Ranked Duels Rewards - April

New Cards Added

New Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

Duel Links Card: Fusilier%20Dragon,%20the%20Dual-Mode%20Beast
Duel Links Card: Synchro%20Magnet

Old Cards Added

Rewards from previous events have been added to Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards!

Duel Links Card: Panther%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Queen's%20Pawn
Duel Links Card: Saber%20Beetle

Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards

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This Month we have the KC Cup, wins in the KC Cup counts towards Ranked Victories.

Ranked Victories Ticket Rarity
2 N
7 N
10 N (Glossy)
20 R
30 SR
40 R (Glossy)
60 SR
70 R
100 UR
120 SR (Glossy)

Tell us your thoughts on the new rewards in the comments below! The most constructed response will be feature above!

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