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Card Trader Update


The Card Trader’s inventory has been updated with some new additions to his card pool!

Duel Links Card: Familiar-Possessed%20-%20Aussa
Duel Links Card: Familiar-Possessed%20-%20Hiita
Duel Links Card: Six%20Scrolls%20of%20the%20Samurai

Top Player Council Thoughts

“Thoughts on Familiar-Possessed - Aussa?”

Yehhey says:


“Thoughts on Familiar-Possessed - Hiita?”

Yehhey says:


“Thoughts on Six Scrolls of the Samurai?”

Yehhey says:

I love seeing quick-play spells as the game doesn’t have a whole lot of them in the card pool. Unfortunately this one is a 3 for 1 which I’m not a big fan of.

Required Items

  • Familiar-Possessed - Aussa: 40,000 Gold, 7 SR Jewel, 60 Stone of Earth
  • Familiar-Possessed - Hiita: 40,000 Gold, 7 SR Jewel, 60 Stone of Fire
  • Six Scrolls of the Samurai: 5,000 Gold, 5 Stone of Spell

The Card Trader is unlocked at Stage 7 and the cards in stock rotate every 8 hours.

Tell us your thoughts on the new cards in the comments below!

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