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In this guide I will explain a bit more about Morphtronics and how they work best in Duel Links. This is by no means the only way to build or play the deck, I encourage you all to experiment with different tech cards and find what works best for you.

The Deck

With the new box Power of Bravery we got our first actually good tuner. Morphtronics was never a competitive deck in the TCG. The one thing they could do very well though was swarm the field with cards like Morphtronic Celfon, Morphtronic Smartfon and most importantly Morphtronic Scopen. In Duel Links, these 3 cards make it the most consistent Synchro deck we have at our disposal at present.

Core Cards

These are the most essential cards to play in your deck.

Morphtronic Scopen x 3

Morphtronic Scopen is the most valuable card in this deck. It’s a level 3 (Light) Tuner which in attack position allows you to special summon a level 4 Morphtronic monster from your hand to the field. In defence Scopen’s level becomes 4. As you can’t summon monsters in face up defence position, most of the time you will be using his attack position effect to bring out your level 7 or level 8 Synchro monsters. Keep in mind when you summon a monster with Scopen’s effect it gets destroyed during the end phase. So if you use Morphtronic Slingen to destroy your own Scopen you will be left with nothing in the end.

Morphtronic Slingen x 2-3

Morphtronic Slingen is the most valuable level 4 Morphtronic we have right now. It can be special summoned from your hand by Morphtronic Scopen‘s effect and Synchro’d into a Power Tool Dragon or with the Level Duplication skill even a Stardust Dragon or Vylon Epsilon. His own attack effect allows you to destroy one of your own Morphtronic monsters in order to destroy any card on your opponents controls. This works especially well when getting rid of your own Morphtronic Celfon or Morphtronic Smartfon if you can’t get them off the field for a Synchro summon.

Double Tool C&D x 1-3

Double Tool C&D on your turn gives 1000 attack to your monster and negates the effects of your attack target. Keep in mind that you will lose the 1000 attack on your opponents turn. On your opponents turn he can only attack the monster equipped with Double Tool. The number of Double Tools depends entirely on the purpose of your deck. If you plan to summon Power Tool Dragon for most of your plays it is best to run 2 or 3. If your strategy is to bring out other Synchro monsters you would only use 1 or possibly even 0 depending on the other equips you have available.

Power Tool Dragon x 1-2

The easiest Synchro monster to summon in this deck. Its effect allows you to reveal 3 equip spells from your deck and then your opponent randomly picks one of them to add to your hand. His second effect, when equipped with an equip card, prevents him from being destroyed and sends of of your equip cards to the graveyard instead.

Tech Cards

These are all the cards that synergize well with the core idea of this deck.

Morphtronic Celfon x 1-2

In attack mode it allows you to roll a die, reveal the number of cards from the top of your deck equal to the die roll and summon a revealed Morphtronic monster. In defence it allows you to look at an amount of cards at the top of your deck equal to the dice roll. Nice card to have, can get out a quick Morphtronic Scopen if you didn’t draw it or combo with Morphtronic Slingen to destroy a card on the field. His biggest potential is that you can use the effects as many times per turn as you can summon this guy.

Morphtronic Videon x 1-3

Morphtronic Videon gets 800 ATK from any equip spell in attack mode and 800 DEF while in defence mode. With his 1000 ATK + Double Tool C&D this makes his ATK on your turn 2800! This is a nice bonus to it really just being Synchro fodder when you draw it with your Morphtronic Scopen.

Morphtronic Radion x 1-3

+800 ATK for your Morphtronic monsters when in attack mode, +1000 DEF when in defence mode. Overall his ability is not very spectacular. We are missing the Morphtronic monsters that really make this card viable like Morphtronic Boarden (let’s all Morphtronic monsters attack directly) and Morphtronic Boomboxen (can attack twice). Just a general note, I believe if we do get these two cards this deck could become quite nuts.

Junk Box x 1-2

Revives a Morphtronic monster but destroys it during the end phase. You can use this card with Morphtronic Slingen to destroy one of your opponents card or to bring back a Morphtronic Scopen to use it to Synchro summon. It can get you out of nasty situations but you shouldn’t run more than 2 in this deck.

Morphtronic Accelerator x1

Returns a Morphtronic monster from your hand to he deck to destroy 1 card on the field and after that draw 1 card. I don’t like this card for two reasons:

  1. You have to send back 1 of your monsters. Most of the time you will only have 1-2 monsters in your hand, which means in order to profit from this effect you need to draw another monster or get it later in the game. Overall in testing this just never really worked out for me.
  2. It is only slightly better than our generic options like Galaxy Cyclone, Cosmic Cyclone, etc. It gets situational when you top deck it with no more monsters left in your hand though.

Mage Power/Axe of Despair/Gravity Blaster x 2-3

I am not going into much detail for these cards. It heavily depends on the meta which ones will be good. Mage Power is a good choice because when you have more equips your monsters tend to get quite big. The issue as always with equip cards is when your monster gets hit by Paleozoic Canadia, all the equip cards get send to the grave. Not even Power Tool Dragon is safe from this. The added benefit of running these generic equips over Double Tool C&D is that you can equip them to any monster. So if you need a Vylon Synchro as your win condition you won’t necessarily end up with a dead Double Tool C&D in your hand.

Sample Decks

  • Level Duplication is a skill that was suggested in the Morphtronic channel of the DLM Discord. It works well with this deck because you can summon Morphtronic Scopen, reveal 1 level 4 Morphtronic in your hand (like Morphtronic Slingen/Morphtronic Videon/Morphtronic Radion) to make Scorpen level 4. After that you summon the level 4 Morphtronic monster with Scorpen’s effect and bring out Stardust Dragon or Vylon Epsilon.
  • This is a toolbox deck. Determine what Synchro monster is best to bring out against your opponent and adjust your play style accordingly. Vylon Epsilon has 2800 ATK and lets you destroy 1 of your own equips to destroy 1 monster on your opponents side of the field, his effect also prevents your opponent from destroying your equip cards. Vylon Sigma combo’s well with Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce because it allows you to equip one more equip card with his effect when he attacks.
  • You run two Double Tool C&D because in a lot of cases turn 1 Power Tool Dragon is still a good play. Unless your opponent can destroy him twice it will stay on the field and allow you to search one more equip spell from your deck during your next turn.
  • As you are able to summon Vylon Synchro monsters easily with this deck and Vylon Epsilon has built in protection for these cards and a pretty high attack (only Blue-Eyes decks can really get over it), it’s also possible to tech in Vylon equip cards into this build. Especially 1 Vylon Segment and/or Vylon Filament because they protect your monster from spells and traps. Segment prevents your opponent from targetting your Vylon monster and Filament prevents him from activating spells and traps during your attack until the end of the battle step. The Vylon equips, when sent to the graveyard (for example with Epsilon’s effect) allow you to search another from your deck, which makes this a great addition to this sample deck.

  • This is a quick deck. Get out your Morphtronic Scopen and a level 4 monster to Synchro summon Power Tool Dragon. Use the Galaxy Cyclone’s to destroy any troublesome backrow and if need be, 1 Junk Box to bring back a monster in case you get hit by Treacherous Trap Hole or need to get rid of one more card.
  • The reason I picked Enemy Controller over Pulse Mines in this case is because it can be used offensively and by itself steal games. For Meta Weekly 43, I had Enemy Controller in my side deck and actually ended up using it more often than Pulse Mines.

Match Ups

Masked Heroes - Very Hard

  • This is a difficult match up for the deck because they tend to run a lot of backrow, most notably Paleozoic Canadia and Floodgate Trap Hole. Morphtronics don’t have a good way to deal with backrow or recover from the impact of Floodgates at the moment.
  • With Sealed Tombs you can, if timed correctly, prevent your opponent from using Destiny HERO - Celestial’s graveyard effect for one turn. If the match is going well this can work in your favor.
  • With Level Duplication, you can bring out Vylon Epsilon with Vylon Segment to prevent your opponent from targetting it with Canadia. Most of the time however they won’t give you this chance. It’s also sadly not possible to search the Vylon equip cards in this deck, unless you get Power Tool Dragon out first.

Techs that can help a lot are: Galaxy Cyclone, Hey, Trunade! and Cosmic Cyclone.

Vampires - Hard

  • The main reason why I recommend using Sealed Tombs for this deck in the current meta. Summoning one of your Synchro’s and “sealing their tombs” shuts down a lot of their options. You have to be wary of Vampire Vamp giving you the “good succ”. The only realistic way to win this match up is when you can OTK before Sealed Tombs effect wears off.
  • With Level Duplication it gets a lot more difficult, you have a decent out to Vampire Grace if you summon Power Tool Dragon in defence mode with a spell card equipped but there is a good chance they will summon Vampire Vamp instead.

Blue-Eyes - Mixed

Your only out to this deck is Vylon Epsilon, and only if you get it out with an equip in hand. Dragon Spirit of White won’t be able to banish the equip because any card equipped to Epsilon can’t be targeted.

  • In this case it’s almost crucial to run Level Duplication, because without it you will not be bringing out Epsilon as often. Once you get out Epsilon with an equip, only thing you have to be afraid of is Enemy Controller.
  • It is possible to win with Power Tool Dragon if you get him equipped with more than one card. Dragon Spirit of White will be able to banish one of them (you can partly prevent this by using Sealed Tombs to stop Silver’s Cry and Birthright), but Power Tool Dragon will still be able to protect himself with his effect.

Gladiator Beasts - Hard

  • Many traps! Many Floodgate Trap Hole, which hurts this deck a lot. If you can manage to destroy their backrow early and prevent them from tagging out their monsters you have a good chance. If you don’t draw into backrow hate and get hit by Paleozoic Canadia, you probably lose this match up.
  • Sealed Tombs doesn’t help much here.
  • With Level Duplication you can possibly make something happen with the Vylon Synchros, if you get them out turn 1 with the right equip card like Vylon Segment.

Good tech cards for this matchup are: Galaxy Cyclone, Hey, Trunade!, Cosmic Cyclone and Jinzo.


Special Thanks

And all the others in the Morphtronics channel who helped out with their awesome ideas!

Published by Yami Hammy.

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