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First Look: Fur Hires


The Fur Hire archetype introduced in Clash of Wings is the latest in a series of “toolbox” archetypes, with different monsters performing single tasks (continuing where Gladiator Beasts, Aliens, and Sylvans left off). Fur Hires are a very monster-heavy deck and swarm the field quickly, similar to Sylvans. Unlike Sylvans, Fur Hires can swarm and recycle their monsters in more consistent ways (relying less on random mills), making the deck seem considerably more “fair” to play against. Both decks share similar weaknesses in effect negation and monster removal, although Fur Hires play more slowly and with less reliance on the graveyard. But for the free-to-play player looking for a new deck now that Sylvans have been hit by the banlist, look no further.

Sample Deck

Perhaps the most straightforward way to build Fur Hires is with an evenly distributed monster count:

skill Beatdown
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Seal,%20Strategist%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Seal,%20Strategist%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole

There are two main skills to consider with Fur Hires: Beatdown and Sealed Tombs. Beatdown is the best way to win the mirror match, but Sealed Tombs is almost a necessity to deal with Spellbooks when going second (unless you can side in a large number of anti-Spellbook cards).

Core Cards

  • Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire:
    The searcher, grabbing you either a big boss monster or another combo starter. Almost always a good first turn play, setting up your follow-up.

  • Wiz, Sage Fur Hire:
    Probably the most valuable card in the deck, Wiz can negate spell/trap cards and has a nice 2800 defense that’s difficult for Dyna to break through in the mirror, forces Anki to attack directly, and walls off Dark Magician of Chaos.

  • Dyna, Hero Fur Hire:
    The main beater which can usefully also banish any cards from your opponent’s graveyard, removing annoying Baby Tigers, Destiny HERO Celestials, or even just Spellbook spells that would otherwise be used for Fate. In the mirror, Dyna is the win condition, breaking through your opponent’s field.

  • Seal, Strategist Fur Hire:
    A somewhat underrated card, Seal recycles cards for Wiz’s effect and can help maintain card advantage in the mirror match. Seal is usefully also bigger than any of the other low level Fur Hires, making him a nice way to clear your opponent’s board.

  • Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire:
    Pops face-up cards like monsters and Amazoness Onslaught. Its low ATK can be a liability if it’s not protected by Dyna.

  • Recon, Scout Fur Hire:
    Pops face-down cards and can help clear the way for full-out aggression in combination with Wiz’s negation effects. Extremely useful against slower control decks that rely on heavy backrow.

  • Mayhem Fur Hire:
    A more specialized Powerful Rebirth that can grab any Fur Hire monster on either player’s turn. Very useful as a comeback card and can help get combos started without even committing to a normal summon.

Tech Cards

Some other cards that synergize well are:

  • Enemy Controller:
    One of the most versatile cards in the game, ECon is useful in the mirror to steal your opponent’s effects and either put Dyna into defense or Wiz into attack. Clears up a monster zone if you need it, but this is a slow clear without a follow-up Mayhem.

  • Training Fur Hire, Fur All Your Training Needs:
    This is a lackluster cards in a banish-happy meta, but is a pretty nice way of keeping field presence in the mirror. I don’t think this card will see much play.

  • Cosmic Cyclone:
    The main function of this card is to clear away Spellbook of Fate for Fur Hire decks not using Sealed Tombs. The LP cost is almost negligible with Wiz’s recovery effect.

  • Treacherous Trap Hole:
    An auto-win card against many decks, Treacherous is simply too good to not consider. You can also destroy some of your smaller monsters to ensure that your Life Points are protected from larger monsters like Anki.

  • Fenghuang:
    A great anti-stall card that is likely unnecessary since the deck already does extremely well against stall.

  • Powerful Rebirth:
    Another revival card alongside Mayhem, Rebirth is likely unnecessary because you generally want to focus more on establishing a field in the first place, instead of thinking about follow- ups of this kind.

  • The Big Cattle Drive:
    Potentially a draw-2 with Donpa/Recon + Dyna, this card is fairly slow and win-more.

  • Fire Formation - Gyokkou:
    Similar to Cosmic Cyclone, Gyokkou also has the added benefit of increasing Dyna’s ATK by 100. This is especially significant in the mirror, where a Beatdown-boosted Dyna can swing over a Wiz without any other help.

Brief Match-up Notes

Any new deck has to be evaluated not only on its own but also in the context of the current meta. Fur Hires match up well with many relevant decks, but struggle against a few others:

  • Spellbooks:
    Depending on your build, this can range from wildly favorable to completely hopeless. Running Sealed Tombs is a great way to get on the field against them, and sit on Wiz to continually negate Fate. Donpa and Treacherous Trap Hole help deal with Silent Magician (and the LV8 follow-up).

  • Aliens:
    This match-up feels somewhat favorable for a patient Fur Hire player. Negating Recombination really hurts Aliens, and Wiz can negate Wall of Disruption and Super Rush as you run through their monsters.

  • Amazoness:
    Not a favorable match-up. Amazoness have so many moving parts once they get set-up and it can be difficult to deal with them all. Onslaught can be negated by Wiz on its initial flip, but otherwise you need Cosmic Cyclone to remove it. I think Fur Hires will have to side hard against Amazoness to be a top-tier deck in competitive events.

  • Masked Heroes:
    Wiz is a fantastic wall in this match-up, but you need to deal with Anki one way or another if it gets on the field since three direct attacks end the duel. Wiz negating Mask Change is obviously very helpful here, but Trinity can quickly steal games if you swarm without thinking.

Good Cards Against Fur Hires

Fur Hire decks are currently very popular and this will likely not change any time soon. There are multiple ways to deal with Fur Hires, although most of them focus on dealing with the initial normal summon:

  • Floodgate Trap Hole/Paleozoic Canadia:
    Flipping down the first monster gives you time to set up/reinforce your field while the Fur Hire player scrambles to come up with a follow-up play.

  • Divine Wrath/Ultimate Providence:
    For decks that can afford the discard cost, effect negation like this is incredibly strong against Fur Hires since Wiz cannot negate Counter Traps.

  • Special Hurricane:
    More of a side-deck card, Special Hurricane has the potential to be a full board wipe against Fur Hires. Not all decks can use this card, however, since it destroys all special summoned monsters, not just your opponent’s.

Videos & Replays

The gameplay with Fur Hires is fairly straightforward, although there are a lot of interesting wrinkles in the mirror match. Taking the deck (in various forms) on the ladder gave me four mirror matches and one duel against Stall:

  • Replay #1:
    While it’s obviously beneficial to go second in the mirror match, simply setting up a field with a guaranteed follow-up is a very strong turn 1 play. Doing that here allows us to sit on a Wiz while we pick apart our opponent’s field until he’s out of monsters.

  • Replay #2:
    A second mirror match right away, we go second this time. Getting flipped by Canadia hurts, but keeping a follow-up ensures that we can easily blow-up his initial field and keep control for the rest of the duel thanks to Beatdown.

  • Replay #3:
    Stall never really had a chance against Fur Hires, losing to Recon + Wiz negation.

  • Replay #4:
    First in yet another mirror match, we set up cautiously with a guaranteed follow-up play. Gyokkou was a very nice boost to get over the Wiz.

  • Replay #5:
    Going first in one more mirror, we don’t have a great way to set-up a field without simply setting. So we ensure we don’t get OTK’d and then pick apart his field on turn 3. Wiz is a fantastic wall here, and Seal slowly generates advantage throughout the duel until it’s completely unsurmountable for our opponent. A well-protected Seal in the mirror match like this is incredibly valuable.

In general, it’s extremely important to play around things like Canadia, Floodgate, and Treacherous Trap Hole. I will often go into Wiz as a second monster when I have the ability to go into a full board, just to ensure I’m protected from a greedy Treacherous.

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