Weather Painters Guide


You like chibis? You like Bob Ross? Well, the Weather Painters got you covered! This archetype has pleasing artwork, a unique playstyle and some strong control aspects.

Each “Weather Painter” monster we have is a different attribute, and they banish themselves for cost to activate effects given to them by “The Weather” Spell/Traps, Special Summoning themselves back in the next Standby Phase. (Most of these effects are Quick Effects.)

Because of that, this deck is mostly indifferent to Counter Traps, Battle Traps, Fiendish Chain/Destiny HERO - Plasma, and more! You can also use certain “The Weather” Spell/Trap effects more than once per turn, even on the opponent’s turn! Another crazy thing is that if you have already activated your monster effect that a “The Weather” Spell/Trap has given it, your opponent cannot Cosmic Cyclone or otherwise negate the Spell/Trap’s face-up effects to stop the effect from resolving.

As a result, this deck has strong matchups against decks with heavy backrow, like Shiranui and Shadow Game decks, but it can struggle against decks that could swarm the field quickly, like Blackwings and Dark Magician.

Example Gameplay

The Monsters

An important feature of these monsters in Duel Links is that after they have been banished for cost, they return to the field in a certain order, which will dictate their column placement for that turn. So, how first off, does this column mechanic work in Duel Links specifically? You can’t directly choose your columns, so you can instead work around it by understanding how the automatic column placement works.

You’ll basically place the first card on the field in the middle zone, then righthand zone, then lefthand zone, in that order, wherever there is space. Whenever the monsters return to the field, they will also return in that zone order (so you can chain intelligently to swap up the monster’s columns in the Standby Phase if you wish).

Second of all, when returning to the field, the monsters come back in order of ATK: Snow (0), Rain (1200), Cloud (1500), Sun (1600), Thunder (1700). This is just pre-programmed, although in TCG you would be able to choose the order.

The Weather Painter Snow (3x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Painter%20Snow

Snow is the deck’s best searcher for our “The Weather” Spells/Traps. When Normal Summoned, she places 1 “The Weather” Spell/Trap directly to the field face-up. She will allow us to search for missing pieces to our opening combos or to immediately activate our “The Weather” Trap Cards without waiting a turn, and she acts as a 1-card comeback to a board wipe. She is a valuable card to have at 3 (although it IS possible to manage without Snow by using a consistency skill like Balance to compensate).

The Weather Painter Thunder (2-3x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Painter%20Thunder

Thunder is our highest-ATK Painter that can replace any face-up Continuous Spell/Trap with a “The Weather” Spell/Trap. As such, he can act as a secondary searcher, and should be run at 2-3 copies. If you don’t own any Snow, definitely run 3 Thunder to compensate as the next best option. Also, because he sends the face-up Spell/Trap as cost, you can use cards like Fiendish Chain and Light-Imprisoning Mirror and send them away at any time to clear up your backrow.

The Weather Painter Cloud (1-2x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Painter%20Cloud

Cloud is an excellent F2P Weather Painter option. On the next Chain Link after a face-up “The Weather” Spell/Trap is sent to the GY (either by backrow removal, by Painter Thunder’s effect, etc), Cloud can place up to 2 “The Weather” Spells/Traps back onto the field from the GY, replenishing your resources. Depending on your build’s playstyle, you may like to run Cloud for insurance, but he is not a crucial component of this decktype. As a note, the Spells/Traps come back in the order that you select them; they are recovered into the middle, then right, then left zone, so take that time to rearrange your backrow if your column placements were awkward before.

The Weather Painter Rain (0-1x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Painter%20Rain

While not the worst Weather Painter, he is certainly the most conditional. The only in-archetype way to special summon Rain is to play The Weather Sunny Canvas (not a great card), OR via his own effect that Special Summons him back to the field, and the benefit of just playing a Spell/Trap from the hand isn’t nearly as great as Snow’s effect to place from the Deck.

The Weather Painter Sun (0-1x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Painter%20Sun

Sun is a decent recovery option; if he is in the GY, you can send 1 face-up Continuous Spell/Trap to the GY (as cost) to Special Summon him in Defense, provided you already have a “The Weather” Spell/Trap in your hand to activate. While that doesn’t speed up this deck’s ability to go for lethal, he could return to the field to stall for 1 turn if you topdecked a “The Weather” Spell/Trap and also have one face-up already.

The Spell/Traps

Every “The Weather” Spell/Trap has two main chunks of text:

  • “The Weather” Effect Monsters in your Main Monster Zones of this card’s column and its adjacent columns gain this effect. — This is an effect that is given to the monsters, and its activation is considered a monster effect. They are mostly Quick Effects, except for Thundery and Auroral (Trigger Effects).
  • ”You can only control 1 “The Weather” Spell/Trap of this name.”Even when this effect is negated on one copy of the card, this drawback cannot be bypassed as it is not negated on all copies of the card. This will be relevant in the Dark Magician matchup.

Here’s how the column placement functions for the Spells/Traps:

Only the monsters in the same column and the column(s) directly to the left/right will gain the effects, so if your Spell/Trap is in the middle, monsters in all 3 columns gain its effect, or if your Spell/Trap is on the left, monsters in the middle and left columns gain its effect, etc.

Beyond that, the following is very important and is likely the most confusing thing about this deck to players who have not faced this deck before (even if reading is your forte), so pay attention!

The monsters apply the Spell/Trap’s effects, so the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! considers it a monster effect. That means that when your opponent chains backrow removal to the monster’s effect activation, the effect still resolves, even if the face-up Spell/Trap’s effect is negated on Chain Link 2+ and that Spell/Trap remains on the field, and even if the Spell/Trap gets removed. The only way to prevent these effects from resolving is to actually pre-emptively negate or remove these Spells/Traps from the field without the chance for that monster to activate its effect.

Alright, now that we have a better grasp of these mechanics, let’s examine each of the Spells/Traps below!

The Weather Snowy Canvas (3x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Snowy%20Canvas

Snowy Canvas is our search Spell in the deck and can be placed by both The Weather Painter Thunder and The Weather Painter Snow. As a Quick Effect, it gives us searches on both turns, and since the monsters will banish themselves as cost to activate the Spell/Trap’s effect, they can easily dodge or ignore targeting effects like Karma Cut, Treacherous Trap Hole and Fiendish Chain. The combination of its accessibility and the ease of thinning the deck with its effect make it an instant 3-of.

The Weather Thundery Canvas (2-3x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Thundery%20Canvas

This is the best archetype Trap in this deck. It functions as a Sea Stealth Attack that bounces monsters instead of destroying them. As you can imagine, it works really well against Extra Deck monsters. Keep in mind that it is applied through a monster’s effect, so it will not work against monsters that prevent activations of monster effects while that monster battles, like Armades, Keeper of Boundaries, Samurai Destroyer, monsters affected by Triamid Kingolem, etc., or attacks, like Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon, etc. In those cases, you will want to utilize Cloudy Canvas instead to reduce their ATK pre-emptively, then beat over them that way. Finally, just like World Legacy Clash, Thundery Canvas activates during the Damage Step, so even if your monster is negated, you can still activate it to cancel out an attack.

The Weather Cloudy Canvas (2-3x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Cloudy%20Canvas

This Spell actually has some interesting utility. It acts as both a stat reduction card on any targetable monster (making it easier to beat over), OR a way for you to poke directly for that final bit of damage. Unfortunately it does NOT work in the Damage Step, so keep in mind that replays will occur if you apply the effect to your opponent’s monster, allowing them to attack directly.

Some possible interesting applications are to restrict Black Whirlwind searches, or to make big targetable monsters easier to take down (especially those that turn off our ability to use the Thundery Canvas Trap, like Armades or Samurai Destroyer). It functions well in tandem with Floodgate Trap Hole to shut down decks that rely on making Synchros, allowing you to poke directly over a clogged field.

The Weather Sunny Canvas (0-1x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Sunny%20Canvas

Sunny Canvas basically requires 2 monsters on your field to tribute one of them as an effect, and Special Summons a different one from hand/GY. Very situational, not exactly recommended.

The Weather Auroral Canvas (0-1x):

Duel Links Card: The%20Weather%20Auroral%20Canvas

This card basically lets you banish the card that your opponent (or you) added to the hand by a card effect, and replace that card with drawing a card.

We don’t really see it being too useful right now, unless search effects become more relevant in Duel Links, although it has its niche use against Aleister the Invoker by banishing Invocation in trade for a drawn card. That’s not necessary to win against Invoked though… Overall not recommended, even in F2P builds, to be honest, because it is winmore, but it is maybe decent as a Side Deck option.

Tech Cards

Here are some recommended cards you can tech into this deck, separated based on what skill you use. These skills are only recommended, and you are free to use any other skill that comes to mind, because this deck is very flexible.


Balance will help you consistently open a Monster, alongside a Spell and/or Trap. This will give you a good chance to open Snow to place a Spell/Trap from your Deck, or Thunder to replace a Spell/Trap you placed on the field. It also means you can more easily see side deck cards like the following:


Duel Links Card: Necrovalley

Necrovalley will shut down GY-centric decks like Shiranui (who push by Synchro Summoning from the GY, banish from the GY to power up Shogunsaga, etc), Evil Eye (who search by banishing Gorgoneio from the GY, grab cards back from the GY with Medusa, etc), Crystrons (who banish themselves from the GY to search, revive monsters from GY with Ametrix, etc), and more! Any unfair card that helps this deck is a good option, especially because it hardly hurts this deck.

Temple of the Mind’s Eye

Duel Links Card: Temple%20of%20the%20Mind's%20Eye

This deck can struggle with pushing for damage, so you can use Cloudy Canvas in combination with this card to attack directly for up to 2000 damage each turn (1000 if you controlled 2 Weather Painters, 2000 if you controlled 3). This can also work with Shadow Game if you want but might not be as easy to find during the duel.

Floodgate Trap Hole:

Duel Links Card: Floodgate%20Trap%20Hole

If you use Floodgate at the right time, you can clog your opponent’s board, which gives you time to build yours. It also combos well with Cloudy Canvas so that you can constantly poke directly at your opponent while they are stuck face-down. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful backrow cards for Weather Painters.

Karma Cut / Raigeki Break:

Duel Links Card: Karma%20Cut
Duel Links Card: Raigeki%20Break

Discard-based traps work really well with this deck because you can gain an incredible amount of card advantage. Why not just use cards like these, that have a powerful impact on the board without truly spending much of a cost? Karma Cut hits Witchcrafter Madame Verre hard, and Raigeki Break can just be good as general spot removal. These can also work with Shadow Game / Middle Age Mechs; you just won’t see them as often early on.

Fiendish Chain:

Duel Links Card: Fiendish%20Chain

An expensive option, but since this deck can struggle to recover against massive backrow removal from cards like Chaos Dragon Levianeer and Black Rose Dragon, Fiendish Chain stops those cards so that you can maintain your board. This is fine with Shadow Game / Middle Age Mechs too, it just won’t be as likely that you open it.

Ultimate Providence / Divine Wrath:

Duel Links Card: Ultimate%20Providence
Duel Links Card: Divine%20Wrath

As mentioned, discard-based traps are almost cost-free due to the amount of card advantage this deck gains. Providence can negate almost any activation because you can choose what you search with The Weather Snowy Canvas based on the matchup. Divine Wrath is another option if you want, but it only negates monster effects instead.

Hallowed Life Barrier:

Duel Links Card: Hallowed%20Life%20Barrier

Hallowed Life Barrier protects from battle damage and from battle destruction. This helps your Weather Painters survive if your Continuous Spells/Traps were removed against decks with multiple big monsters like Blue-Eyes or Dark Magician.

The Transmigration Prophecy:

Duel Links Card: The%20Transmigration%20Prophecy

This helps a lot against GY-reliant decks like Shiranui, Crystron, Witchcrafters, and even Gouki if you time it correctly. Shuffle back their GY resources!

Also, remember that if a card is sent to the GY for cost and it would have triggered if it remained in the GY on resolution of the chain, if you respond by chaining Transmigration Prophecy to shuffle those card(s) back into the Deck, they won’t activate due to the April 20, 2020 rulings update!

Needle Ceiling:

Duel Links Card: Needle%20Ceiling

Depending on the matchup, this could come in handy to clear big boards. Keep in mind that certain monsters will float (like Chidori the Rain Sprinkling) or just not be destroyed (like Onimaru the Divine Thunder). You can then chain to the Needle Ceiling to dodge it by applying Snowy Canvas multiple times (even though you only get 1 search).


Any of these above skills rely on your deck build being self-consistent, but also allows you to run more tech cards that you draw by thinning your deck constantly. You never really want to open too many of these cards, but you wouldn’t mind if you also opened a The Weather Painter Snow (a 1-card starter), OR a The Weather Painter Thunder with a “The Weather” Spell/Trap.

Lava Golem:

Duel Links Card: Lava%20Golem

Kind of obvious; this deck wins slowly, so Lava Golem helps you clear out boards that contain 2 or more monsters that would be cumbersome to deal with. You can also bounce him back to your hand with The Weather Thundery Canvas if Lava Golem ever attacks.


Duel Links Card: Kiteroid

Since this deck banishes its own monsters a lot, you could often have an empty field, so Kiteroid would be live fairly often. Just helps prevent OTKs.

Sphere Kuriboh:

Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh

Just to prevent OTKs, just in case Kiteroid wasn’t enough for you. Not that this deck has trouble dealing with 1-2 big monsters, but you know… just extra protection if you want it. It can help if you’re getting outnumbered.

Chaos Hunter:

Duel Links Card: Chaos%20Hunter

Chaos Hunter can be a powerful asset against specific matchups. It has a decent attack stat that can shut down Ritual Beasts from Special Summoning their Fusion monsters, and makes the mirror match so much easier. A strong siding option against those matchups.

Parry Knights:

Duel Links Card: Parry%20Knights

Parry Knights swarms your field with 2 monsters in a pinch (if you didn’t lose from 1 big attack). If you were forced to tag out and search with Snowy Canvas, you can search Snow for a 1-card comeback, then take the damage to bring out Parry (and optionally a Painter). In a rarer instance, he could work with Cloudy Canvas to beat over a reduced monster, but the columns might be awkward for that (usually Cloudy is on the left zone, unoptimal since Parry will be in the middle, so only your left-zoned monster can apply Cloudy).

Floodgate Trap Hole

Duel Links Card: Floodgate%20Trap%20Hole

Floodgate works excellent against swarming decks like Blackwings and Dark Magician who greatly rely on being able to summon often in order to keep up their consistency. It also works great in tandem with The Weather Cloudy Canvas by locking your opponent’s monster zones and letting us swing over for lethal damage. Excellent siding option against those decks!

Recommended Skills

Middle Age Mechs

Middle Age Mechs (MAM) is a Crowler skill. This skill has two very important applications.

  • If you open your The Weather Painter Thunder, you will immediately have a card to send to the GY in order to search for your missing combo pieces, turning Thunder into another starter for the deck. It however doesn’t do much if you don’t open Thunder, and does make your column placement more awkward sometimes.
  • MAM triggers on YOUR first turn, which means your opponent will not have the opportunity to immediately destroy/banish it with backrow removal when the game begins. However, keep in mind that when you Normal Summon a monster, your opponent can respond to that Summon by activating a Cosmic Cyclone or Raigeki Break to stop you from placing a “The Weather” Spell/Trap.

Ultimately this skill boosts the consistency of your deck and allows for faster setup of your board against aggressive or oppressive decks in the game. The drawback is, sometimes MAM would do nothing if you do not open The Weather Painter Thunder, and can mess up your column placements.

Shadow Game

Shadow Game is often used when playing slower-paced or stall-like decks. Since building up a GY is common for the majority of decks in the game, the skill will be live against almost every matchup. If playing cards like Lava Golem, you can enforce that damage timer. Despite this advantage, this skill falls short in 2 ways; it doesn’t make the mirror match go any faster (and they can play around Lava Golem), and decks like Ritual Beasts generally clear out their GY.


Balance allows the deck to open backrow and monster(s) consistently. The inherent problem with any Balance deck is that although you will see your Side Deck cards more easily, you could be limited from playing some useful techs like Kiteroid or Psychic Wheeleder which could otherwise be bricks in a skill that ensures opening a monster. In this case the deck will have to play more high-impact backrow such as Hallowed Life Barrier, Ultimate Providence, or Karma Cut.


This section discusses the matchups, from (likely) the most difficult to easiest.

Dark Magician

Duel Links Card: Magician's%20Rod
Duel Links Card: Magician%20Navigation
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Magical%20Circle

Dark Magician (DM) is one of our toughest matchups since Magician Navigation makes it easy to swarm the board, whereas this deck typically ends on 1 monster on turn 1-2. If DM goes first with a Dark Magical Circle and Navigation, and they understand this deck, they can also just banish or negate the Thundery Canvas and you’re going to have a tough time building your board. Unlike when the monster is negated, when they negate Thundery Canvas, you won’t be able to activate it at all.

Other important issues to note:

  • Thundery Canvas turns on Navigation again by bouncing DM back to the hand.
  • If they negate 1 Thundery Canvas, you cannot flip another one to play through that negate. The other copy also has the “You can only control 1” restriction, so both cannot exist simultaneously.
  • Cloudy Canvas would just expose you to more direct attacks, as well, as it does not prevent them from poking directly for 1250 per DM.

This is a deck we often need to misplay against us, or to open side deck cards against.

An advantage we have, however, is that unless they negate your Spells/Traps pre-emptively, they cannot be negated. So there is no good way to negate Cloudy or Snowy Canvas, for what it’s worth…

Here are some specific tech options to help with this matchup.

  • Kiteroid can help prevent OTKs after they negate Thundery Canvas with Navigation in the Battle Step, to which you could respond by applying the effect of Cloudy or Snowy Canvas, letting them attack directly. Next turn you can fight back with Thundery.
  • Chaos Hunter in Duel Links triggers on Chain Link 2 against Dark Magical Circle, regardless of turn player priority (as Hunter is private knowledge and is under OCG rulings), so it will stop Circle from banishing, and Navigation from negating. Typically you want to summon him as your second monster so that he ends up on your right zone, since Cloudy Canvas, often sitting in the left zone, can save Chaos Hunter against 2500 ATK DM’s. Keep in mind though, that Chaos Hunter can miss timing if they use Navigation on Chain Link 2.
  • Necrovalley is a good way to turn off the Navigation negate so Thundery Canvas will bounce them back. This doesn’t guarantee a win, as that enables Navigation to summon from hand again, but it does force them to play into Thundery, which is once per turn per monster. Note that it does, however, turn off your 2nd Kiteroid activation.
  • Goyo Guardian is useful if you play Psychic Wheeleder. Besides being able to pop a DM using Wheeleder’s effect upon the Synchro Summon, you can revive a DM you had beaten over to often turn off their Navigation in the GY, or potentially give them no monsters to tribute to recover their Rod.

Overall, the things to remember:

  • Thundery Canvas is our best removal option against them, but if DM pre-emptively negates it, we are in trouble. Any other Canvas card is generally indifferent to being negated as long as you can chain its effect in response, OR its effect was not successfully negated before you could activate it.
  • The biggest threat from DM is just their swarming ability, so your best bet against them is preventing their OTK so you can break their board in response. Kiteroid and Chaos Hunter are generally good options for that.


Duel Links Card: Black%20Whirlwind
Duel Links Card: Assault%20Blackwing%20-%20Raikiri%20the%20Rain%20Shower
Duel Links Card: Blackwing%20Tamer%20-%20Obsidian%20Hawk%20Joe
Duel Links Card: Blackbird%20Close

Blackwings are a tough matchup as well because their massive spot removal ability presents a great challenge, specifically the multiple pops from Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower, and especially through Level Reduction builds. Also, facing multiple Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind will force you to choose to either take the hit, trade with Thundery Canvas, or tag out with Cloudy Canvas and take direct damage. We also don’t like bouncing Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind back to the hand, because that gives them a better topdeck.

One thing we do well against them however, is that we completely ignore Blackbird Close—they will lose 1 monster and you will banish yours (as cost), but that means your monster will come back, AND they won’t get a Black-Winged Dragon. One other important interaction is that The Weather Cloudy Canvas is able to halve their ATK to limit their searches to smaller Blackwing Monsters like Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall or Blackwing - Harmattan the Dust.

Beyond that, here are some specific tech options to help you perform better against them.

  • Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror helps quite a bit here, even if they are able to summon Raikiri or Gale multiple times in a single turn, or wish to recover with Hawk Joe—negate all their effects activated on the field (or even Zephyros in the GY if that comes up).
  • Parry Knights is a good recovery option to wall them off.
  • Lava Golem is an easy include, but is best when going second; in that case, just tribute off the Hawk Joe and Raikiri, then attack the Lava Golem to bounce it back to your hand with Thundery Canvas. Even if you get Blackbird Closed, you won’t take any extra damage.
  • Needle Ceiling is an alright option, which you could attempt to chain to with Snowy Canvas to dodge. If your Snowy effect resolves, you can search Painter Snow to re-build your board. Keep in mind that Onimaru is immune, and Chidori can float (but can miss timing). Ultimately, the best timing is to just do it before they synchro, while they do NOT have Kris on the field, so that no floating or retention can occur.

In the end, what you want to remember is:

  • Blackbird Close is a free minus; your Canvas effect should resolve most of the time, or at least make them lose a monster for free.
  • Lava Golem is your best aggressive bet to clear Blackwing boards going second.
  • Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror can work wonders if you go first so that Raikiri can’t pop backrow, Oroshi can’t switch your battle position, Hawk Joe can’t revive a monster, etc.

Cyber Dragons

Duel Links Card: Cyber%20Dragon%20Core
Duel Links Card: Cyberload%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Cybernetic%20Overflow
Duel Links Card: Chimeratech%20Rampage%20Dragon

This matchup is a sweatfest because Rampage Dragon or Overflow can pop your backrow or other cards if they go first. If you go first, they can pop all your backrow and not even interact with your Canvases.

Our main inherent counter to them is Painter Cloud, who can recover 2 “The Weather” Spells/Traps face-up after they are destroyed by Rampage Dragon once per turn. Thundery Canvas can obviously bounce Rampage Dragon back if it survives.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to rely on some techs to win here:

  • Sphere Kuriboh stops one monster from attacking for the remainder of the turn, which is great against Rampage Dragon.
  • Ultimate Providence is best for negating Overflow, as it is a hard “use” once per turn, AND it will NOT float into another resource either when its activation is negated. Try NOT to negate Cyberload Fusion unless you know for a fact that they don’t have another in hand, because it’s only a hard “activate” once per turn. Lastly, keep in mind that Fusion Gate is not once per turn, but negating that is not a bad idea.
  • Fiendish Chain is great for negating Core from searching, but it can also come in handy if you want to make any “Cyber Dragon” monster forget how to call itself “Cyber Dragon”, which means they cannot be banished for Overflow.
  • Chaos Hunter would turn off Cybernetic Overflow, if they happen to summon Rampage Dragon early, and then set it. They usually summon it on Chain Link 1 so that they don’t miss timing to pop your backrow, so typically your Chaos Hunter won’t miss timing either.

Ultimately, the main issue is the massive backrow removal they can put forth. Sphere Kuriboh will be the most handy here, and Providence for Overflow (or Cyberload Fusion, if you know they don’t have another) can help you survive.


Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Madame%20Verre
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Schmietta
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Pittore
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Genni
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Holiday
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Collaboration
Duel Links Card: Witchcrafter%20Unveiling

Since Witchcrafters are easily able to build a board that is strong against monster effects (i.e. Witchcrafter Madame Verre in defense), this is not an easy matchup. Other issues we have to contend with are that Witchcrafter Unveiling will let Verre negate us without our ability to respond, and that Witchcrafter Holiday can give them stronger recovery than us, after a Black Rose Dragon clears our board. (This assumes of course that they are using the Lightsworn engine.)

The main advantages we have against them is that we can often search with Snowy Canvas or reduce ATK with Cloudy Canvas without being negated. Also, if running Balance, we will also have easier access to powerful tech cards like Karma Cut and Ultimate Providence that can easily give us openings over the course of the duel. Lastly, Thundery Canvas will always “tie” with Verre; even if she negates your ability to activate it, you can still activate it just to not take battle damage, and you’ll still return to the field safely.

Against this deck, these tech options can be absolutely crucial.

  • Necrovalley stops Witchcrafters from recovering their Spells (except via Show of Nightmares), and from banishing themselves to activate any GY effects. It also stops other GY-reliant effects like those of Witchcrafter Masterpiece (from the GY only) and Witchcrafter Patronus (from the GY, or on the field when they target a monster in the GY).
  • Ultimate Providence - The versatility of this card is well-represented in this deck, due to its ability to search a Monster, Spell, or Trap with Snowy Canvas, depending on the predicted matchup. You would often negate Verre or Black Rose Dragon by searching a monster, or negate Storm or Holiday by searching a Spell. Negating Verre can help you push with Thundery Canvas when she tries to negate your ability to apply its effect.
  • Mask of Restrict prevents all tributing, which means none of the small Witchcrafter monsters can Special Summon Verre from the Deck. Even though it’s at 1 copy in the game, Balance and this deck’s ability to search every turn lets you thin the deck to find it.
  • Karma Cut - This high-impact discard trap banishes Verre, so that she cannot be recovered except with Patronus, a 1-2 of in most Witchcrafter decks. If they also milled a Verre earlier, you would banish that as well, as a bonus.
  • Considering you could have sided this for other GY-reliant matchups, The Transmigration Prophecy is surprisingly good here if you go first; shuffle back up to 2 Spells that would return to the hand, to reduce the amount of negations they can use on you with Verre.

The takeaways to remember are:

  • Karma Cut is powerful removal against Verre (don’t use it on the smaller Witchcrafters who can dodge).
  • Necrovalley stops pretty much all of their cards’ GY effects, so the only thing they can do is sit on limited Verre negates or summon outs to Necrovalley from the hand. Huge flood-gate against the deck.
  • Snowy and Cloudy Canvas do let you dodge Verre’s negates, and because of not having replays in Damage Step, Thundery Canvas will always either work, or save you from battle damage against Verre. Providence can help you be more aggressive and negate her negate so that your Thundery Canvas can go through.


Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Spectralsword
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Squire
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Solitaire
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Shogunsaga
Duel Links Card: Shiranui%20Sunsaga

Shiranui is a fairly favorable matchup so long as we have the means to avoid their disruptive backrow and prevent them from accumulating a formidable set of monsters. Late-game, they could potentially make Shiranui Sunsaga to pop multiple monsters without targeting, or just swarm the board enough so that Shiranui Shogunsaga can poke for game.

We prefer to go first against them, so that we are able to dodge their spot removal before they can hit our backrow. The main play we want to make is to prevent them from getting Spectralsword into the GY by bouncing it back to the hand with Thundery Canvas.

The other advantage we have against them is that their backrow often does not do much against us; our monsters dodge cards like Ballista Squad, Karma Cut, and Floodgate Trap Hole, so the main concern is them removing our backrow, or getting Spectralsword into the GY. A niche counter to Raigeki Break/Ballista Squad is that The Weather Painter Cloud can recover destroyed “The Weather” backrow once per turn (placing up to 2 cards).

Here are good tech options to counter Shiranui.

Overall, a decent matchup. The takeaways are:

  • Try to prevent their GY setup with Thundery Canvas, and set up Cloud to counter their removal of your backrow so that you can try to build your own board of monsters.
  • Watch their GY resources, slap on a Necrovalley if you can.

Ritual Beasts

Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast%20Tamer%20Elder
Duel Links Card: Spiritual%20Beast%20Cannahawk
Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast%20Ulti-Cannahawk
Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast%20Ulti-Apelio
Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast%20Return
Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast's%20Bond
Duel Links Card: Ritual%20Beast%20Ambush

The Ritual Beast matchup is the closest you will get to a battle of attrition aside from our dreaded mirror match. Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio is unaffected by card effects while it attacks, ignoring Thundery Canvas (just as it ignores Sea Stealth Attack from Crystrons). Furthermore, spot removal from Spiritual Beast Pettlephin can prove to be a real pain when trying to maintain your board state.

Some of the only ways to gain advantage against them is to use techs like Karma Cut to banish a Fusion Material when you know they don’t have Ritual Beast Return (through feeling no delays), Ultimate Providence to negate the Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk’s search, etc.

A key advantage worth noting is that The Weather Thundery Canvas still “ties” with Ulti-Apelio, since you banish yourself for cost in the Damage Step, and no replay occurs (cf. World Legacy Clash). Even though Ulti-Apelio doesn’t get bounced back to the Extra Deck, the attack is stopped, hence a “tie”.

Some powerful tech options are listed below to help with this matchup.

  • Chaos Hunter completely shuts down Ritual Beasts as they have to banish in order to Special Summon their Fusion Monsters, forcing them to sit until they can crash into it with Winda to beat over it with Ulti-Apelio, or perhaps draw into non-banishing spot removal like Raigeki Break.
  • Ultimate Providence - Negating the activation of Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk’s search would leave the Fusion Materials in the banish pile, making it difficult to continue to combo off unless they specifically have Ritual Beast Return to recover a monster to defend themselves, Ritual Beast Tamer Lara to revive a Spiritual Beast in the GY, or some other extender.
  • Karma Cut can be quite good against them if you have seen that they happened to Special Summon all of their Spiritual Beasts and Tamers already; then you could banish the Fusion at the start of the Battle Phase and have an opening.

Overall, the matchup can be a little bit of a fight, since you will have to attempt to keep fending off Ulti-Apelio without really gaining ground. Takeaways to remember:

  • Thundery Canvas will still stop the attack against Ulti-Apelio since there is no replay in Damage Step and you banish yourself for cost.
  • If you have to pick between Pettlephin and Ulti-Cannahawk, generally negate Ulti-Cannahawk early-game so they lose a Fusion Monster and also have no field presence, or Pettlephin late-game to limit their field presence (but only if you know they don’t have an extender Quick-Play Spell).


Duel Links Card: The%20White%20Stone%20of%20Ancients
Duel Links Card: Sage%20with%20Eyes%20of%20Blue
Duel Links Card: Dragon%20Spirit%20of%20White
Duel Links Card: Blue-Eyes%20Spirit%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Azure-Eyes%20Silver%20Dragon

Blue-Eyes generally can put pressure on us, where Dragon Spirit of White banishes our backrow or Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon can force our tag-out. As such, it helps to set up multiple backrow if you anticipate a Spirit of White.

The advantages we have are:

  • Thundery Canvas cannot be stopped by Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon nor Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon.
  • We can dodge most of their backrow (Karma Cut, Raigeki Break, and even Ultimate Providence if they negate effects on the field instead of in the banish pile).
  • Cloudy Canvas can be used to help beat over their monsters (but does allow them to attack directly for a lot of damage).
  • Against Dragon Spirit of White trying to banish your backrow (CL1), if you chain your Painter effect(s) first (CL2, …), THEN chain Fiendish Chain second (CL3, …), Dragon Spirit of White cannot tag out for a Blue-Eyes to dodge if you control no monsters. The same goes with a card like Karma Cut.

Some good tech options are:

  • In a pinch, Sphere Kuriboh can protect your monster in 1 battle, or stop a lethal attack after you are forced to tag out.
  • Ultimate Providence can be used to negate Dragon Spirit of White from banishing your backrow (and destroy it), or sometimes, simply negate The White Stone of Ancients from summoning a “Blue-Eyes” monster in the first place.
  • Karma Cut can be devastating against a face-up White Stone of Ancients, especially in response to the hand effect of Sage with Eyes of Blue, as it makes Sage resolve without effect and banishes any remaining Stones in the GY as well.
  • If you go first, The Transmigration Prophecy can be a blowout card that shuffles their White Stone(s) of Ancients into the Deck before they all activate (or if you chain to Cards of Consonance discarding a The White Stone of Legend, it won’t remain in the GY to activate).

Overall, the matchup isn’t too hard in terms of the backrow, but Dragon Spirit of White can put pressure on you through removing Thundery Canvas, and in general multiple big monsters can be a problem in itself. As long as you stop a significant board from sticking, you can outpace them.

Elementsaber Invoked

Duel Links Card: Elementsaber%20Molehu
Duel Links Card: Elementsaber%20Lapauila
Duel Links Card: Palace%20of%20the%20Elemental%20Lords
Duel Links Card: Aleister%20the%20Invoker
Duel Links Card: Invocation
Duel Links Card: Invoked%20Cocytus
Duel Links Card: Invoked%20Purgatrio
Duel Links Card: Invoked%20Caliga

This matchup can be grindy, but is one of our easiest because most of their backrow does nothing to us (Fiendish Chain, Floodgate Trap Hole, etc). The only thing we might be worried about is Bad Aim or Unending Nightmare popping a Canvas, potentially. Perhaps if they make Caliga, that can really slow us down, so watch out for that as well.

The main advantage we have is that the Invoked Fusions do nothing against Thundery Canvas. They have to resolve flipping us down with Molehu first before the FIRE/WATER Fusions do anything, so as long as you have the ability to chain via Snowy/Cloudy Canvas to dodge getting flipped down, you’ll be fine.

Regardless, here are some good tech options:

  • Necrovalley is ridiculously good here as it stops them from banishing to fuse. It also stops them from having access to Purgatrio if you were at all worried about it since they can’t change attributes in the GY either.
  • Karma Cut is incredibly powerful against them because Molehu will try to flip you down to turn off Thundery Canvas, to which you can respond by dodging, then chaining Karma Cut to banish the Molehu (never act first here). Also, if you are able to Karma Cut the Aleister the Invoker immediately after he searches Invocation, he can’t place Invocation in GY very easily to recycle the Invoker.
  • Floodgate Trap Hole forces Molehu to flip himself face-down. That’s really the only good monster to flip down aside from Lapauila (although you can just flip Thundery early to play around Lapauila).
  • Chaos Hunter or Artifact Lancea stops them from using Invocation except with monsters from the hand.

Overall, this matchup is extremely easy, as long as they don’t have backrow removal specifically. The takeaways:

  • Necrovalley is a hard-hitter against the entire deck, stopping them from changing attributes in GY, from banishing from GY, etc.
  • As long as you can dodge Molehu flipping you down and deal with the Molehu, that is most of the challenge here.
  • The Fusions hardly do anything as Thundery Canvas is our inherent out.


Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Impact
Duel Links Card: Sea%20Stealth%20Attack
Duel Links Card: Citadel%20Whale

This matchup is perhaps easier than Ritual Beasts, since Crystrons actually can lose hard to Necrovalley.

The main problem is that they have easy access to Black Rose Dragon (mass removal) and, though not as threatening, Samurai Destroyer (negate our Thundery Canvas usage). Cloudy Canvas would come in handy to reduce Samurai early, though it can let him attack directly.

Besides that, some other noteworthy interactions:

  • Quariongandrax can force our whole field to tag out, but often will not quite seal the game if your LP has stayed healthy until then.
  • Ametrix could switch you to defense if you had tagged out at some point and returned to the field. Because of that, it may be a deciding factor when forcing out Citree or Rion to attack in the correct order, which is to go first with the monster that was Special Summoned, and then attack with one you Normal Summoned.
  • Sea Stealth Attack (SSA) can also drag out the Duel, as they have to constantly banish themselves before the Damage Step to dodge your Thundery Canvas early, or else they get their Extra Deck monster bounced since SSA will be a mandatory Chain Link 1 effect, and you are an optional Chain Link 2 effect. You banish yourself for cost, then they get bounced back to the Extra Deck (or hand if Sulfefnir), but you don’t get destroyed because you’re not on the field at that time.

And now for some tech options!

  • Necrovalley can really shut this deck down. No searches, Sulfefnir GY effect negated, cannot banish Crystron Impact from the GY, etc. They would then have to draw into Cosmic Cyclone or Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to out it.
  • Karma Cut is great against them if you don’t see a Crystron Impact in the GY. There are two critical timings to consider: targeting the Tuner in response to its effect (making the effect resolve without Synchro Summoning, leaving the other material on the field), or targeting the Tuner OUTSIDE of the Main or Battle Phase (not letting it respond). If you target Citree with this, watch for any in the GY, as you’ll banish those too!
  • Ultimate Providence allows us to negate Quariongandrax and Black Rose, which they tend to commit a good amount of resources towards. Negating Sea Stealth Attack can potentially slow their momentum, which is important when you have a control deck against a control deck.
  • The Transmigration Prophecy could be used to shuffle back the monster they would use to Synchro with Citree, or the Sulfefnir that they need to follow up with, or perhaps a Thystvern that they would have searched with.

The matchup is generally doable, even without techs. Just keep in mind:

  • Samurai Destroyer stops Thundery Canvas from activating when battling him.
  • Try to stop them from making big pushes with Quariongandrax or Black Rose.
  • Necrovalley shuts them down for many turns.
  • Ultimate Providence is powerful against their Tuners, typically to stop their Synchro Summon on your turn.

Invoked Neos

Duel Links Card: Keeper%20of%20Dragon%20Magic
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Brave%20Neos
Duel Links Card: Neos%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Aleister%20the%20Invoker
Duel Links Card: Invoked%20Purgatrio

Compared to other decks who might face it, this is an unusually easy matchup for us. The Fusion Monsters are primarily threats just through battle. Most Weather Painter builds won’t have too much trouble against this deck, just as long as they don’t get lucky with drawing multiple Cosmic Cyclones or with putting too much pressure on our monsters with multiple backrow in a single turn for one strong push.

The main consideration is, try toggling on to read delays in their Standby Phase, and if there are none, you can safely assume they did not open Cosmic Cyclone, which is their best out to Thundery Canvas, our best inherent archetype card against them.

As usual, some techs to slow them down:

  • Necrovalley is great against this deck, restricting the summons of Invoked Purgatrio (unless the opponent wastes Volcanic Shell from his hand instead of using the ones in GY). It also prevents Keeper of Dragon Magic from reviving Neos, perhaps stopping the second Neos Fusion.
  • Karma Cut is already in most lists, and fortunately it works well here too being nondestructive removal, keeping Invoked Neos from accumulating too many threats on board.
  • The Transmigration Prophecy can be good here, shuffling back their Volcanic Shell so that they cannot use it to pay 500 LP and grab another one from the deck, therefore restricting their hand advantage and slowing down their backrow by a turn.

Overall, just read delays in the Standby Phase to check for Cosmic Cyclone, as that is your only worry against this deck aside from Karma Cuts and Providences that attempt to keep your field clear. This deck shouldn’t otherwise have much trouble against Neos Invoked.


Duel Links Card: Gouki%20Suprex
Duel Links Card: Gouki%20Twistcobra
Duel Links Card: Gouki%20Riscorpio

Gouki’s biggest plays lie in the backrow they play, and their ability to dodge targeting effects by using Twistcobra. While typically easy to tag out when the Painters are targeted, traps like Bad Aim or Ballista Squad can disrupt our backrow without losing them too much advantage since each of the “Gouki” monsters float. Otherwise, Gouki relies heavily on the Battle Phase to decide games, so there is not much else to worry about!

Some useful techs against them:

  • Ultimate Providence would negate traps that target your backrow, like Bad Aim and Ballista Squad.
  • Karma Cut will banish their monsters without triggering their search effects! You should try to do so without letting Twistcobra hit the field, though, so that they cannot dodge it. (For example, consider targeting Suprex before its effect resolves to summon a monster from the hand, leaving them no other monster to boost with Cobra.)
  • Sphere Kuriboh or Kiteroid should help if you were baited to tag out, just to stop them from stealing games with a boosted Gouki.
  • The Transmigration Prophecy could be an interesting option to consider if you had sided this for Shiranui or Crystrons, since if you chain it to a card like Ballista Squad tributing a Gouki, the Gouki is moved from the GY before its search effect can activate.

Overall, another easy matchup with little to no siding needed to succeed, be mindful of their traps and recognize threats early to knock them out of the ring!

Sample Decklists

In this section we will talk about the most useful skills and builds for this deck from both a tournament and a ladder perspective. The first few decklists will showcase the decks which found the most tournament success, and there are some KoG-worthy builds at the end.

Decklist By: Luke Tyler

Balance has proven to be our most competitive skill (this skill has been seen for other decks in several tournaments in general). It allows us to consistently open a Spell/Monster and Trap in the hand so that we can easily set up our board for success. Luke Tyler went 10-0 in DLE’s Battle Phase and Blarajan made it into the top 32 in the DLM MCS using this skill. The only detriment to this skill is our inability to play useful techs like Lava Golem or Kiteroid in order to protect ourselves and disrupt our opponent since those could be bricks otherwise, but overall, it is our most consistent way of maintaining a good opening hand which is very important for the success of any deck that relies on opening a Monster/Spell combo.

Decklist By: Edventure

Due to the deck’s slow-rolling tactics, Shadow Game is an excellent skill to help dwindle your opponent’s LP down as a bonus, while you control the board. This skill works exceptionally well against decks that fill their GY, like Infernity, Crystron, and—because they run Cosmic Cyclones and can lose 1000 LP from Simoon—Blackwings.

Another great benefit to this skill is it doesn’t rig your RNG to open specific cards, so you would be able to run monsters that you would not want to open multiples of, like Kiteroid/Sphere Kuriboh, Lava Golem and Chaos Hunter/Lancea. The only problem is you sacrifice a little bit o

consistency in order to play those particular techs. You can always just side into it!

Decklist By: Scrubian

Middle Age Mechs has proven a secondary option that turns The Weather Painter Thunder into another starter card. This will allow us to bring out our Canvases without needing to open Snow. However, if you do not open Thunder, your backrow might be clogged, and your columns could be messed up, until you are able to use Thunder to place another Canvas. This can be awkward, as it can make Thunder a better starter than Snow.

Decklist By: Edventure

We also have a Crystal Power build. Crystal Power allows us to increase our monsters’ ATK by 200 for each Continuous Spell on our field. This build is focused on clogging your opponent’s Monster Zones and using The Weather Cloudy Canvas to poke directly. It is less reliant on The Weather Thundery Canvas, but overall is more anti-OTK.

Worth noting that decks like Shiranui or Gouki that run Ballista Squad can unclog, which does prompt us to speed up. This style also doesn’t do well against Ritual Beasts, who can still Contact Fuse with face-down materials (you’ll want to side Floodgate Trap Holes out against Ritual Beasts).

Decklist By: timaeus222

This is my King of Games decklist with a free-to-play monster lineup. The backrow can be whatever suits the meta, and since I saw a lot of Blue-Eyes, Blackwings, and Elementsabers, Karma Cut fit my needs pretty well. Fiendish Chain was for any monsters that could clear out backrow like Black Rose or Rampage Dragon. Painter Cloud was run at 3 to be another name, but he came in handy against backrow removal. Lastly, with 1 Snow, I ended up searching her mostly for follow-up as opposed to hoping to open her as a starter.


  • Edventure:

Huge shoutout to timaeus222 for helping me write and format this guide! He was an awesome help! Big thanks to Luke Tyler and Blarajan for doing well in tournament settings helping us to improve the guides accuracy and to flesh out matchups, and a special thanks to all the readers and Weather Painter players out there! This deck is incredibly fun and interactive which is what we love to see when playing Duel Links!

Thank you to Edventure for reaching out to me to help write this guide! I’m a fan of control decks in general, and this one just spoke to me since it is mostly-immune to a lot of meta trap cards, quite reminiscent of Subterrors, the decktype I’m mostly known for. I feel like there is a lot of untapped potential in this deck still, but I also think a lot of progress has been made on this decktype so far thanks to the DLM community. :-)

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