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Forbidden/Limited List & Skill Balance

Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on August 29 with three new cards:

  • Dyna, Hero Fur Hire will be added to the Limited List.
  • Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire and Amazoness Baby Tiger will be added to the Semi-Limited List.

TPC Thoughts

Mr. Cellophane:

Donpa to 2 was expected. Having only one Dyna hurts Fur Hires’ late-game a lot. The deck will still be relevant due to its explosive power. Baby Tiger was seeing less play in favor of Amazoness Tiger in most decks. However this change will still hurt Amazoness as they will no longer have free discard fodder with Amazoness Princess.


Love it. Fur Hire will be less powerful and Amazoness will be more balanced.


Fur Hire decks may now have to revert back to Mayhem Fur Hire to deal with having two of their most important monsters limited. The deck will also lose access to Enemy Controller. Fur Hire decks will still remain entirely relevant especially because Wiz, Sage Fur Hire and Beat, Swordsman Fur Hire have been left untouched but will probably revert to a slightly more control-orientated build. In my opinion, this will be good for the game.

Amazoness Baby Tiger feels like a weird card to hit. With Amazoness Onslaught already being semi-limited this card will now see absolutely no play. It was one of the deck’s only decent defenses to Treacherous Trap Hole and helped a lot in the Spellbook match-up. However, it was already seeing reduced play and could now be replaced by Amazoness Spy in competitive decks.

I believe it was a cop out to not limit Treacherous Trap Hole. Konami decided not to do this because they have never touched a card from a box that was SR/UR but it could be argued that no card from a set has had this much direct impact. It will remain one of the most played cards in the game because of how impactful it is in games. It’s also incredibly hard to play around. Konami’s only real way out of this situation now is introducing powerful normal trap cards. However, even this could make the despised stall deck relevant again.

Eugen Heidt:

Finally Fur Hires got nerfed. The hits might not be big enough though, in my opinion. Dyna at 1 prevents the Dyna lock and Donpa at 2 basically removes the Enemy Controllers. With the additional nerf of Beatdown it won’t be an OTK, 3-turn format anymore. Baby Tiger at 2 is ok, a slight hit but not a big problem. Many people already cut it down to 1, 0 won’t be a huge difference. The new Forbidden/Limited List is overall okay and should’ve been done a while ago but it’s still missing something. Treacherous Trap Hole should be banned in my opinion and they should’ve also done something with Spellbooks to hit “the big 3”. With Fur Hire “gone” though, it will be much easier to counter Spellbook decks.

Skill Change

In addition to the new entries on the Forbidden/Limited List, Konami has also announced a change to the Beatdown skill. The new Beatdown will now only boost Level 5 and higher monsters, instead of all face-up monsters on your field.

TPC Thoughts

Mr. Cellophane:

I think this is a fair change. Hopefully this will help stop so many OTKs from stealing games.


A good change. This limits the power of Fur Hire and OTK decks in general. It also makes the mirror matches more skillful as all your monsters will now not automatically be bigger than your opponent’s monsters on your turn. It is possible that The Tie that Binds will now see more play as this is already essentially a weakened version of the Beatdown skill.

Eugen Heidt:

Good change, was mostly used for OTKs. If you want to boost your little guys, you can still use Tie that Binds, which is slightly worse than pre-nerf Beatdown.

Skill Changes

Tell us your thoughts on the new Forbidde/Limited List and Beatdown change in the comments below!

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