First Look: Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale deck!

Once upon a time…


Based on popular Grimm brothers stories, this archetype is full of characters coming from our childhood fairy tales! While we are missing Hexe Trude and other cards that have not seen a proper printing yet in both tcg and ocg, we are getting everything that has a legal version of this archetype! This is enough to build a proper fairy tales deck and eventually use the Golden Castle of Stromberg as a powerful engine for other archetypes.

The Archetype Cards

Duel Links Card: Golden%20Castle%20of%20Stromberg

Tale: The Raven

The core card of the archetype. It has an INSANE effect that lets us summon directly from the deck any card of the archetype. On top of that our targets are able to special summon from the deck AGAIN netting us already a +2 in card advantage, abusing one of the strongest mechanics in the game. Not only it gives us easy summons, Golden Castle also has protection for our monsters since it also has a better Blazing Mirror Force effect! All this power does come with some drawbacks tho: if we choose to special summon from the deck castle denies our normal summon for that turn, and we have to pay for a expensive maintenance cost with 10 cards being banished from our decks every standby phase.

Duel Links Card: Glife%20the%20Phantom%20Bird

Tale: The Griffin

A terraforming with a decent 1500 atk/def body that has a Mystical Space Typhoon effect on any kind of summon. Just pure value, really good card.

Duel Links Card: Iron%20Hans
Duel Links Card: Iron%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Iron%20Cage

Tale: Iron John

Iron Knight is a extremely good searcher. It gives Iron Hans a good boost making him a 2200 atk beater, and when Iron Knight gets destroyed by battle or an effect sends him to the graveyeard it gives us a free search for another Iron Hand, or a generic warrior monster if we have a castle live. Iron Cage is another POGGERS card. Its effect is really powerful and can be a win condition on its own. Not only it’s a non targeting non destruction removal, it also becomes a Change of Heart the turn after. Just insane. And if we play it while we have no golden castle, it basically is a Call of the Haunted which is still nice.

Duel Links Card: Prinzessin
Duel Links Card: Pumpkin%20Carriage
Duel Links Card: Glass%20Slippers

Tale: Cindarella

If the Iron Cage is our “beaters” department, the Cindarella group gives us some more protection and defenses, while still being able to do some nice 1300+ direct damage attackers. Glass Slippers can be an effective way to survive and be able to run over big opponent monsters.

Synergistic Cards

Duel Links Card: Golden%20Homunculus

It’s a warrior, so it’s searchable by Iron Knight, and it is a really big boss monsters that sits on 4500 and 7500 ATK/DEF. That’s really really big. It might be a bit gimmicky to summon since it requires a tribute but it makes Golden Castle drawback a benefit! Some ways to summon it easily can be Gold Sarcophagus paired with D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation or with Living Fossil reanimating iron knight.

Duel Links Card: Lava%20Golem

We dont normal summon much with this deck so lava golem can be nice to have around. Works much better if the build focuses onthe Cindarella group

Duel Links Card: Soul%20Absorption

Who doesnt love a free 5000 life points?

Duel Links Card: Chaos%20End

Not only Change of Heart, we can also play Dark Hole now! since it’s so easy for this deck to swarm, clearing a full board and go into beaters can help otks

Duel Links Card: Regulus

Especially if paired with Ancient Fairy Dragon this monster can give us extra copies of golden castle by recicling the copies that have been destroyed during the duel

Duel Links Card: Ancient%20Fairy%20Dragon

What do we want in a deck focused on special summons? MORE special summons! What about Field Spell? MORE Field spell! The search effects and the life gain also fit well this deck so why not play AFD? better in builds more combo focused obviously. Is it possible Golden Castle is the reason AFD got banned? who knows :D

Duel Links Card: Unexpected%20Dai

Using Unexpected Dai into a vanilla tuner monster can be a nice play to synchro summon into AFD or a powerful Mist Wurm

Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Wheeleder

Speaking of synchros, the recently added Psychic Wheeleder can also be a nice choice for a tuner that can special summon itself if we have a pumpkin carriage on the board.

Duel Links Card: Lightwave%20Tuning

Turn Prinzessin into a tuner for a easy level 7 synchro

Duel Links Card: Double%20Cyclone

If paired with Pumpkin Carriage, it becomes a MST!

Duel Links Card: Gravelstorm
Duel Links Card: Murmur%20of%20the%20Forest

Those cards than help us by removing Golden Castle maintenence cost. They aren’t really needed but can be solid tech choices.

Duel Links Card: Demise%20of%20the%20Land

If you feel you need more consistency.

Other Options

These are some generally good warriors for different versions of the deck.


  • Ancient Fairy Dragon with a skill that lets us start with a field spell is a nice consistency tool but having a archetype terraforming is probably enough already.

  • Level Duplication can help doing synchro plays, so watch out for this if you like the synchro route

  • TTTB sinergizes with cindarella, giving her chances to have lethal in 2 battlephases!


NOTE: These decklists are just prototypes and will need testing to fully optimize

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