20Entropy%20-%20Uranus
Duel Links Card: Wattdragonfly
Duel Links Card: Watthydra
Duel Links Card: Wattkeeper
Duel Links Card: Wattmole
Duel Links Card: Charcoal%20Inpachi
Duel Links Card: Divine%20Relic%20Mjollnir
Duel Links Card: Dverg%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Alfar
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Peony%20with%20Butterfly
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Pine%20with%20Crane
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Zebra%20Grass
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Cardian%20Zebra%20Grass%20with%20Moon
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Stacking
Duel Links Card: Fraud%20Freeze
Duel Links Card: Garmr%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Beasts
Duel Links Card: Gotterdammerung
Duel Links Card: Jormungardr%20the%20Nordic%20Serpent
Duel Links Card: Ljosalf%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Alfar
Duel Links Card: Mara%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Alfar
Duel Links Card: March%20Towards%20Ragnarok
Duel Links Card: Mimir%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Ascendant
Duel Links Card: Nordic%20Relic%20Brisingamen
Duel Links Card: Nordic%20Relic%20Draupnir
Duel Links Card: Nordic%20Relic%20Gungnir
Duel Links Card: Nordic%20Relic%20Laevateinn
Duel Links Card: Nordic%20Relic%20Megingjord
Duel Links Card: Odin's%20Eye
Duel Links Card: Reptilianne%20Servant
Duel Links Card: Skull%20Stalker
Duel Links Card: Solemn%20Authority
Duel Links Card: Svartalf%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Alfar
Duel Links Card: Sword%20Master
Duel Links Card: The%20Agent%20of%20Force%20-%20Mars
Duel Links Card: Tyr%20of%20the%20Nordic%20Champions
Duel Links Card: U.A.%20Goalkeeper
Duel Links Card: Wattcastle
Duel Links Card: Wattjustment
Duel Links Card: Wattkiwi
Duel Links Card: Wattsquirrel
Duel Links Card: Flower%20Wolf
Duel Links Card: Winged%20Egg%20of%20New%20Life

Keep in mind that the datamined information is speculation, and remains unconfirmed until officially announced by Konami

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