Ojama Guide


What are the Ojamas?

Ojamas are an archetype used by Chazz Princeton in Yugioh GX along with the Armed Dragon LV monsters and the VWXYZ machine monsters (V-Tiger Jet, W-Wing Catapult,X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, Z-Metal Tank, and the respective contact fusions). For years these archetypes had no synergy but thanks to the cards Ojamatch and Ojamassimilation they make quite a functional deck in Duel Links using Ojamas, Armed Dragons, possibly the XYZ machine monsters, and possibly Junk Synchron.

How do you use Ojamas?

Their playstyle can vary but for this guide the Ojamas are used for their search power via Ojama Blue and for their ties to the Armed Dragon LV monsters (via Ojamatch)/XYZ machine monsters (via Ojamassimilation).

Why use Armed Dragons?

Armed Dragons give the deck a lot of utility as well as being able to search out Ojama Blue via the card Ojamatch.

Why use the XYZ machine monsters?

They give the deck a very powerful win condition in the form of XYZ-Dragon Cannon (via Ojamassimilation)

Why not the VW machine monsters?

These monsters don’t do enough to warrant space in the deck unfortunately and are better used as slots for other cards.

Why Junk Synchron?

Junk Synchron enables builds that do not focus on the XYZ machine monsters as it can bring back the Ojamas and use them and the Armed Dragons for synchro plays.

Why Crystron Citree?

Crystron Citree is a very strong tuner monster for this deck that can be used both offensively and defensive depending on what you need at the time. It is arguable better than Junk Synchron at the current time.

Why play this deck?

I can’t speak for others but I do find this deck to be pretty enjoyable to play, has a surprising amount of power that allows it to go toe-to-toe with even meta decks, and perhaps simply for the memes.

The Game Plan - XYZ Version

This deck’s win condition is to use Ojamassimilation to bring out XYZ-Dragon Cannon and use its non-once-per-turn destruction effect to wipe the opponent’s board. Following up with Armed Dragon LV3 results in an OTK. Ojamatch is used to cycle through the deck and put out an Armed Dragon LV3 that is used to special summon Armed Dragon LV5 if desired. While putting Armed Dragon LV5 on the field is not always optimal (if you don’t have one of the XYZ-pieces in hand you won’t be able to make XYZ-Dragon Cannon if Armed Dragon LV5 is still on the field when Ojamassimilation is used), Armed Dragon LV5 is useful for being a 2400 Atk body, having spot removal via its own effect, and can be returned to the hand by A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon to destroy all spell/traps on the field. Union Scramble is good recovery/OTK enabler after XYZ-Dragon Cannon has successfully been summoned. The skill Land of the Ojamas is useful since Ojama Country can be sent off Ojamatch to search out Ojama Blue. Ojama Country is also useful for reviving Ojama Blue, swapping Atk/def, and making it easier for Armed Dragon LV5 to destroy certain monsters using its effect. Sphere Kuriboh/Enemy Controller are good to prevent OTKs.

The Core - All Variants

Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Blue
Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Blue
Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Blue

One of the key pieces of the deck, Ojama Blue allows the player to search 2 'Ojama' cards when destroyed by battle. Ojama Blue serves as a quick way to get to the win condition, Ojamassimilation, and can also search out Ojamatch and any Ojama Monster that can be used for Ojamatch/Ojamassimilation.

Duel Links Card: Ojamatch
Duel Links Card: Ojamatch
Duel Links Card: Ojamatch

Another key piece of the deck, Ojamatch allows the user to search out an Armed Dragon Monster and an Ojama Monster (Usually Blue) and normal summon one of them. Keep in mind that it is a quick-play spell, which allows a lot of flexibility. Normal summoning Armed Dragon LV3 in the standby phase off Ojamatch allows LV3 to level up into LV5. Can be used to shuffle back 3 banished Ojamas for a draw.

Duel Links Card: Armed%20Dragon%20LV3
Duel Links Card: Armed%20Dragon%20LV3
Duel Links Card: Armed%20Dragon%20LV5
Duel Links Card: Armed%20Dragon%20LV5
- Armed Dragon LV3 - (x1-2) - Armed Dragon LV5 - (x2-3)

I find two of each of Armed Dragon LV3 and LV5 to be a good ratio, but I have seen 1 Armed Dragon LV3 and 3 Armed Dragon LV5s. A single copy of one of them would mean that you can’t search it off Ojamatch if it is currently in hand.

Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Yellow
Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Green
Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Black

A normal Ojama name is needed to help resolve Ojamatch as it requires that an Ojama monster is searched than a different name than the card used as cost. Only one is needed.

Duel Links Card: Ojamassimilation

This is the heart of the deck and is what will be used to win most games won. This allows the player to summon the XYZ pieces by banishing the Ojama Monsters from hand, field, or graveyard. The XYZ pieces can then be contacted fused into the XYZ fusion monsters by banishing them. Can be banished from the grave to put 3 banished Ojamas back into the deck for a draw. Keep in mind that currently this card is only one per account and you must make it count when you use it.

The Core - XYZ Variant

Duel Links Card: X-Head%20Cannon
Duel Links Card: Y-Dragon%20Head
Duel Links Card: Z-Metal%20Tank

These machine monsters are used to make the fusions and can serve as beaters in a pinch. Should be noted that Y and Z can equip themselves to another piece to free up a zone (this is useful for allowing the third piece to come into play to make XYZ-Dragon Cannon).

Duel Links Card: XYZ-Dragon%20Cannon
Duel Links Card: XYZ-Dragon%20Cannon
- XYZ-Dragon Cannon - (x1-2)

The main boss monster that you go into off Ojamassimilation. It can destroy 1 card on field by discarding 1 card and is not once per turn. Use this to wipe the opponent’s board and OTK with the assistance of Armed Dragon LV3. Note: If not using a card like Union Scramble, you will only be able to make XYZ-Dragon Cannon once during a duel. This means that you only need one copy if not using a card like Union Scramble.

Duel Links Card: XY-Dragon%20Cannon
- XY-Dragon Cannon - (x0-1)

This two-piece fusion can pop face-up spell/traps by discarding 1 card. Rarely comes up but might as well have it as an option.

Duel Links Card: YZ-Tank%20Dragon
- YZ-Tank Dragon - (x0-1)

This two-piece fusion can pop set monsters by discarding 1 card. Sometimes comes up and proves to be useful.

Duel Links Card: XZ-Tank%20Cannon
- XZ-Tank Cannon - (x0-1)

This is probably the best two-piece fusion as it can pop set cards by discarding 1 card and has the best stats among the two-piece fusions at 2400 Atk.

The Core - Junk Synchro Variant

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Junk%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Junk%20Synchron
- Junk Synchron - (x2-3)

Junk Synchron allows for synchro summoning with Ojamas/Armed Dragons. Junk Synchron on normal summon can bring back an Ojama, which would result in a level 5 synchro. Junk Synchron combos well with Ojamatch. This card can be a tech card to the XYZ build (in which case run at x1-3).

Good Synchros to be made with Junk Synchron

Duel Links Card: Armades,%20Keeper%20of%20Boundaries
Duel Links Card: Armades,%20Keeper%20of%20Boundaries
- Armades, Keeper of Boundaries - (x1-2)

Prevents your opponent from activating cards or effects when it battles. Great level 5.

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Berserker
- Junk Berserker - (x1-2)

Doesn’t come up that often being level 7 but can help out in a pinch being a able to lower a monster’s attack by 1200 by banishing Junk Synchron and having 2700 attack itself.

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Destroyer
- Junk Destroyer - (x1-2)

Level 8 synchro that can destroy cards up to the number of non-tuners used to summon it. Armed Dragon lvl 5 + Junk Synchron results in one pop. Armed Dragon LV3 + Junk Synchron + Ojama results in two pops.

Duel Links Card: Samsara,%20Dragon%20of%20Rebirth
- Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth - (x0-1)

A level 5 that can bring back a monster from either player’s graveyard when it is destroyed by battle or an opponent’s card effect. Also can be used as a beat stick when using Ojama Country to swap Atk/Def.

Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Dragon
- Stardust Dragon - (x0-1)

A level 8 synchro that can greatly help out in match-ups like Ancient Gears as it can prevent the destruction of a card once per turn.

Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Decisive%20Armor
- Ally of Justice Decisive Armor - (x0-1)

A level 10 synchro that would usually be made with Armed Dragon LV5, Junk Synchron, and an Ojama. Large body and can be a game- winning card against decks with high ATK light monsters.

The Core - Crystron Citree Variant

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
- Crystron Citree - (x2-3)

A level 2 tuner that has an effect that allows you to synchro summon using a monster in your graveyard during your opponent’s Main Phase or Battle Phase as long as you are synchro summoning a machine monster. This monster is a great addition as it can be used offensively during your turn or defensively during your opponent’s turn. Crystron Citree great extender for the deck.

  • Note: Crystron Citree works very well with the Neos optional tech engine (see “Optional Tech Engine: Neos” below)

Good Synchros to be made with Crystron Citree

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
- Crystron Ametrix - (x1-2)

A level 5 machine synchro that can be made to switch your opponent’s special summoned monsters to defense. Will mostly likely be made during your opponent’s turn with Armed Dragon LV 3.

Duel Links Card: Black%20Rose%20Dragon
- Black Rose Dragon - (x1)

A level 7 monster that can wipe the entire field. Most often will be made with Armed Dragon LV 5 and works well with Neos Fusion.

Duel Links Card: Vermillion%20Dragon%20Mech
- Vermillion Dragon Mech - (x1-2)

A level 9 machine monster that can banish a tuner to pop a card. Will most often be made by using Crystron Citree’s effect using Elemental HERO Neos if running the Neos engine.

Duel Links Card: Cloudcastle
- Cloudcastle - (x0-1)

A level 9 machine monster with 3000 Def that stop level 8 or lower monsters from attacking the turn they are summoned and revives a level 9 monster from the graveyard on summon (probably Vermillion Dragon Mech).

Optional Engine - Fusion Variant

While the fusion summoning monsters is not the most optimal way to play the deck currently, I have had some success with the following optional cards:

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Blazeman
- Elemental HERO Blazeman - (x2-3)

A HERO monster that on summon can add Polymerization. Can be used to make Ojama Knight (by searching the Polymerization) or Elemental HERO Great Tornado.

Duel Links Card: Polymerization
- Polymerization - (x1-2)

Not much to say about this card except it isn’t the best of draws.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Great%20Tornado
- Elemental HERO Great Tornado - (x1-2)

A level 8 synchro that can greatly help out in match-ups like Ancient Gears as it can prevent the destruction of a card once per turn.

Duel Links Card: Ojama%20Knight
- Ojama Knight - (x1)

An Ojama Monster that requires two Ojamas and block up to two of your opponent’s zones. A decent going first option depending on the match-up.

Duel Links Card: Panzer%20Dragon
- Panzer Dragon - (x0-1)

Probably the least useful fusion monster you could go into out of the ones here but it still possible to make. It requires a machine and a dragon and can pop a card when it is destroyed.

Duel Links Card: Necro%20Fusion
- Necro Fusion - (x2-3)

This card allows you to make fusions during your opponent’s turn. Elemental HERO Great Tornado and Ojama Knight are very good targets for this. Only issue I found is it's an extender and you need to draw into it.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Nova%20Master
- Elemental HERO Nova Master - (x0-1)

I don’t really make this card but you can fuse into it with two Elemental HERO Blazemans.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20The%20Shining
- Elemental HERO The Shining - (x0-1)

Doesn’t work well with Necro fusion but it's a viable fusion target you can go into.

Duel Links Card: Miracle%20Fusion
- Miracle Fusion- (x1-2)

Like Necro Fusion but can be used during your turn for summoning an Elemental HERO. Doesn’t have the disruption potential of Necro Fusion but can be good.

Optional Engine - Neos

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Neos
- Elemental HERO Neos - (x1-2)

A garnet needed for Neos Fusion. The 2500 ATK can be useful for discard fodder with Armed Dragon LV5.

Duel Links Card: Bacon%20Saver
- Bacon Saver - (x0-1)

A nice target to send with Neos Fusion when not sending another monster to set-up for a play later.

Duel Links Card: Plaguespreader%20Zombie
- Plaguespreader Zombie - (x0-1)

A level 2 Zombie tuner who can bring itself back from the graveyard by putting one card in your hand on top of your deck but is banished when it leaves the field if you do so. Sending it with Neos Fusion makes for good setup for following turns. A useful note is that it is good practice to put a card you are going to mill or search on top of your deck when summoning this monster from the grave.

Duel Links Card: Treeborn%20Frog
- Treeborn Frog - (x0-1)

A level 1 monster that can revive itself during your standby phase if you don’t control any spell/traps. Works well along with Debris Dragon.

Duel Links Card: Neos%20Fusion
- Neos Fusion - (x2-3)

The reason why you would use the Neos engine in Ojamas. It can help set-up plays for later in addition to bringing out Elemental Hero Brave Neos. Works well for setting up Synchros for latter or Necro Fusion depending on the build.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Brave%20Neos
- Elemental HERO Brave Neos - (x1-2)

A nice body to put on the board but arguably the mill from Neos Fusion to set-up plays for later is more important. Deck thinning by destroying monsters with it by battle is also good.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Neos%20Knight
- Elemental HERO Neos Knight - (x0-1)

I usually run this when I want the possibility of making Elemental HERO Grandmerge off of Necro Fusion.

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Grandmerge
- Elemental HERO Grandmerge - (x0-1)

A nice end game threat being 4200 ATK with two Elemental HERO Neos being used to make it but doesn’t come up very often.

Tech Cards

Duel Links Card: A%20Wingbeat%20of%20Giant%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: A%20Wingbeat%20of%20Giant%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: A%20Wingbeat%20of%20Giant%20Dragon
- A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon - (x1-2)

This card can be used to destroy all spell/traps on the field by returning Armed Dragon LV5 to the hand. Very good way to secure Ojamassimilation going through and can sometimes be a blowout.

Duel Links Card: Union%20Scramble
Duel Links Card: Union%20Scramble
- Union Scramble - (x1-2)

This is best option to recover if XYZ-Dragon is answered as the monster cannot be revived from the graveyard. Union Scramble lets you summon the banished materials back and make another contact fusion. It can also be banished to add on the banished materials back to the hand. This works well for Treacherous Trap Hole as it removes itself from the graveyard.

Duel Links Card: Jinzo
Duel Links Card: Jinzo
- Jinzo - (x1-2)

2400 Atk body that prevents traps cards and is relatively easy to summon thanks to Ojamatch and Ojama Country being able to revive an Ojama.

Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
- Enemy Contoller - (x1-2)

Very versatile card that gives the deck some much needed defense.

Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole
Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole
- Treacherous Trap Hole - (x1-2)

Very powerful card that can be used since the deck tends to run very few traps.

Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh
Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh
Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh
- Sphere Kuriboh - (x1-3)

One of the best cards to give this deck defense.

Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
- Offerings to the Doomed - (x1-3)

Give the deck disruption and thanks to Ojama Blue’s searching effect, the skipping your draw phase part can be mitigated.

Duel Links Card: Gravity%20Lash
Duel Links Card: Gravity%20Lash
Duel Links Card: Gravity%20Lash
- Gravity Lash - (x2-3)

A very good card depending on the format. Can be used to get over large monsters either by battle or with Armed Dragon LV5’s effect. Can also be used defensively, giving it additional utility.

Duel Links Card: A%20Major%20Upset
Duel Links Card: A%20Major%20Upset
Duel Links Card: A%20Major%20Upset
- A Major Upset - (x1-3)

This is more of a side-deck card, but this card allows you to return all level 7 or higher monsters to the hand by tributing one of your face-up attack position Ojamas.

Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder
- Psychic Wheeleder - (x1-3)

A level 3 tuner that can summon itself if there is a level 3 monster you control. It also can destroy a monster on the field that has lower attack than the synchro summoned monster it is used for material. A combo extender.

Duel Links Card: HTS%20Psyhemuth
- HTS Psyhemuth - (x1)

A 2400 ATK level 6 synchro that can banish a monster along with itself after battle. Useful for outing difficult monsters.

Duel Links Card: Heat%20Wave
- Heat Wave - (x1)

A cute optional one of that prevent players from playing effect monsters until your next turn. It must be activated at the start of main phase one but thanks to Ojamatch, you can summon Armed Dragons in the standby phase before activating Heat Wave. Can provide an advantage in tempo that can game winning.

Duel Links Card: Quickdraw%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Quickdraw%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Quickdraw%20Synchron
- Quickdraw Synchron - (x1-3)

A LV5 tuner that can be special summoned by discarding a monster. Can be useful for making Junk Destroyer/Junk Berserker or tribute fodder.

Duel Links Card: Debris%20Dragon
- Debris Dragon - (x1-3)

A level 4 Dragon tuner with 1000 Atk and 2000 Def that when normal summoned revives a monster with 500 Atk or less and can only be used for dragon monsters when synchro summoning. A nice addition to some builds that can be useful for its 2000 Def (which can help otk if Ojama Country is on the field). Some good Synchros to make with it are Iron Chain Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, and Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth (the latter would need something like sphere Kuriboh to make).

Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Dragon
- Scrap Dragon - (x0-1)

A level 8 dragon synchro with 2800 Atk and 2000 Def that can destroy 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls. A potential target for Debris Dragon to make if not a bit awkward to make. Still spot removal is good to have.

Duel Links Card: Star%20Eater
- Star Eater - (x0-1)

A level 11 dragon synchro with 3200 Atk and 2800 Def whose summon cannot be responded to nor negated. When it declares an attack, it also becomes unaffected by other cards until the end of the Damage Step. A great target to make if you can make it and serves as a good target for Debris Dragon to make along with an Ojama and Armed Dragon LV5.

Duel Links Card: Armored%20White%20Bear
- Armored White Bear - (x1-3)

A level 4 Beast Water monster with 1800 Atk and 1400 Def that can summon a level 4 or lower Beast Light monster when destroyed. I think this card has future potential being level 4 (for possible synchro plays) and Water (for possible fusion plays with Blazeman). For now, it is most useful for floating into an Ojama Blue.

Some Neat Tricks

Ojamatch Tricks

  • Summoning Multiple Armed Dragon LV5s off 1 Armed Dragon LV3: This play involves using at least 2 Ojamatches. Use 1 Ojamatch in the standby phase to bring Out Armed Dragon LVL 3 (don’t chain the other Ojamatches), use it to bring out LVL 5, then use the other Ojamatch to bring back the Armed Dragon LV3 and use it to bring back another LVL 5. Tip: Plan the Ojama searches ahead because you normally want to end with an Ojama Blue in hand after this play.

  • Battle Phase looping: This play involves using Ojamatches to loop an Armed Dragon LV5 with another Armed Dragon LV5 in the battle phase by searching each other out and normal summoning over each other. Since the Armed Dragon LV5s were summoned in the battle phase, they can attack.

  • Securing the Wingbeat: This play comes up when you use A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon to bounce LV5 but your opponent chains something to prevent the Armed Dragon LV5 from returning to the hand. You can chain Ojamatch to search the other Armed Dragon LV5 and summon it over the first one. This allows the new Armed Dragon LV5 to be returned to the hand to destroy all spell/traps.

Crashing Ojama Blue

While this usually doesn’t seem like a good idea, sometimes crashing Ojama Blue is the correct play (this can allow the player to search out two Ojamatches and possibly clear some threats with them in the battle phase).


Ancient Gears

  • There are two main ways Ojamas will win this match-up: either stop them from getting their set-up with a card like Stardust Dragon or OTK them (usually by crashing Ojama Blue before they can take control of the game).


  • Ojamas have a decent match-up against Dinos if played correctly. My advice is to either drop Jinzo when they don’t expect it or (and the more likely scenario) grind them out utilizing Ojamatch to disrupt their chain links (and perhaps use a Jinzo later as a game ender).

Six Samurai


  • This match-up is a bit strange depending on their set-up. If they can’t banish your Ojama Country, you can take advantage of its effect to be able to get over their monsters. If they can banish your special summoned monsters, you are unlikely to win if you can’t answer it quickly. Try to win this match-up quickly as they can out grind you.


  • This match-up is a bit strange depending on their set-up. If they can’t banish your Ojama Country, you can take advantage of its effect to be able to get over their monsters. If they can banish your special summoned monsters, you are unlikely to win if you can’t answer it quickly. Try to win this match-up quickly as they can out grind you.


  • This match-up is a bit strange depending on their set-up. If they can’t banish your Ojama Country, you can take advantage of its effect to be able to get over their monsters. If they can banish your special summoned monsters, you are unlikely to win if you can’t answer it quickly. Try to win this match-up quickly as they can out grind you.

Some Advice About Playing Ojamas

  • A lot of this deck's effectiveness comes from not knowing set combos but knowing how the cards work and how to get the most out of them in a given game state.

  • For example, I opened a hand going second where I opened (after my draw) armed dragon lvl 3, two Ojamatches, and two Ojama blues. My opponent went normal summon gozuki, mill vampire familiar, and pass turn 1. An Ojama player who knew the plays but didn't look to see what the best play was might have gone Ojamatch pitching Ojama blue, search yellow and lvl three, level up to lvl 5, use another Ojamatch on resolution to pitch Ojama yellow, search blue and the same lvl 3, level up another lvl 5 and go from there. I however considered what my opponent could do before playing a card. I thought he lives two ways, he floats off gozuki or uses Sphere Kuriboh. I decide to test the gozuki float by using 1 Ojamatch to bring out lvl 5, discard my Ojama blue to revive the Ojama blue I pitched off Ojamatch and use lvl 5's effect, pitching lvl 3 to destroy gozuki. My opponent does not use gozuki to float. I then consider the possible Sphere Kuriboh. If he has it and I swing with lvl 5, I don't otk. Knowing this, I summon Ojama yellow, and attack with both Ojamas. Instead of swinging with lvl 5, I use Ojamatch, send yellow to grave, add blue and my other lvl 5, tribute blue for lvl 5, and then win since he would need double Sphere Kuriboh to live and he didn't have two.

  • tl;dr: Don't just memorize combos. Learn how the cards work, consider how to use them as effectively as possible given the game, and think your plays ahead.

Sample Builds

Published by SpoonCats and ZombieMush and Jadehex and RandomPl0x