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KC Cup

Event Information

  • Only those who have reached Stage 6 or higher may participate in the KC Cup.
  • The event is divided into 2 Stages.
  • Duelists who reached King of Games in the July season of Ranked Duels are invited straight to the 2nd Stage.
  • Duel 3 times each day to earn 50 gems!

1st Stage

  • From 29th August - 10th September.
  • The first stage of the KC Cup plays very similiar to the ranked ladder.
  • Your rank is tracked by your DLv., win and it will increase!
  • Players DLv. will begin at the following levels depending on their rank in the July season of Ranked Duels:
    • Silver Rank: DLv. 3
    • Gold Rank: DLv. 5
    • Platinum Rank: DLv. 7
    • Legend Rank and King of Games: DLv. 10
  • Reach DLv. 20 and you got your invite to 2nd Stage of the KC Cup!

1st Stage DLv. Up Rewards

DLv. Reward
DLv. 2 50 Gems
DLv. 3 50 Gems
DLv. 4 50 R Jewel
DLv. 5 50 Gems
DLv. 6 2 SR Jewel
DLv. 7 100 Gems
DLv. 8 1 R Ticket
DLv. 9 100 Gems
DLv. 10 150 Gems
Dlv. 11 1 R Ticket
DLv. 12 150 Gems
DLv. 13 1 UR Jewel
DLv. 14 150 Gems
DLv. 15 1 SR Ticket
DLv. 16 200 Gems
DLv. 17 2 SR Jewel
DLv. 18 200 Gems
DLv. 19 1 UR Jewel
DLv. 20 200 Gems

2nd Stage

  • Will take place from 7th September - 10th September.
  • 2nd Stage follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • The top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the Regional Representative Qualifiers for World Championship Series 2019, and be exempt from the Duel Links World Championship Qualifiers.
  • The first place global will receive an invite to the World Championship Series 2019!

2nd Stage Ranking Rewards

Rank Rewards
1 Invite to WCS 2019, Gold Icon, 6 UR Prismatic Tickets, 6 SR Prismatic Tickets, 1000000 Gold
2 Gold Icon, 5 UR Prismatic Tickets, 5 SR Prismatic Tickets, 500000 Gold
3 Gold Icon, 4 UR Prismatic Tickets, 4 SR Prismatic Tickets, 500000 Gold
4-10 Gold Icon, 3 UR Prismatic Tickets, 3 SR Prismatic Tickets, 200000 Gold
11-100 Silver Icon, 2 UR Prismatic Tickets, 2 SR Prismatic Tickets, 200000 Gold
101-500 Bronze Icon, 2 UR Prismatic Tickets, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 200000 Gold
501-1000 Bronze Icon, 1 UR Prismatic Ticket, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 200000 Gold
1001-2000 Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 2 R Tickets, 200000 Gold
2001-5000 Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 1 R Ticket, 160000 Gold
5001-10000 Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 1 R Ticket, 140000 Gold
10001-20000 Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 1 R Ticket, 120000 Gold
20001-30000 Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 1 R Ticket, 100000 Gold
30000+ Bronze Icon, 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 50000 Gold
Last 3 digits are “777” 1 SR Prismatic Ticket, 50000 Gold

Top Player Council Opinions/Tips

Here are anonymized responses from the TPC.

“Which decks do you expect to be used by top 500?”

Amazoness, Masked Heroes, Spellbooks, U.A., Vampires and Fur Hires.

Literally anything!

Vampires, Fur Hires, Amazoness and Spellbooks.

A variety of whats tiered but Masked Heroes have been surprisingly popular in the first stage. I expect Fur Hires, Amazoness, and Masked Heroes to be most popular for top 500.

Top 500 will have an eclectic range of deck types, if your goal is only top 500 then playing any top tier deck will put you ahead of the game.

“Which decks do you expect to be used by top 100?”

Anything that’s been on the tier list in the past month.

Vampires, Amazoness and Fur Hires.

No particular deck but a combination of Fur Hires, Spellbooks, Amazoness and decks designed to counter each those big 3 incase they come in waves. Traditionally during the KC Cup the meta changes daily and in later stages it can even change hourly, but I still think the big three will be the most predominant overall. Amazoness in particular is very easy to counter if it becomes a trend with U.A. and Wildheart decks. Spellbooks counter is Amazoness, and Fur Hires is Spellbooks so deck choices will be cyclical depending on trends.

I expect Amazoness and Vampires to be most played by far. Any deck that can use Cosmic Cyclone to its fullest potential will also thrive. All the top tier decks will see usage to some extent.

“Which decks would you suggest for first time KC Cup participants?”

Amazoness and Fur Hires.

Something you know how to play and is easy to pilot. Decks that are very complex can be mentally strenuous when played for many hours, so having something simple can help reduce misplays.


Fur Hires!

Decks that you know well and feel comfortable piloting. Decks that win fast and lose fast. Instant scoop from brick isn’t as bad as losing after a 10 minute grind game. Losing grind games can kill you morale and will to play. Decks with fair to strong match ups across the board. In the KC Cup you will be facing a lot of different deck types and should be able to handle whatever is thrown at you, so decks with strong internal tool boxes are optimal. Decks that have the flexibility to change tech cards/backrow on the fly to adjust to whatever is most played without sacrificing consistency.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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