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Duel Links Meta

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Why Synchrons?

Synchrons are the most pure synchro summoning deck since the release of 5Ds. Fully relying on the extra deck as a win condition, this combo heavy deck allows for many creative lines of play, even OTKing your opponent more often than not. Mixing iconic cards from Yusei's deck with modern link-era synchro support makes this a truly dangerous role playing deck that is satisfying to play duel after duel.


BendyTendy vs Irving (Neos)

About the Authors


I'm JoninJoe, 25-years old playing Yu-Gi-Oh competitively since 2012 in the TCG. Since then, I started playing Duel Links in February of 2018 and have been a constant supporter of synchro decks in every format. Recently coming off of a Top 8 placement with the deck in MW69, I'm excited to help bring forth a guide for my favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh.


I'm Bendytendy and I've played Duel Links since the Summer of 2018. I am the leader of TCG clan and I love to play rogue strategies and make them competitive against the meta. I've won Anytime Tournaments and topped multiple Meta Weeklies, making it as far as top 8. Ever since pulling Quickdraw Synchron I have been hooked on this deck, playing it exclusively since release.


I’m Gnurrgard, started playing Yu-Gi-Oh when it first game out and have been playing card games ever since. Currently maining Gwent, where I’m a known deckbuilder, something always pulls me back to Yu-Gi-Oh. Previously I brought the Madolche guide to you alongside Aankara and Gura.


Synchrons, in their amazing versatility, have a wide selection of skills to choose from. While earlier builds saw use of Level Duplication and ATK Booster: Synchro Warriors, the meta has allowed us to run Sealed Tombs as a counter to Six Samurais, Neos Fusion decks and other opposition.

Level Duplication

is a good generic skill to open more opportunities for synchro plays. Utilizing this in a combo with Quickdraw Synchron and Quillbolt Hedgehog can often lead to double pop Junk Destroyers and E-Con take synchro plays, to name a few plays. This skill can only be used with Yusei for maximum potential. If you use any other character without voice lines, you will open 4 Tuners every duel.

ATK Booster: Synchro Warriors

is an offensive skill that finally got some use with the introduction of Nitro Warrior and Stardust Charge Warrior. With this skill, Stardust Charge Warrior can reach 2600 attack without Psychic Tracker and Nitro Warrior reaches a whopping 3500 before factoring his effect in. Unfortunately, the skill only works on "Warrior" synchro monsters, not to be confused with the Warrior-type. Because of this, this skill can feel kind of restricting and should only be considered in builds that turbo out Stardust Charge Warriors with ease.


is the better version of ATK Booster: Synchro Warriors to use. Pumping out two synchro monsters in one turn is easily possible, giving two of your monsters a 600 attack boost or one monster a small enough boost to get lethal. It also synergizes with Quickdraw Synchron, possibly giving you a 900 attack boost in rare scenarios. Junk Destroyer being able to benefit from this after popping cards is why we can prefer this over ATK Booster: Synchro Warriors.

Sealed Tombs

Last but not least, this skill is the latest addition to our repertoire in response to the current meta. It shuts down Six Samurai decks from using the effects of Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi or Secret Six Samurai - Fuma and enables us to make plays, as well as preventing Neos Fusion or Bacon Saver from protecting the opponent. It also allows us to summon Gilasaurus without its cost activating and extend our summons a bit more. In the most recent MW69, this skill was amazing against Six Samurais thinking Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En and Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi would be safe to sit back on.

Core Cards

Quickdraw Synchron

Duel Links Card: Quickdraw%20Synchron
One of the main tuners of the deck and the main Synchron component. Quickdraw Synchron is a lvl 5 tuner that can special summon himself by discarding another monster. It isn’t once per turn and since his special summon isn’t an ignition effect, you can use it after you search him with Sangan. The main monster to go into is Junk Destroyer, as our non-Tuner lineup consists of mainly lvl 3 monsters. However, in builds utilizing Quillbolt Hedgehog, you can have an easy Nitro Warrior without using up your normal summon. He does have the restriction of only being able to summon synchros who have a "Synchron" tuner listed as a material so that is unfortunate but important to note.

Psychic Wheeleder

Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder
The other tuner of the deck and one of the most frequent choices recently in many synchro decks. Psychic Wheeleder continues to be an amazing tuner, synergizing with the entire deck almost. Being special summonable and having a removal effect makes him a very necessary option in the current meta.

Psychic Tracker

Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Tracker
Released with Psychic Wheeleder, Tracker easily forms a nice Psychic engine with him and is another key lvl 3 monster. Aside from being easily special summoned, Tracker can get your synchro monsters to high attack levels, assisting with OTKs.


Duel Links Card: Sangan
Although a lot of people ask if he is really necessary for the already expensive deck, Sangan is probably one of the most needed cards in the deck. Sangan can search every card in the deck except Psychic Tracker and is also a lvl 3 synergizing with the tuner monsters. He provides refill, setting up your defense via Sphere Kuriboh or extends your plays by getting another special summon. Getting a pop off Psychic Wheeleder / Junk Destroyer along with a search is very essential to refilling your hand as it will empty out quickly. Another important trick to note is that Sangan can search Quickdraw Synchron , Psychic Wheeleder, Gilasaurus without restricting them from being special summoned, enabling even more synchro action.

Tech Cards

Sphere Kuriboh

Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh is a popular tech choice to counter some of the meta and also serves as a searchable monster in the deck via Sangan. While it can save you from OTKs as expected, it can also shut down Six Style Dual-Wield. Having some form of protection in a deck of mainly monsters is crucial.

Photon Cerberus

Duel Links Card: Photon%20Cerberus
One of the best additions to the deck, Photon Cerberus is a one-turn Jinzo without the 2400 attack. Another lvl 3 monster, Cerberus is great for locking down your opponent's attempts at disruption to allow some synchro plays. Top decking him while you have a synchro or Lava Golem isn't a bad pickup either as it can push you through to lethal. Shogi Knight The cousin of Photon Cerberus, Shogi Knight serves a similar purpose to him as he is another lvl 3 option to oppose backrow. While Cerberus can lock all traps for a turn, Shogi Knight can pop one set trap instead. This is good to kill obvious Six Style Dual-Wields or other single set cards that could disrupt our play. If Shogi Knight succeeds in destroying a trap, we’re allowed to special summon 1 level 3 EARTH monster from our hands. This is helpful to special summon a Psychic Wheeleder without using up it’s once per turn effect. Cerberus has become more preferred thanks to multiple backrow sets and a higher attack but this is the next best substitute for him if you hate backrow as much as we do.

Cipher Soldier

Duel Links Card: Cipher%20Soldier
With Six Samurais and Neos decks in the meta currently, Cipher Soldier has been a worthy main and side deck choice. For us, Cipher Soldier is another searchable lvl 3 monster and easily fits in the deck, more so than others.

XX-Saber Darksoul

Duel Links Card: XX-Saber%20Darksoul
Darksoul, through being an X-Saber non-tuner, gives us access to XX-Saber Hyunlei to help us grind vs backrow heavy decks like Amazoness. Additionally, Darksoul replaces himself in the End Phase. You don’t even need to run other X-Sabers as you can just search another Darksoul to be used as Synchro material or discard fodder for Quickdraw Synchron. Small bonus: His search effect goes is not denied by Ancient Gears.


Duel Links Card: Gilasaurus
Gilasaurus is a lvl 3 that doesn’t take up your normal summon, which is very valuable. This comes with the drawback of allowing the opponent to special summon a monster from their graveyard, but you can circumvent that by using Sealed Tombs, using Gilasaurus when your opponent doesn’t have a monster in the grave or by searching Gilasaurus with Sangan. 1400 attack make for an OTK with Gaia Knight, The Force of The Earth, Junk Destroyer or a Stardust Charge Warrior boosted by Psychic Tracker.

Junk Forward

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Forward
Additional lvl 3 that can be special summoned when you control no monsters. Allows you to make synchro plays without using your normal summon. Not as powerful as running Gilasaurus but it is still a viable option alone or in tandem with Gilasaurus.

Quillbolt Hedgehog

Duel Links Card: Quillbolt%20Hedgehog
One of Yusei's support cards directly intended for Quickdraw Synchron, Quillbolt Hedgehog is a nice little lvl 2 guy who can revive himself from the graveyard if a Tuner is on your field. While later builds have cut him out, he is still one of the best options to take if you want to make a lvl 7 synchro focus with your build. Quickdraw Synchron dumping him and reviving him for a synchro with no normal summon used is amazing.

Junk Synchron

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Synchron
One of the most iconic Synchron monsters, you might wonder why Junk Synchron is not a core card for this deck. We all know how strong he can be with What Grows in the Graveyard, so let's go into the reasons why we don't run him. Due to limited extra deck space and the fact that we have to run lvl 5 synchros for Junk Synchron, we have to make a choice between him and Psychic Wheeleder. Wheeleder does not take up a normal summon, which allows us to run more versatile cards like Photon Cerberus as our normal summons. Junk Synchron forces us to run What Grows in the Graveyard as a skill, limiting our flexibility. While Junk Synchron is a 1 card synchro, Psychic Wheeleder helps us destroy opposing monsters, facilitating our OTK plan. This does not mean Junk Synchron is not a fantastic card, however. With more support and the right combo, gravitating towards a Junk Synchron build might be correct in the future.

Enemy Controller

Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
The semi-limited spells/traps are good choices to sneak into the deck. Enemy Controller in particular can lead to more opportunities for lethal or synchro plays. Using it defensively isn't as useful as before but comboing tribute takes with the special summon monsters, Sangan or Level Duplication can lead to some interesting turns.

Hey, Trunade!

Duel Links Card: Hey,%20Trunade!
One of the best cards for our deck to utilize. Backrow is a nightmare for us. Against Stall/Amazoness this card works wonders. It's another option alongside Photon Cerberus to give us a turn of freedom to synchro summon.

Shooting Star

Duel Links Card: Shooting%20Star
One of our go-to Synchro plays is Stardust Charge Warrior. He enables the usage of Shooting Star, which unconditionally can destroy any card on the field. The drawbacks of this card are being a trap and requiring us to synchro into Stardust Charge Warrior to not make this card dead. Nevertheless this card is so strong that it should be mentioned.

Extra Deck

Stardust Charge Warrior

Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Charge%20Warrior
Your go-to level 6. Draws you a card on summon, which helps refueling your hand for further plays. Also can attack every special summoned monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. This can be helpful for dealing with swarmy decks like Six Samurai or Hazy.

Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth

Duel Links Card: Gaia%20Knight,%20The%20Force%20of%20Earth
If you need that extra bit of attack on your lvl 6. Gaia in combination with Psychic Wheeleder can deal with Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En on summon. If you also used Psychic Tracker, this even gets rid of an Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon.

Junk Destroyer

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Destroyer
Junk Destroyer is the Synchro you will go into when making a Quickdraw Synchron play. Just like Stardust Charge Warrior, he nets you a +1 on summon, but does so by destroying a card on your opponent’s side. If summoned with a Psychic Tracker, it is able to swing over a Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon.

HTS Psyhemuth

Duel Links Card: HTS%20Psyhemuth
Though unseen in recent decks, Psyhemuth is a very nice lvl 6 synchro option with the extra deck increase. While he doesn't have as much of an offensive presence as the others, he is a good way to get rid of strong problematic monsters or to make opponents think twice about attacking.


Duel Links Card: Giganticastle
In a deck of special summoning lvl 3 synchros, we are granted access to Giganticastle. He is one of the more effective answers to Ancient Gears and monsters with over 3000 attack in the event Junk Destroyer cannot be accessed to remove them. He can also be summoned if your Stardust Charge Warrior or Gaia Knight, The Force of The Earth has outlived its usefulness. Getting a Psychic Wheelder pop off of his summon can also eliminate a larger portion of monsters. Not a frequent choice to summon, but nice to have.

Nitro Warrior

Duel Links Card: Nitro%20Warrior
One of the new synchros compatible with ATK Booster: Synchro Warriors. Nitro Warrior is one of the strongest synchros Quickdraw Synchron can make. While his attack increase effect is scarcely used due to our low number of spells, his double attack effect can be quite useful in clearing boards with some decent damage, especially with the skill mentioned. Being a lvl 7, he can only be made in builds utilizing Quillbolt Hedgehog or rare Enemy Controller scenarios.

Junk Berserker

Duel Links Card: Junk%20Berserker
The other lvl 7 Quickdraw synchro monster, Junk Berserker is another heavy hitter. His main crutch is being able to destroy monsters in defense position before the damage step. This beats Amazoness Onslaught, Cipher Soldier, Fortress Warrior and flip effects. His other effect, while rarely used, can be used if you have a Junk Destroyer in the graveyard and it is not once per turn. This leads to some brutal attacks if you can land this against the right opponent. Once again, only usable in builds with Quillbolt Hedgehogs or lvl 2 monsters to sync with Quickdraw.

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries

Duel Links Card: Armades,%20Keeper%20of%20Boundaries
The former boss monster of control builds utilizing Junk Synchron. Armades is still a relevant synchro monster despite his declined usage outside of Six Samurai. While he is difficult to make in this deck utilizing lvl 3s, it is possible to run a copy as a surprise to sync Psychic Wheeleder with the opponent's Parasite Paracide. Quillbolt Hedgehog reviving itself for Psychic Wheeleder is also a possible scenario. With the extra deck increase, this can be an option depending on your preferences.

Psychic Nightmare

Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Nightmare
Only summonable with Psychic Tracker, this guy will come out at 3000 attack. By using his effect you can go to 4000 attack, which in itself is enough to otk people. A consideration for the 6th extra deck slot.

Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius

Duel Links Card: Celestial%20Wolf%20Lord,%20Blue%20Sirius
Brand new out of the new mini-box, Sirius is another lvl 6 that can see some use in our deck. With a respectable attack, Sirius serves a purpose similar to HTS Psyhemuth where he shines best in the late game or scenarios where you cannot push for lethal and need to sit back on a synchro. If your opponent chooses to swing over and destroy this card, they have to disable one of their monsters with a loss of 2400 attack points which is brutal against most of the meta right now. He is also another non-Warrior lvl 6 synchro so we can avoid all those maindecked Cipher Soldiers easier.

Deckbuilding Ratios

3 Psychic Wheeleder 3 Quickdraw Synchron 3 Psychic Tracker 3 Sangan

These are the core cards of the deck for a reason and you should max out on them. The Tuners and Psychic Tracker allow for explosive turns, while Sangan lets you extend your play by searching a tuner or refill for next turn.

5-7 Normal summons

This includes Sangan. Being stuck with multiple normal summons is dangerous for this deck because we rely on making plays to not get run over. Just setting a monster due to the lack of special summons in hand can quickly lead to an OTK in todays game.

The 2-4 slots after Sangan should be filled with utility cards that help you out in the current meta: Right now the most popular choices are Photon Cerberus for backrow heavy decks and Cipher Soldier/Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 Sazank for Samurais

0-5 Additional Special Summons

Depending on how offensive you want your build to be, you will want to add cards like Gilasaurus or Junk Forward in order to secure multiple synchros on the same turn. If you run 6 normal summons, 2 Sphere Kuribohs, and 0 backrow, you have room for 3 additional special summons.

0-3 Spells/Traps

We are a combo heavy deck, so we need to keep the S/T ratio low to maximise our chances of opening with a playable hand. If you want to run a S/T, you need to have a good reason for it.

0-3 Sphere Kuriboh

As we do not run many S/T, we lack interaction on the opponent’s turn. Sphere Kuriboh fixes this problem by being a defensive card that is searchable by Sangan turn 1. Having 1 is mandatory to prevent most OTKs. Side it out vs Ancient Gears.

Other Interesting Cards

Duel Links Card: XX-Saber%20Fulhelmknight
Duel Links Card: XX-Saber%20Darksoul
Duel Links Card: Snowman%20Eater
Duel Links Card: The%20Dark%20-%20Hex-Sealed%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Magical%20King%20Moonstar
Duel Links Card: Gyroid
Duel Links Card: The%20Agent%20of%20Creation%20-%20Venus
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Cyclone%20Creator
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Mizuho
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Shinai
Duel Links Card: Neo%20Space%20Connector
Duel Links Card: Neo-Spacian%20Aqua%20Dolphin
Duel Links Card: Card%20Ejector
Duel Links Card: Ghost%20Fairy%20Elfobia
Duel Links Card: Possessed%20Dark%20Soul
Duel Links Card: Wind-Up%20Dog
Duel Links Card: Lady%20Ninja%20Yae
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Goblin
Duel Links Card: Counselor%20Lily
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Resonator
Duel Links Card: Dr.%20Frankenderp
Duel Links Card: Marmiting%20Captain

And many more, this deck is flexible and you can always find a hidden gem. Fire up that lvl 3 filter and get searching!

Tips and Combos

  • Going first can be a bit tricky for this deck depending on the opponent. A good play to get yourself is a simple Sangan + Psychic Wheelder into Stardust Charge Warrior. While this doesn't seem strong, it can give you a follow up play by searching a missing combo piece, Sphere Kuriboh or Photon Cerberus (Be careful not to play into Enemy Controller). Charge Warriors effect also resolves before Sangan, making your decision easier after his draw. If you happen to run side deck cards like Cipher Soldier and Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 Sazank, that is also an acceptable set depending on the matchup.

  • Sangan, Tracker and either Wheeleder or Quickdraw is an OTK through a set monster: Normal summon Sangan, Special the other 2. Synchro Sangan with your tuner and search another tuner. Special that one and Synchro with Wheeleder. One of these summons should be a Junk Destroyer so you can pop their monster

  • Sangan only prevents the effect of a monster: You can still special summon Quickdraw, Wheeleder and Gilasaurus. Wheeleder just can not pop a monster in that case. On the other hand, you can special Gila without any drawback, since your opponent special summoning is an effect! Sealed Tombs also supports Gilasaurus and prevents your opponent from reviving a monster.

  • If you are running Beatdown you can utilize Quickdraw Synchron as a target to boost itself and a synchro 600 attack each. A going second hand of Junk Forward into Photon Cerberus followed up by Psychic Wheeleder and a synchro, and finally Quickdraw Synchron discarding your 5th monster card can be a devastating OTK over almost any board. If Psychic Tracker is in your hand you can max out at 6400 damage while still negating traps.

  • If you run a version with Quillbolt Hedgehog and Level Duplication, you can make Junk Destroyer destroy 2 cards on summon by making Quickdraw Synchron a lvl 3 and then using it alongside another 3 and the hedgehog.


This deck by the nature of its UR core cards is very expensive. If you want to play this deck to its fullest potential, you will need these cards. While Gnurrgard got his King of Games with only 1 Quickdraw Synchron, we want to make clear that you will miss out on important OTKs.

If you are missing some Quickdraw Synchrons and Psychic Wheeleders, you can run Scrap Goblin, Dark Resonator or Fulhelm Knight if you have him. These are Tuners that are able to stick a turn or at least prevent you from getting OTK’d. Fulhelm Knight is also in the same box as Sangan. If you run these tuners, you should include some extra non-tuner lvl 3s that you can special summon or help you special summon others, such as Gilasaurus, Junk Forward, Elder of the Six Samurai, Marmiting Captain, Shogi Knight.

If you happen to have 3 Psychic Wheeleder but no Quickdraw Synchron, you might want to look into a Stardust build like this video

If you are missing Sangan, you can run Dr. Frankenderp for extending your combos or XX-Saber Darksoul if you want something that can replenish your hand. We highly recommend getting Sangan, however.


Six Samurai

Six Samurais are one of the matchups warranting the use of Sealed Tombs. With the skill, this matchup becomes a lot more fair then it usually would be by locking down Secret Six Samurai: Fuma and Legendary Six Samurai: Enishi. While Legendary Six Samurai: Shi En is a minimal threat to our deck of 18-20 monsters, his support cards can be quite a pain to deal with. It is important not to overextend if you do not have an OTK, as they will quickly dispatch our beat sticks with an Enishi.

Sphere Kuriboh, Cipher Soldier and Photon Cerberus are amazing tech choices to help the matchup as the first helps stop OTKs and the other two allow you to play around Six Style: Dual-Wield when necessary. Enishi is the card to worry about as he can easily bounce our monsters, preventing a synchro play. Junk Forward, Gilasaurus and Quickdraw Synchron help get around this as they are not once per turn. Pyschic Wheeleder and Psychic Tracker are however to play carefully. Also try to pay attention to Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En and Secret Six Samurai - Fuma’s protection effects from Junk Destroyer and Psychic Wheeleder.

Koa’ki Meiru

The OTK potential from Koaki Meirus isnt as feared as it used to be, but it should still not be underestimated. Access to tech choices such as Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 Sazank/Cipher Soldier can hurt our deck, making Junk Destroyer pops very important. With KaibaCorp Bling on their side, you have to plan your assault carefully as not possessing lethal can often lead to a Diamond Core of Koa’Ki Meiru search followed by a full board clear of some manner. Sphere Kuriboh is very good in this matchup.

Ancient Gear

Ancient Gears can be a pain thanks to their monsters completely nullifying Sangan and Sphere Kuriboh. Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon also reaches an attack level immune to Psychic Wheeleder's removal quite easily. Against this deck, you want to get rolling before they do as quick as possible.

Avoiding normal summons with Junk Forward or Gilasaurus is an amazing route to avoid Castle getting counters. Junk Destroyer is also your main option for getting rid of Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon since our only other out to him is a high synchro climb into Giganticastle or utilizing Pyschic Tracker when Ancient Gear Castle is not on the field. I would avoid targeting backrow with Destroyer as hitting a bluffed Ancient Gear Fortress can be ugly. Having Enemy Controllers or Cosmic Cyclone can help this match but be wary of setting them.


The matchup became much simpler with the introduction of Sealed Tombs to the deck. Preventing the protection of Neos Fusion in the graveyard, we are able to easily OTK over their field. Be careful not to leave your 2600 monsters by themselves as Elemental HERO Brave Neos can run over them without much trouble. Enemy Controller and Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 Sazank both work well in this matchup. If you are not playing Sealed Tombs, consider running a Mist Wurm as your 6th extra deck card.


This matchup can be made very easy with Photon Cerberus - preventing the activation of traps on the turn it is normal summoned and while it remains on the field. If you have one in your hand when they summon Lava Golem it is all over. If you do not have a Photon Cerberus handy then you must play around Wall of Disruption as we are susceptible to having our field clogged.


BendyTendy vs Irving (Neos) Duel 1 - MW70


BendyTendy vs ArkThor (AG) - MW69


JoninJoe vs Fra9910 (Six Samurai) - MW69


JoninJoe vs Fra9910 (Six Samurai) Duel 2 - MW69


JoninJoe vs Shifu (Six Samurai) - MW69



There is an entire uncharted territory that Synchrons have yet to reach at this point of time. With plenty of support unreleased in the game as well as experimentation with current or future skills, the possibilities are endless. We may have this route figured out for now in this guide but there is potential for more in the future. You will be rewarded for making the right adjustments in different situations with this deck. It isn't easy to play thanks to pricing and oppressive decks in the format but with a clear mind, you can obtain good and satisfying results.

We hope this guide has entertained you and inspired you. Questions and ideas are welcome. And never forget, Quickdraw Synchron cannot be used to make generic synchro monsters.


Thanks to Kazaarus for providing a nice list of possible lvl 3s in the DLM discord Thank you to everyone in the Synchron channel who have discussed their ideas about the deck with all of us.

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