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A Beginner's Guide to Fur Hires

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Introduction & History

Fur Hire is an archetype that was released on June 19th, 2018 with the 12th Mini Box - Clash of Wings. Fur Hire is an aggressive swarm deck that can also play a control strategy. The archetype consists of level four and under monsters that, once per turn, can special summon another Fur Hire from the hand. When Special Summoned, if you control another Fur Hire monster, they also get an additional effect, such as destroying cards or searching for cards. The deck also has two boss monsters that can’t summon another Fur Hire from hand but have powerful effects of their own, letting you go aggressive or defensive. With all the deck’s cards being in one Mini Box and the archetype only containing one SR monster, the deck can easily be purchased for just a few thousand gems. Despite the deck’s low cost and adorable appearance, it is highly competitive. In this guide, I will teach you how to play this deck competitively while being a beginner and/or free to play.

About the Author

Hello there, I am DL Noir; an underdog duelist in the Duel Links Meta and Team Wars community and a small but up and coming YouTuber. Within a day of Fur Hire’s release, I went from Rookie 1 to King of Games on a fresh new account, and also won an Anytime Tournament with the deck, on the same new account. I could have done it on my main account, but I wanted to prove that this game is a lot more beginner and free to play friendly than people give it credit for.

Collecting the cards

All the Fur Hire cards are in the Clash of Wings mini box, so that is where you’ll be going. As soon as you get Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire, reset the box. The reason for this is there’s only one copy of it per box since it is a SR rarity, and resetting the box will allow you to pull it again. If you want to save as many gems as possible, open the packs one by one. Once you have three Beat, you should have three of all the other Fur Hire cards. If you don’t, keep buying until you have three of everything except Recon, Seal, and Training, as these are almost never ran at three. You will want at least two Recon, though.

Once you have the Fur Hire cards, you’ll be moving on to the Visions of Ice Mini Box. Your goal here is to pull a single copy of Treacherous Trap Hole (all you need is one). Like before, you can open the packs one by one to save gems. As soon as you get it, you are done with this box. If you happen to pull Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Spellbook of Secrets in the process, you might want to consider resetting, even if you haven’t gotten Treacherous Trap Hole yet. You might want to build Spellbooks later down the line. But, if you know you have no interest in Spellbooks, keep on going until you get Treacherous Trap Hole.

To play this deck optimally you will also want two copies of Enemy Controller (only two because the card is Semi-Limited). Thankfully, this card costs no money nor gems to get. You get one for free by completing the Mokuba Bingo,and can get another with any of the free SR tickets the game throws at you.

Now that you have the Fur Hires, Enemy Controller, and Treacherous Trap Hole, you are ready to compete! Keep in mind, however, that if you weren’t able to get Treacherous Trap Hole yet, you can still play on the ladder without it and do just fine. But, you will want to keep using the gems you collect until you are able to get the card, as it is much too powerful to ignore.

Sealed Tombs vs Beatdown

Sealed Tombs Build vs Beatdown Build
Currently, there is a strong debate on whether you should use this deck with Sealed Tombs or Beatdown. Below are the arguments for both skills. If you are a beginner, it will take some time and effort to unlock Ishizu, and even more so to get Sealed Tombs. Because of this, I advise you play the Beatdown build; you can get Beatdown by having Seto Kaiba reach level 13. However, if you are willing to grind for Sealed Tombs, below I have the comparisons of the two builds.

  1. Sealed Tombs is a meta call skill. Using this skill allows you to setup on Spellbooks without worrying about Spellbook of Fate. Once you have an established board, the Spellbook match is pretty much won. Additionally, you can use this skill in some manner vs most other meta decks. It stops Aliens from using Powerful Rebirth and “A” Cell Recombination Device, it stops Destiny Heroes from using Destiny HERO - Celestial, Vision HERO Vyon, Destiny HERO - Malicious, and Destiny HERO - Dreamer, it stops REZ from using Red-Eyes Spirit and Bacon Saver, and it stops Fur Hires from using Mayhem Fur Hire. The problem with using this skill is that you are at a disadvantage in the Fur Hire mirror match.

  2. Running Beatdown will put you at a great disadvantage in the Spellbook matchup because Fate will stop your Normal Summon every turn. However, the attack boost will put you at a great advantage in the mirror match, allowing you to easily run over Wiz, Sage Fur Hire and Dyna, Hero Fur Hire. Additionally, it allows you to OTK much easier in all other matchups, while also being more useful versus decks that don’t frequently use the graveyard, such as Amazoness.

This decision depends on your intuition. If you are expecting a lot of Spellbook decks, use Sealed Tombs. Otherwise, Beatdown is superior. Make sure you prepare a side deck for the matchups you make yourself weak against. Ex: side for the mirror match if you are using Sealed Tombs. With Beatdown, side for Spellbooks. But if you are a beginner, just roll with Beatdown; you’ll still do great.

Archetype Cards

Note: The meta may change at any time. As such, the ratios shown in this guide may not be optimal in the future. This guide is written to reflect the meta of June 2018.

Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Seal,%20Strategist%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Training%20Fur%20Hire,%20Fur%20All%20Your%20Training%20Needs
  • Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire: [Optimal Count 3]
    This is the searcher; the Amazoness Princess, you may say. This card turns your summons into +1’s and let’s you grab whatever monster you need. Needless to say, you must run 3 in any and all builds.

  • Donpa, Marskman Fur Hire: [Optimal Count 3]
    Donpa is one of your two level 2 beast Fur Hire’s that will destroy a monster upon summon. Although it only has 500 attack, your deck should run 3. The reason for this is, Donpa pops your opponent’s face up cards, allowing you to clear out their problematic monsters, or even face up spell/traps such as Amazoness Onslaught. It’s also important to remember that if you summon Donpa in your opponent’s turn, you will be able to pop one of their cards in their turn.

  • Recon, Scout Fur Hire: [Optimal Count 1-3]
    And here is the second Fur Hire that pops your opponent’s cards. This one pops any set card your opponent controls, making it great for popping their backrow, or even set monsters they have. Important: if your opponent chains a Continuous Trap such as Amazoness Onslaught to this effect, the Onslaught will be destroyed. Like all the others, if summoned in your opponent’s turn, it get it’s effect during their turn. This allows you to summon it to destroy a s/t they set in the same turn, preventing it from ever activating.

  • Seal, Strategist Fur Hire: [Optimal count 0-2]
    With 1600 attack, Seal is the strongest of your lvl<4 Fur Hire’s. However, he adds a Fur Hire from the grave to the hand, making him not very important to have early game. Since you can easily pull him out of the deck with Beat, you usually won’t ever need more than one. As such, I advise running just one.

  • Dyna, Hero Fur Hire: [Optimal count 2-3]
    Dyna is your first boss, and he is not one to be taken lightly. When summoned, it can banish cards from your opponent’s Graveyard up to the number of different Fur Hire monsters you control; up to three. This is great in many matchups, but his usefulness doesn’t stop there; your opponent can’t attack other Fur Hire’s you control while he is out, so it protects your low attack monsters. If you control two Dyna, you will have an attack-lock, where your opponent can’t attack any of your monsters (but Masked HERO Anki can still attack you directly). With Beatdown, this card can quickly go from 2500 attack, to much more terrifying numbers of up to 3400. Because of the attack lock, I do not advise ever running less than one; it is not your win condition, but it is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox.

  • Wiz, Sage Fur Hire: [Optimal count 2-3]
    Wiz is your second boss, and a more defensive one. With 2800 defense and the ability to negate spell/trap card every turn, this card is a huge pain for the opponent to deal with it. The life point gain effect may not seem very useful at first, but it will save you from the clutches of defeat from time and time again. It’s important to note that if you negate the activation of a continuous spell/trap card like Amazoness Onslaught with Wiz, it will be sent to the Graveyard (and this is not treated as it being destroyed). If you summon this card turn one against Spellbooks, you will likely win every time. However, make sure that you negate their Spellbook of Fate rather than Spellbook of Secrets. This is because Wiz negates the activation, so they will be able to simply use another Secrets right after you negate it. It is more beneficial to make them banish three cards from their Graveyard instead. The ratios with this card can very, but because of this card’s importance in many matchups, I advise always running at least 2.

  • Mayhem Fur Hire: [Optimal count 2-3]
    This card is a quick-play Monster Reborn, what is there to not like? Other than the fact that it summons in defense mode, of course. This card is excellent for recovering when things don’t go quite as planned and great for mid-late game plays. It also allows you to get your Fur Hire effects in your opponent’s turn to disrupt their plays. You can get away with running 2 instead of 3 just because it can cause you to brick, but the sheer power of the card leans me towards running 3.

  • Training Fur Hire, Fur All Your Training Needs: [Optimal Count: 0]
    This card is pretty bad. I don’t advise running it at all, as there are simply better cards to be running.

Tech Card Options

Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Hey,%20Trunade!
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Canadia
Duel Links Card: Floodgate%20Trap%20Hole
Duel Links Card: Wall%20of%20Disruption
Duel Links Card: Windstorm%20of%20Etaqua
Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole
Duel Links Card: Magic%20Deflector
  • Enemy Controller is less of a tech and more of a staple in this deck. Since the deck swarms so easily, you will almost always have tribute fodder for the E-Con take play, which is a godsend in the mirror match. And of course, you can always use it defensively too. I highly advise running 2.

  • Cosmic Cyclone is your generic backrow hate and is great against any deck that uses backrow. It’s even fairly good in the mirror match, letting you hit a set Treacherous Trap Hole or E-Con so you can go all out. The Beatdown build benefits from this card much more. Cosmic Cyclone can be used in either your main deck as a deck, or your side deck.
    If you are a beginner, I do not advise digging for this card, as it is a Main Box UR, meaning it will require a lot of gems for you to get it, unless you’re lucky. You can, however, get a single copy with your UR Dream Ticket.

  • Hey, Trunade! is another option for backrow hate and let’s you go much more aggressive. Since the cards go back to the hand, your opponent can simply set them again, but once you get setup with a Wiz out, you’re already in the driver’s seat.
    If you are a beginner, I don’t advise digging for this card. It is a SR in a Mini Box, so it won’t require too much gems to get, but it doesn’t bring enough to the table to be worth your gems.

  • Paleozoic Canadia is great against both Spellbooks and the mirror match, as flipping their Normal Summon facedown will usually shut them down for the turn.
    If you are a beginner, you have to think carefully before deciding if you want to invest in this card or not. It is a Main Box UR, so it’ll require a lot of gems and luck to get multiple copies. The good thing is that it is in the same box as Masked Hero Anki, so if you have any interest in playing Masked Heroes, you can get them both at the same time. My recommendation, however, is to get cheaper techs than this.

  • Floodgate Trap Hole has the same use as Canadia. It is more powerful, but less versatile.
    For beginners, I don’t advise investing in this card; it’s a Main Box UR and the box doesn’t have enough good cards for you to pick up along the way to be worth it.

  • Wall of Disruption set with a defense mode Wiz out is a terrifying field to break. WoD is also a killer in the mirror match due to the deck swarming so easily, and also great for reducing a Silent Magician LV8 down to size.
    For beginners, this card is one of the best traps in the game and great for many decks. If you have gems to spare, this card is a worthwhile investment. Do not, however, feel that you need this card to play Fur Hire; very few Fur Hire decks use it.

  • Windstorm of Etaqua this card has fallen out of the meta, but just might return for this deck. The neat thing about this card is that it forces Dyna into defense mode and Wiz into attack mode, making them much easier to kill. It also puts a lv 8 Silent Magician or an Anki into defense mode.
    For beginners, this card is obtained by getting Mai Valentine to level 25, meaning you spend no money or gems to get it. As such, it’s a tech that I recommend for you.

  • Treacherous Trap Hole if you opt out of running any of the Trap card techs, then you should be running TTH. It is too strong to not use.
    For beginners, I talked about this card earlier; it is a must get.

  • Magic Deflector is more of a side deck card than a main deck tech. This card is useful against Spellbooks, stopping them from using Spellbook of Fate. It’s also solid against Masked Heroes, stopping them from using Mask Change, Cosmic Cyclone, and Forbidden Chalice.
    For beginners, this card can be obtained from the Card Trader’s regular inventory, and is only a R, so can be obtained fairly easy. If you want to take on tournaments, this is a cheap and powerful option for your side deck.

Example List

The decklists below are builds that have proven their worth by winning tournaments.

1st Place - ShinySopheon - X-Hunters Seven Sword Showdown

skill Beatdown
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Seal,%20Strategist%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole

Combos and Plays

This deck is pretty simple to play and even as a beginner you’ll catch on quickly, but here are some combos and plays to keep in mind.

ECon Take

In the mirror match, if your opponent has a face up lvl<4 Fur Hire, you can summon one of your own, use it’s effect to special summon, then E-Con take their Fur Hire and use it’s effects for yourself.

Mayhem on Opponents Turn

As mentioned earlier, you can use Mayhem Fur Hire to trigger your effects in your opponent’s turn, disrupting their play. Furthermore, you can use Donpa to get rid of one of your own cards to make space for you to flip Mayhem in the opponent’s turn and pop a card.

Double Dyna

Also mentioned earlier, you can bring out two Dyna to prevent your opponent from attacking your monsters. This is great for stalling in certain scenarios, such as vs Amazoness, until you get whatever pieces you are missing to go for game. If you can get out a Wiz alongside the Double Dyna combo, you have pretty much won the duel.


This combo leads into the double Dyna attack lock mentioned above. It requires you to have Mayhem in hand or set, a Beat in grave, and a Dyna in hand. Summon Beat with Mayhem and use Beat’s effect to summon Dyna. Search your deck for another Dyna. Then you can tribute the Beat for Dyna.

Matchup Guide

For this section, I will be covering only the decks listed as Tier 1, 2, 3 or High Potential in tier list as defined by Duel Links Meta and the Top Player Council Please note that the matchup odds are based off deep analyzing of the matchups, and not statistics.

Mirror Match

The mirror match can get insanely tricky. The player going second usually has the upper hand, and if one player is using Beatdown, that player will have the upper hand. The techs each player are using will also come in clutch.

Matchup Tips

  • If you are going first, you’ll need to ensure you don’t get OTK’d; use your techs to protect yourself. Playing Wiz turn 1 is risky because they can pop it with Donpa, but sometimes it’s a risk you need to take in order to survive. If you open with Beat and Dyna, I would make that play. E-Con take will win you this mirror match, whether on offense or defense. If your opponent isn’t using Beatdown you might also be able to deck them out by sitting on Wiz.


Common Skill: Parasite Infestation

If Amazoness open up with techs like Floodgate Trap Hole, Paleozoic Canadia, and Forbidden Chalice, you may have a rough time. But overall, this deck prevails against Amazoness. Amazoness Onslaught is easily negated by Wiz and destroyed by Recon and Donpa. They don’t have any monsters big enough to run over Dyna and Wiz (except an Onslaught boosted Amazoness Queen), but they can crash Amazoness Swords Woman into Wiz every turn (though you can prevent this by having Dyna out). If you have two Dyna out, they won’t be able to crash into you at all. Because of Swords Woman and Parasite, Wiz’ Life Point gain effect comes in handy here. If the Parasite is on top of your deck and you have two monsters out, you can use Mayhem to fill your board, preventing the Parasite from summoning itself.


Common Skills: Draw Sense: WATER, Switcheroo

Spellbooks are the reason why the Sealed Tombs build is so strong. With the Beatdown build, you have to go first and setup a Wiz to stand much of a chance. If not, your normal summons will be stopped by Fate every turn until you either die or run out of resources. With the Sealed Tombs build, however, you have a huge advantage. You can shut down their Spellbook of Fate and setup them, leaving them with pretty much no way to overcome your board. The Beatdown build can get a better matchup after siding, however, but overall, Beatdown really struggles against Spellbooks.

Masked Heroes

Common Skills: Destiny Calling, Switcheroo

This matchup can be tough. Although Wiz has too much defense for Anki to get over, it can still attack directly, putting you on a timer. Not only that, but you have to worry about negating Polymerization to stop Vision HERO Trinity in addition to negating Mask Change. They also run Forbidden Chalice, allowing them to negate Wiz and still get their summons. Even more annoying, they run Cosmic Cyclone and/or Hey, Trunade!, rendering any Enemy Controllers or Treacherous Trap Holes you have useless. Of course, they have to open really well for all this, though. So long as they don’t open this godly, you should have the upper hand.

Both of your skills have their advantages in this matchup. Sealed Tombs shuts down Destiny HERO - Celestial, Vision HERO Vyon, and Destiny HERO - Malicious. Beatdown allows Dyna to run over Anki.


This matchup requires more testing. Analyzation will be coming soon.

Red-Eyes Zombies

Common Skill: Posthumous Army,Straight to the Grave, Beatdown

One look at Red-Eyes Zombies and Fur Hire and you can see why they won’t stand much of a chance against Fur Hire. REZ can’t run over either Dyna or Wiz without Beatdown. And even if they are using Beatdown, Dyna clears their grave and Wiz can negate their Red-Eyes Spirits, Enemy Controllers, or whatever else they try to do. The only way you should be losing this matchup is If you brick hard.


Special Thanks to the Following

  • Gia Joestar for keeping Duel Links Meta alive. Oh, and Robert too.
  • Everyone in the discord who gave their input.

If you have any thoughts or questions, leave a comment below! Thumbnail designed and created by SpoonCats

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