Duel Links Meta

Character Level 45 Rewards

New LVL: 45 Cards

After almost a year of stagnation, the character level cap was increased to LVL: 45 with many Duelist getting new, unique rewards!

The Top Player Council have also reviewed the new cards and given their thoughts below, including which Duelist Reward you should aim for first!

Duel Links Card: Dark%20Magic%20Inheritance
Duel Links Card: The%20Melody%20of%20Awakening%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Blue%20Flame%20Swordsman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Queen
Duel Links Card: Miraculous%20Descent
Duel Links Card: Tackle%20Crusader
Duel Links Card: Howling%20Insect
Duel Links Card: Overtex%20Qoatlus
Duel Links Card: Aegis%20of%20the%20Ocean%20Dragon%20Lord
Duel Links Card: Newdoria
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Ruler%20Ha%20Des
Duel Links Card: Proton%20Blast
Duel Links Card: Gravekeeper's%20Visionary
Duel Links Card: Toon%20Gemini%20Elf
Duel Links Card: Ruins%20of%20the%20Divine%20Dragon%20Lords
Duel Links Card: Jirai%20Gumo
Duel Links Card: Skilled%20Dark%20Magician
Duel Links Card: King%20of%20the%20Skull%20Servants
Duel Links Card: Quantum%20Cat
Duel Links Card: Card%20Trooper
Duel Links Card: Destiny%20HERO%20-%20Plasma
Duel Links Card: Crystal%20Bond
Duel Links Card: Ojamassimilation
Duel Links Card: Swing%20of%20Memories
Duel Links Card: Ancient%20Gear%20Box
Duel Links Card: Carboneddon

Top Player Council Thoughts

superforms says:


  • Tackle Crusader
  • Ancient Gear Box
  • Jirai Gumo
  • Newdoria

Came Too Late

  • Blue Flame Swordsman: Would have been nice months ago, irrelevant now. Probably best with Six Samurais (with Hand of the Six Samurai and Great Shogun Shien), and it doesn’t seem that great there.
  • Gravekeeper’s Visionary: A nice boss Monster but will do very little for GK in the current meta. Really doesn’t help that he can’t be searched by Gravekeeper’s Recruiter.
  • Toon Gemini Elf: An instant addition to Toon Decks, but does not bring Toon Decks out of irrelevancy.


  • Proton Blast: YouTube fun.
  • Ojamassimilation: Banishes Ojama Monsters in exchange for Fusion materials. Pure YouTube.
  • King of the Skull Servants: Now available at 3x. This is just a fun YouTube Deck.
  • Overtex Qoatlus: Apparently relevant in the TCG, it seems like it lacks the support to have any impact in Duel Links right now. It has obvious synergy with Survival Instinct and Tyranno Infinity, and may make a good YouTube Deck.

Future Potential

  • Miraculous Descent: Combos nicely with Cards from the Sky but lacks good targets.
  • Quantum Cat: Just Swamp Mirrorer with different stats, and useless in Hazy thanks to 0 ATK. Future potential with new summoning mechanics.
  • Carboneddon: A free vanilla Red-Eyes summon. Maybe future potential.
  • The Melody of Awakening Dragon: Searches Blue-Eyes Monsters, Dark Horus, Rainbow Dragon, and Armed Dragon LV10. Lack of good targets keeps this at “future potential”.

Support for Non-Meta Decks

  • Howling Insect: Nice little buff for Insect Queen Decks as it floats into Pinch Hopper/Resonance Insect.
  • Crystal Bond: The best Crystal Beast card we have right now, but likely not good enough to make the archetype relevant.
  • Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord: A nice protection card in Paleozoics, and can be used to trigger the Paleo effects (even when you have none on the field).
  • Swing of Memories: Now at 2x, a card with definite future potential that was used in the past with Gemini Monsters. Does not seem to have a great place in a top-tier Deck right now.

Support for Potential Top-Tier Decks

  • Skilled Dark Magician: A second copy allows Dark Magician Decks to start filling out their Monster line-up without Sergeant Electro, which has been badly needed for a while. Works well with Skilled Blue Magician (currently a drop in the Battle City event).
  • Dark Magic Inheritance: May possibly work well with Spellbooks (coming in the next minibox) and can search for Dark Magic Curtain (or Thousand Knives/Dark Magic Attack if Curtain was already searched by Magician’s Rod).
  • Dark Ruler Ha Des: A very appreciated second copy, and a nice buff to Treeborn Tribute Decks.
  • Destiny HERO - Plasma: A second copy, and still an amazing card. Struggles to deal with Enemy Controller, but has insane lockdown potential if protected. Forbidden Chalice being common will likely hold this card back.
  • Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords: A second copy of a great card. Paladin of Felgrand + Ruins = any Dragon from your Deck, and would be a nice way to turbo out White Night Dragon (coming in the next minibox).
  • Card Trooper: A 1900 beater after milling 3, and gives you a free draw when destroyed. Graveyard-fueled Decks like Archfiends will test this card, comparing it to Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress.

Will be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Amazoness Queen: Incredible card with the available Amazoness support. Summon Amazoness Princess (coming with Elegant Mai), search Amazoness Onslaught, attack with Princess to summon Queen. If Queen was already in your hand, just wait until you can summon it with the Onslaught you just searched.

First Three Cards I will Pursue

  • Amazoness Queen
  • Card Trooper
  • Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords

Jason says:

Will be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Card Trooper

Might be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • None at the moment

Future Potential

  • The Melody of Awakening Dragon
  • Amazoness Queen
  • Dark Ruler Ha Des

First Three Cards I will Pursue

  • Card Trooper
  • Amazoness Queen
  • Destiny HERO - Plasma

AndyTsang says:

Will be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Amazoness Queen
  • Card Trooper

Might be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Destiny HERO - Plasma

Future Potential

  • Dark Magic Inheritance
  • The Melody of Awakening Dragon
  • Skilled Dark Magician
  • Carboneddon

First Three Cards I will Pursue

  • Card Trooper
  • Amazoness Queen
  • No plans after that!

SelectMaple says:

Will be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Card Trooper: Will most likely best used in Archfiends as it can mill your Archfiend cards for Archfiend Emperor, The First Lord of Horror’s effect and for Call of the Archfiend and Archfiend Empress targets.
  • Amazoness Queen: If Amazoness becomes a top tier Deck, Amazoness Queen will most likely be used in an Amazoness Deck. Amazoness Queen combos well with Amazoness Onslaught along with Amazoness Princess.

Might be Used in a Top-Tier Deck

  • Dark Magic Inheritance: Though a card that seems underappreciated, Dark Magic Inheritance is another Magician’s Rod for the archetype. As seen in the leaks with Spellbooks coming out in the new box, a possible mix between Dark Magician and Spellbooks could use Dark Magic Inheritance in the Deck, if Spellbooks are top tier.
  • Skilled Dark Magician: Same as Dark Magic Inheritance. Could possibly be in a Dark Magician and Spellbook hybrid if Spellbooks are top tier.

Future Potential

  • Destiny HERO - Plasma: Probably being a bit biased about this card, but I can see this card getting some play in the future due to its great effect of negating other Monsters effects along with its ability to take a Monster from your opponent much like Relinquished. Possibly with better swarming support, Destiny HERO - Plasma will see play in the future.

First Three Cards I will Pursue

  • Amazoness Queen
  • Card Trooper
  • My personal favorite: Destiny HERO - Plasma!

Which cards are you going for first? Let us know in the comments below!

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