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Sea Stealth Attack - Adapting to the New Meta

With the recent release of Valiant Souls and Rampage of the Forest, Sea Stealth Attack has lost popularity due to newer decks such as Sylvans, Geargias and Masked Heroes gaining ground in the meta.

This deck breakdown will expand upon BuilttoTilts guide, explaining how to play against the most relevant new decks and what new options you have to counter the meta when choosing your tech and side deck options.

My Sea Stealth Attack Deck

Duel Links Card: Citadel%20Whale
Duel Links Card: Citadel%20Whale
Duel Links Card: Citadel%20Whale
Duel Links Card: Abyss%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Abyss%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Abyss%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Gishki%20Chain
Duel Links Card: Gishki%20Chain
Duel Links Card: Gishki%20Chain
Duel Links Card: Fishborg%20Planter
Duel Links Card: Fishborg%20Planter
Duel Links Card: Fishborg%20Planter
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Canadia
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Canadia
Duel Links Card: Sea%20Stealth%20Attack
Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth
Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth
  • 3 x Citadel Whale (Whale):
    The main boss Monster and one reason why this deck has many good matchups. The effect to search Sea Stealth Attack one of the strongest Traps in this game makes this card a really dangerous threat. But this is not the only effect this card has, its second effect to negate targeting cards like Enemy Controller, “A” Cell Recombination Device and Sylvan Marshalleaf is very valuable. On the other hand, one reason this deck has lost popularity is the rise of Geargianchor and the fact that it’s removal effect doesn’t target, meaning your only way to protect Whale will be via banishing with Sea Stealth Attack. This will often leave you open for a quick OTK, which is one of the reasons Whale is trending away from the turbo build into a more defensive deck.

  • 3 x Abyss Soldier (Soldier):
    It’s a great answer to almost any Monster in the game, from Geargianchor to Masked HERO Anki and Sylvan Komushroomo. It’s versatility and synergy with the rest of the deck really puts Soldier in a league of his own.

  • 3x Gishki Chain (Chain):
    This is one of the best options for boosting the consistency of the deck, as it doesn’t rely on being destroyed by battle like Skreech. The ability to arrange the top 3 cards of your deck in any way you like makes this card really strong and important for this Whale build. With Chain your Fishborg Planter won’t brick and comes back from the Graveyard 100%. You can also put Whale on top of the deck to mill it with Fishborg Planter.

  • 3 x Fishborg Planter (Fishborg):
    This card is what makes the Whale Summoning and having fodder for Sea Stealth Attack very consistent. Once you have Fishborg and Citadel Whale in the Graveyard you can turn every water Monster into a Whale by Summoning Fishborg Planter from the Graveyard and then Summoning Citadel Whale.

  • 3 x Enemy Controller:
    I think I’m not lying when I say that Enemy Controller is the best tech card in the game. It can be used to defend or to go for lethal by taking control of your opponent’s Monster.

  • 2 x Paleozoic Canadia (Canadia):
    Newest addition to the deck. With this card you can stop a Geargia player activating their Ties of the Brethren. Besides that it also stops Monster effects from your opponent by setting it to face down defense position. If you have Canadia in your Graveyard you can turn your Powerful Rebirth into a Whale Summon because Paleozoic Traps return as a Monster if you activate a Trap.

  • 1 x Sea Stealth Attack:
    The first question will probably be now: “why only one Sea Stealth Attack?”, well let me explain that. If your opponent tries to destroy it with a Sylvan Komushroomo or a Geargiattacker you can banish one water Monster until the end phase to protect all face up Spell and Traps you control. The only way to make Sea Stealth Attack’s effect useless is by banishing your field Spell Umi with a Cosmic Cyclone and that’s the reason why only one Sea Stealth Attack. If they banish Umi you don’t have any way to get the effects of Sea Stealth Attack back. Also it’s searchable with Citadel Whale so you don’t need to draw into it. On the other hand you can protect your water Monsters from cards like Wall of Disruption and Super Rush Headlong by banishing your Monster until the end phase. The second effect of this card turns your Citadel Whale into a real Monster because Sea Stealth Attack destroys every Monster Whale battles with and it won’t trigger face down Sylvan Komushroomo, Geargiattacker or Geargianchor.

  • 2 x Powerful Rebirth:
    It makes Whale Summons easier and provides a card combo with a Paleozoic Canadia in the Graveyard. Also the Monsters get a 100 ATK and DEF boost which can come in handy.


  • Geargias:
    This is the hardest matchup for you because Citadel Whale can’t stop the effect of Geargianchor since it doesn’t target. If they get a Turn 1 Ties of the Brethren there is not much you can do. You need to side well against this variant. Some Geargia variants opt to run 9 monsters with Balance as showcased by Sir Dillweed in the top cut of MCS VII. This build is much easier to tackle, as they don’t run Ties of the Brethren, and without the Swarm capability that it offers their monsters are easy to pick off with Abyss Soldier.

  • Sylvans:
    Abyss Soldier is your win condition. You need to bounce their face down monsters cause those are most likely Sylvan Komushroomo. But you need to be aware of their Ultimate Providence and Divine Wrath. Once you got a Citadel Whale out it’s hard for them to deal with it since only a Sylvan Hermitree can destroy it and only if it’s summoned by a Rose Lover.

  • Masked Heroes:
    There are 2 variants of Masked Herose. One is with a fusion engine that focuses around getting Destiny Hero Dangerous out turn one to setup for a Destiny HERO - Celestial Draw effect. Against this version the matchup isn’t easy, you need to focus on bouncing and stopping the Destiny HERO Anki before it OTKs you. The second version is without the fusion engine, it only plays 9 monsters. Since they don’t have a way to set up a Destiny HERO - Celestial play like the fusion variant this deck is much easier to control with Abyss Soldier and Citadel Whale, as they will have a hard time getting to their key cards without a draw engine. Once you get a Whale out it will be hard for them to deal with you and also keep focusing on bouncing with Soldier like in every match.

The other matchups you can read on BuilToTilts guide.

Side Deck Options

Duel Links Card: Lava%20Golem
Duel Links Card: Needle%20Ceiling
Duel Links Card: Magic%20Deflector
Duel Links Card: Different%20Dimension%20Ground
Duel Links Card: System%20Down
  • Lava Golem:
    One of the best monster removal in the game. You can tribute off 2 of your opponents monster to special summon it on their side. It’s a very good card against Geargias, because if they use Ties of the Brethren they lose 2000 Life Points, so they get burned out in 2 turns by Lava Golem. There is also big synergy with Abyss Soldier. You can summon Lava Golem to your opponent and then bounce it back with Abyss Soldier.

  • Needle Ceiling:
    This is also very strong against Geargias. If you start with Needle Ceiling in your opening hand and your opponents plays a Ties of the Brethren you can use Needle Ceiling to clear their entire field. Pro tip: you can banish one of your water monsters with Sea Stealth Attack to protect it, you don’t mind losing a Fishborg Planter.

  • Magic Deflector:
    It’s a good card overall. It stops your opponents from using Super Rush Headlong which is a big threat to this deck, because Super Rush Headlong destroys before Sea Stealth Attack effect comes through. It also stops Mask Change which can be devastating. Also if you are afraid of your Umi getting banished by Cosmic Cyclone you can use this as a side deck option.

  • Different Dimension Ground:
    This is mainly for the Sylvans matchup. If they flip Sylvan Komushroomo you chain Different Dimension Ground. They won’t be able to get their excavated effects because they will be banished and not sent to the Graveyard. But don’t forget that you can’t use it in Damage Step which means you can’t chain it when the Sylvan Komushroomo flips when you attack into it.

  • System Down:
    It is another great card against Geargias. Banishing all Machine type monsters from the field and Graveyard effectively neuters the most common backrow seen in the deck like Pulse Mines and Powerful Rebirth. However, as Geargia monsters have the ability to flip themselves face down, they can easily play around System Down and capitalise on their face down Geargia monsters in your turn with cards like Desert Sunlight and Ghostrick Scare.


Sea Stealth Attack is still a strong deck with a powerful boss monster. It also has good support cards with Gishki Chain and Abyss Soldier. Also keep in mind the lower this deck gets on the tier list the less people will side against it. Make sure you are well prepared for cards that threaten the play style such as Ties of the Brethren.

Thanks for reading and have fun with the guide.

If you have any thoughts or questions, leave a comment below!

This guide was lovingly converted by Yami Hammy

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