Crystrons Guide


Hi, I’m Radlup, I’m an 18 year old college student in NYC, and I’ve always had a passion for rogue Graveyard manipulation decks such as Batterymen, Madolche, and now Crystrons! Im super active in DLM and Clan and Team Wars, I really love this deck, i have so much fun playing it :)

Hi, I am MetalOverdrive, 22 yo college student, and a huge fan of the rouge decks that have too much text to read and offer shenanigans and multiple plays, such as Noble Knight and Vampires. Crystrons fall in both of those categories. When I woke up and saw the Cybernetic Rebellion Reveal, I fell for the aesthetics of the Crystron toys. Naturally, we had to find a way to make this work, so here we are! We hope you’ll want to play and enjoy crystrons as well after reading this guide!

Crystrons are the WATER-Attribute, MACHINE-Type archetype that got added to Duel Links in Cybernetic Rebellion Main BOX. The main strength of the deck is Synchro summoning, while being able to search the pieces of puzzle you need from deck fairly easily. What makes this deck different from other Synchro-focused decks is the ability to perform Synchro summons during the opponent’s turn, but it’s limited to machine type Synchros only. This opens the new interactions that were previously limited only to cards such as King’s Synchro, but unlike those, you can synchro without needing to be attacked. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the full archetype, but Duel Links already has interesting enough tools to make the deck top tier!

This guide will go over a few categories: cards that belong to archetype, and the ones that don’t, sorted by: main deck monsters/spells and traps/extra deck monsters, combo section, skill section, matchup sections and quarion summoning section.

IMPORTANT: if you use auto setting on toggle-button while you have a crystron tuner that can summon something, the game WILL NOTIFY you that opponents is about the end the turn from the Main Phase. This however can be used as a bait if opponent knows it too, since they can decide to resume their main phase after you perform a Synchro summon.

Archetypal Cards

Main Deck Monsters: non-tuners.

All non-tuners except Crystron Sulfefnir have the same first effect where they destroy a face up card you control to special summon a Crystron tuner from the deck. Also all of them have the graveyard effect as well, and you can use only 1 of their effects per turn!

If you use non-tuner effects (except Sulfefnir’s) on the field, YOU CAN ONLY SYNCHRO INTO MACHINES!

Crystron Sulfefnir (2-3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
The card that enables the deck. It’s used as a searcher by destroying itself, and it can be used from hand or the graveyard by discarding a crystron card. Unfortunately it can’t discards itself like Dragon Ice can, nor can it discard the other copies of Crystron Sulfefnir. Unlike other non-tuners, you can destroy both face-up and face-down cards which can enable more plays(see quarion summoning section). Depending on the build, it can be played 2-3 copies. 3 are recommended for consistency, but you can safely run 2 if you are playing less than 28 cards.

Crystron Smiger (2-3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
The level 3 non-tuner is a vital part of every crystron deck. The value of this card comes from 2 things: being able to set up Crystron Ametrix by itself, and graveyard effect that gives you advantage. If you have Smiger in your graveyard you can banish it to search a Crystron spell or trap from your deck. He will be searching the very powerful Crystron Impact which really help us extend plays and combos, while also recycling banished tuners easily. He works really well when discarded for Sulf as he can use his graveyard effect immediatly. Being a level three also allows citree to use him to make Ametrix. We recommend running 2-3.

Crystron Thystvern (3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Thystvern
This is another irreplacible Level 3 non-tuner, and it has the exact same functionality as Smiger, except he searches a crystron monster from the deck. You can use his GY effect to grab a Sulfefnir if needed, or any monster that you need in order to finish off a combo. Remember that using his graveyard effect doesn't lock you out of machines, so it can be a good play to search a tuner with him so you can synchro powerful non machine synchros such as Black Rose Dragon or White Aura Dolphin. Other than that utility, playwise, you can use thystvern just like you would use smiger.

Crystron Rosenix (1-2x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix
The level 4 non-tuner is also a very important piece of the deck. It has a decent body and by itself it can make a level 6 machine Synchro during the opponent’s turn. Value of Rosenix can be found in its level, for making Quariongandrax, and synergy with the rest of the archetype provided by the graveyard effect! If you banish rosenix from the graveyard you get a 0/0 level 1 token that can’t be tributed. However you are able to manipulate the levels with Level alteration skills, or with Crystron Entry. You can also destroy the token with other non-tuners for “free” tuners! Recommended number of copies: 1-2.

Crystron Prasiortle (1x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Prasiortle
The last archetypal non-tuner we have currently and the one with the least utility of the 3. Praisotle can’t go into a synchro by itself, however it’s still a great card to use as a cost for Sulfefnir and send to the graveyard with the second effect of Crystron Entry. It’s graveyard effect allows you to special summon any Crystron monster from your hand which can enable even more combos. Because of its searchability and meta relevant defense, it should be played at 1 copy.

Main Deck Monsters: Tuners

All tuners can Synchro summon machine-types monsters during the opponent’s main and battle phase. There are only 2 differences between them: their levels and where are the resources they use located. IMPORTANT NOTE! If something happens to your tuner after you activate its effect(for example it gets destroyed by Treacherous Trap Hole) you will summon the other material on the field but Synchro summon will not be performed! Other material summoned this way will have its EFFECTS NEGATED as long as it’s on the field! The total amount of tuners you should be running is 5-6. Currently the the best ratio is 2 Citrees and 3 Rions, although the other way around works decently well.

Crystron Citree (2-3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
The level 2 tuner, undeniably the best tuner, both because of its level and it’s effect. Citree uses graveyard as a source of monsters to Synchro summon with. If you summon Citree with the effect of Smiger/Thystvern or Rosenix where they destroy themselves, it can make level 5 or 6 machine Synchro respectively. However the only “issue” with this card is that it banishes both itself and the material you use after the summon so you can’t use the graveyard effect of the target. This, however fills the banish zone which is relevant for our next tuner. You need at least 2 copies of Citree otherwise you will find yourself running out of tuners far too quickly. The first issue with this card is amended by the fact that Crystron Impact recovers your banished Crystrons. The newest problem Citree faces is skill No Mortal Can Resist, which permanently turns your monsters in GY into Skull Servant, effectively crippling your synchro plays.

Crystron Rion (2-3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
The level 3 tuner, and second best tuner to use. It has decent level and provides the deck with a very good recoverability! Rion uses monsters from banish zone for the Synchro summon. After successful Synchro summon, both Rion and the other monster you used will shuffle back into the deck so you get to use them again! Not a good starter because it requires more setup than Citree, but it’s amazing option later in the game. Rion also allows you to play around Sealed Tombs, as well as No Mortal Can Resist! It’s recommended to run 2-3 copies.

Spells & Traps

Crystron Impact (2-3x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Impact
Finally, the best Crystron trap arrived, and it's amazing! Crystron Impact is a trap that has 2 great effects. On field effect lets you special summon any of your banished Crystron monsters, which allows you to recycle both tuners and non-tuners, depending on what you need in that situation. Special summoning also reduces defense of all monsters on opponents side of the field to 0, which helps in matchups that usually have monsters in defense that are hard to beat over, such as Darklord Ixchel or Invoked Cocytus. Unlike Sulfefnir, you get to choose the battle position of summoned monsters, so it can even enable sudden OTKs. The second effect is live the turn after it's send to the graveyard and it lets you negate an effect targeting at least 1 Crystron monster by banishing the trap! Simply put, the trap is the strongest maindeck boost the deck could have gotten, and fact that it's searchable by Crystron Smiger makes it even better. It can also be discarded by Sulfefnir in a pinch, so having multiple copies of it in hand doesn't damper you too much if you have access to Sulfefnir! The beauty of this card is that it can be used both offensively and defensively which can be very important in the meta where games can be ended super quickly. Running at least 2 copies is highly recommended.

Crystron Entry (0-1x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry
At first glance, it has super situational first effect and it seems like a bad card. However, 2 things make this card a very valuable piece of every Crystron deck: - It’s a searchable discard fodder for Crystron Sulfefnir. - It can be used from graveyard during either player’s turn. You can use it in multiple ways, depending on situation. You might want to change the level of face-up crystron monster for appropriate Synchro, or use it to send a monster you need to activate in the graveyard(for example Rosenix for free token). We recommend playing at least 0-1 copies, since it is overshadowed by Impact.

Extra Deck Monsters

The beauty of Crystron Synchro monsters is their splashability. You can put them in any Synchro focused deck, but they shine the brightest in Crystron decks.

Crystron Quariongandrax (1x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
At first look, this boss monster is powerful and hard to summon, but in reality it’s very easy to set up the board that gets the Quariongandrax out. It requires a unique combination of 2+ tuners and exactly one non-tuner. On Synchro summon it can banish up to 3 monsters from opponents field and graveyard. This can be very devastating and straight up game ending if used at right moment! Quariongandrax also has second effect where, if it gets destroyed by any means, you get to choose any banished monster(that can be special summoned) and special summon it to your side of the field! It’s worth noting that you can destroy it yourself to get the second effect. Unfortunately, extra deck space is tight, so Quarion should be ran at 1.

Crystron Ametrix (2x)

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Ametrix is the bread and butter of the deck. It’s easy to summon, it has decent body, and it has 2 great effects. On Synchro summon it can switch all special summoned monsters your opponent controls to the defense, which can be very devastating if used in the battle phase. Its other effect special summons a non-Synchro Crystron from the graveyard, allowing more plays to happen. Considering your other crystron non-tuners can destroy cards on the field, it can very often lead into Quariongandrax! If we had space, we’d run 3 of these, but you need at least 2.

Non-Archetypal Cards

Main Deck Monsters

Scrap Recycler

Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Foolish Burial on legs for this archetype. All Crystrons are machines so you can mill whatever you need. Usually it’s gonna be Sulfefnir to get your other plays in motion, but depending on what effect would help you, you can mill any other non-tuner for their graveyard effects. Definite staple that has amazing level for this archetype’s playstyle. However, because of the introduction of thystvern, who can search sulf for us without being negated by darklords, scrap recycler's utility has fallen, and should only be used as a replacement for thystvern if you do not have 3.

Genex Undine

Duel Links Card: Genex%20Undine
Arguably the worse Scrap Recycler, it requires you to run normal monster Genex Controller to be able to use the mill effect. While it has stronger body than Scrap Recycler, if you draw all of your Genex Controllers you can not mill anything from your deck. Other advantage of undine is adding a free controller to your hand, which has synergy with skill Tunermorph: Normal. Since Scrap Recycler is already obtainable from Espa Roba, we would recommend not running any copies of Undine, unless you are playing some sort of deck using Sea Stealth Attack and Citadel Whale, or you are playing a 30 card variant.

Spells & Traps

While this deck can work perfectly fine with monsters only, there are a few cards that can make the deck perform more smoothly.

Enemy Controller

Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Still one of the best spell cards in game. You can steal monsters for game, use them for Synchro summon, switch them to attack for game.. Be creative! Side note, you can’t tribute Rosenix token for Enemy Controller’s second effect.

Treacherous Trap Hole

Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole
Very strong card, you can make it activatable even with Crystron Entry in grave, if you have a Crystron monster face-up, since Entry banishes itself. You can also destroy your own Synchros or Sulfefnir for floating effects.

World Legacy Clash

Duel Links Card: World%20Legacy%20Clash
Another strong card that got semi-limited, it can save your monsters, it can prevent damage, it dodges nasty traps, this card does it all. Side note, if you banish something during your opponent’s turn, you can use Rion with it to Synchro summon! Another thing you should be careful of is, if you chain clash to your tuners’ effect, you will not get a Synchro summon off, but you will still summon the other material to the field, as mentioned above. Run 0-2.

Magnet Reverse

Duel Links Card: Magnet%20Reverse
This card is very good in Crystron decks. You will go into a machine-type Synchro every game. It extends your plays, gives you material to destroy with your other cards, gives you lethal damage, and it’s a quick-play spell! Unfortunately we only have one copy of it in the game, and it's not searchable. It's also overshadowed by other tech options. Run by the preference. It’s important to know, your Crystron Synchros get their floating effects only when Synchro Summoned, so they won’t float if they are summoned by Magnet Reverse!

Cosmic Cyclone

Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
The deck lacks any built-in way to get rid of opponents spells and traps, unless you you play Black Rose Dragon or Vermillion Dragon Mech, but by the time you get them out, it might be too late. To prevent all the nasty Paleozoic Canadia and Drowning Mirror Force you use this spell! It’s quickplay, it banishes, it helps trigger lp based skills, such as Cyber Style. It has additional meta value, because you want your LP to be lower than your opponents, to prevent them from using Sealed Tombs and No Mortal Can Resist. Run 2-3.

Forbidden Lance

Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20Lance
Another card that helps against backrow, Lance is arguably even more useful than Cosmic Cyclone. It can be used from hand during your turn to ensure that your combos will go uninterrupted by opponenets spells/traps. It also has added value because it can be used on opponents monsters to make them lose attack (even in damage step!), or make them unaffected by positive effects, such as Palace of the Elemental Lords. It can also be used on Aleister the Invoker when they try to use Invocation, which can potentially force them to use resoruces from hand, or even fail completely! Running 3 copies is optimal, but run as many copies as you have.

Pulse Mines

Duel Links Card: Pulse%20Mines
The fourth of the semi-limited cards on this list, this card is among the best protections in the game! It is almost always activatable because your entire main deck is made of machines, and you can always make a Rosenix token and make it usable! Arguably the best way to survive a turn, it can prevent otk and it also can let you go through Sealed Tombs and counteract decks with a lot of backrow hate. It’s not as destructive as Treacherous Trap Hole, but it has its merits. Also helps versus matchups that are vulnerable when switched to defense, such as Six Samurai and Vendreads! However, it is recommended that this card only be used if Sealed Tombs or heavy anti-backrow is meta.

Drowning Mirror Force

Duel Links Card: Drowning%20Mirror%20Force
This card wins games. People don’t expect it and just lose their monsters and you win. It’s kinda easy to play around, but it catches people off-guard. Against skilled players, they can easily read drownig and can render it almost useless, but it can still be a surprising card on ladder.

Creature Seizure

Duel Links Card: Creature%20Seizure
A funny little card. You can use it with Rosenix token to take control of opponent’s monster and hit over 0 attack token with their monster! Quite cheesy but relatively easy to pull of considering how easy it is to get Rosenix in the grave.

Concentrating Current

Duel Links Card: Concentrating%20Current
In current meta, we are filled with huge monsters on field and sometimes Beatdown is not enough to cut it. Most of Crystron boss monsters have respectable stats for both attack and defense, which makes Concentrating Current a very potent card to use, especially since it can be used in damage step. In a way, it's reverse World Legacy Clash that can steal games from unsuspecting opponents. It's worth noting that Crystron Ametrix and Samurai Destroyer are at 4000 attack when boosted by 1 Current for perfect lethal damage.

Mirror Wall

Duel Links Card: Mirror%20Wall

Another card that helps us deal with huge threats in damage step, Mirror Wall provides both protection and utility, while also being one of rare cards to be able to deal with Invoked Cocytus attacking from defense. It offers a bit of extra synergy in Crystron, as you can destroy it with your non-tuners in a pinch to get a tuner from your deck. This basically means that you are paying 2000 life points to special summon monster from your deck, so it should be used wisely. Ancient Gears falling in representation makes this card much better in current meta than it was ever before.

Ballista Squad

Duel Links Card: Ballista%20Squad
One of the newer backrow cards added to the arsenal, Ballista Squad is a pretty interesting tech option. If you use Transcendent Crystals, or make a play involving Scrap Recycler, you often have tuner + non tuner on field. That effectively allows you to use Ballista as quick destruction, while still having synchro plays available! It can also unclog your board by tributing the Floodgated monster, or simply allow you to get a monster to the grave which allows you to use their gy effect to plus! It's also able to hit both monsters and backrow, so it has more versatility than it might seem at the frist glance. Run 0-2.

Extra Deck Monsters


Powered Inzektron

Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
The best level 6 machine-type Synchro monster we have available in duel links. At first glance the card isn’t anything special but it is sure-fire way to survive a turn if you manage to summon it. You are most likely to go into it in 2 scenarios - when you summon Crystron Citree by Crystron Rosenix ’s effect, or when you want to recycle Crystron Smiger / Crystron Thystvern form the banish pile (after using it for either Crystron Ametrix summon or Crystron Impact / Crystron monster search). Has decent body and prevents ALL TYPES of damage. It's important to note, after new rules get implemented, it's effect will not go through if you chain your Citree/Rion to field wipe(such as Black Rose Dragon), or to activation of cards that destroy without targeting(such as Shiranui Squiresaga, Shiranui Sunsaga, Chaos Dragon Levianeer) Run 1.

Samurai Destroyer

Duel Links Card: Samurai%20Destroyer
This synchro monster is absolutley game changing, it gives the deck so manny different options. It is easy to make through either Citree and Sulfefnir, or with Rosenix and Rion. He is 2600 attack, and when he battles an opponents monster, your opponent can not activate any effects, and the effects of the monster he is battling are negated during the battle. In addition, when he leaves the field by opponents card effect, he can summon any machine type monster from the graveyard, including himself! Originally, a fat Wall of Disruption could be pretty devastating against us, but now you can keep swinging with Samurai Destroyer and not have to care at all! However, do note that his effect will not apply on direct attacks, so make sure to still play around any dangerous backrow when going for direct attacks. In addition to not having to worry about backrow, he will negate the effects of any flip monsters such as Flip Flop Frog, so there is no need to have to worry about that. He is also powerful against monsters with passive effects that allow them to gain attack or not be destroyed by battle. He will make an Elemental HERO Brave Neos become 2500 atk and will be able to destroy Yubel - Terror Incarnate by battle. He can also safely attck over any DARK Machine type monsters without having to worry about Desperado Barrel Dragon being summoned. Be careful not to attack into a Darklord Desire who used their effect to reduce their own attack, as it will have that effect negated and go back to being 3000 attack. It can also negate effect of Invoked Cocytus which makes it targetable and destroyable by card effects! His second effect that allows him to revive himself or any other mchine means he is pretty much unable to be destroyed by card effect, and his effect will apply even when banished! Unfortunately, new rules make it so it won’t float when returned to the extra deck. He is a staple in the Extra deck and should be ran at 1-2 depending on how many battle traps/flip monsters you are running into.

Vermillion Dragon Mech

Duel Links Card: Vermillion%20Dragon%20Mech
The other level 9 Synchro monster, but this one you can summon on opponent’s turn by using either Samurai Destroyer or Black Rose Dragon from your graveyard, although it doesn’t do much on their turn. It has a body that’s 100 atk higher than Samurai Destroyer and once per turn it can banish a tuner from either your graveyard or your hand to destroy a card on the field. It has slight synergy with the rest of the archetype since it recycles the banished tuners when destroyed by card effect(which includes destruction from Crystron non-tuners). Usefulness of this card comes from the fact that it can destroy spells/traps as well, but it can be somewhat difficult to go into without proper setup. We recommend running 0-1 copies, based on the preference.

Extra Deck Monsters


Black Rose Dragon

Duel Links Card: Black%20Rose%20Dragon
Akiza’s signature level 7 Black rose dragon fits really well in this deck. On summon, it can destroy all cards on the field, including itself. This synchro helps get you out of sticky situations and scary boards. As an added bonus, if you destroy Crystron Ametrix or Sulfefnir on field, you get their floating effects. Many synchro decks cannot afford to use this card because it is hard to make plays afterwards, but in crystrons we have many graveyard effects to help recover, and all we need is one measly tuner on board to become a threat.

White Aura Dolphin

Duel Links Card: White%20Aura%20Dolphin
This card is amazing, a 2400 attack level 6 synchro who can, once per turn have the attack of one of your opponent's monsters to half of its original attack, allowing it to beat over virtually every monster. It has an additional effect that when destroyed, it can banish a water monster from your graveyard to revive itself, and it can be done as long as you have waters in the grave. This is great with Crystrons as they are all water attribute and are excellent at filling the grave, so Dolphin itself can be a win vs some decks. However, it’s prone to non-targeted removal (such as being sent back to extra deck or banished), being destroyed while under the effect of Sealed Tombs or being run over with monsters that have effect like Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Duel Links Card: Brionac,%20Dragon%20of%20the%20Ice%20Barrier

The new addition to the water synchro family is pretty underwhelming. Targeted returning to the hand seems good at first, but it requires you to use resources from your own hand, which you can’t always afford for effect that isn’t permanent. In current metagame you simply have to win off of the Brionac usage, or get a massive advantage, or opponent will simply re-use their resources on the following turn. Extra deck is still tight, so Brionac should be put in the waiting room, unless meta shifts drastically. Use it if you have no better synchro monsters or if you are playing a SSA variant.


  • Transcendent Crystals

Beatdown used to be the #1 way to play this deck. However, with its nerf and the introduction of Crystron Thystvern, Crystals is now the way to play. This skill allows us to put any of our monsters in the graveyard so we can plus off of their graveyard effects, and get a face up card on our field for our non-tuners to destroy. The best way to use this skill is to send any monster from your hand to the graveyard to search for any missing combo pieces. Whether it be sending Thystvern to search for Sulfefnir, Smiger to search for Impact, or even just discarding Sulf from hand for the free face up card, this skill is extremely useful. It adds a lot of versatility to the deck, and the fact that it gives us a free sulfenir and a face up card on the field to destroy allows us to make explosive plays to turn the tide of the duel. For example, if you have a Crystron Thystvern and a Crystron Citree in hand along with any other Crystron card, you can make Quariongandrax! All you have to do is use the skill to discard Thystvern, search Sulfefnir, and summon Sulf using the miscellaneous Crystron card in hand, and float into Rosenix. From there Rosenix and destroy your face up Crystal Beast to summon Rion, then you can normal summon Citree, and 4+3+2=9! Because both Thystvern and Sulf can get any monster from your deck, the possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with this skill!

  • Level Augmentation

This skill requires additional dose of thinking to be utilized well. The idea is, you will be using your higher level monsters already, so they won’t be in your hand (for example Crystron Sulfefnir and Crystron Rosenix). Instead, you will have lower level monsters in your hand that will help you increase the level of the target on the field. This also works really well with Rosenix token and makes it much easier to access anything that will win you the game. And the best part is, since it’s “Skill activation”, your opponent can’t respond to it. For example if you have a Crystron Smiger and Crystron Citree on the field, and activate Level Augmentation with Citree from your hand, you get to nuke the board without interruption!

  • Level Duplication

Similar to the level augmentation, this skill can be used to “downgrade” the levels as well! In our testing we found Aug to have bigger impact overall, but if you want you can run either of these 2. Just a side note, rosenix token is less useful with dupe than it is with aug, especially in situations where you have limited resources.

  • Tunermorph: Normal

This skill is pretty unique, and it has very interesting usage in this deck. In short, it makes your Rosenix token into a level 1 tuner. And as other skills, opponent can’t respond to it which can lead to unexpected Black Rose Dragon or Crystron Quariongandrax from seemingly low-threat boards. It has good synergy with Genex Undine because you will often have a tuner in hand, ready to be used! Shoutout to TCG Cray for making good use of the skill in tournaments!

  • Cyber Style

One of the cheesier skills, but it has a surprising amount of synergy with the deck, if you run Cosmic Cyclones. For each 1000 LP you are missing, you can get place a Proto-Cyber Dragon on the field. You can’t tribute the Protos, nor can you synchro summon using them from the field. However, if you use any of the non-tuners to destroy it and summon Crystron Citree, Citree can use the Proto from the grave for the Synchro summon! Also worth noting, using this skill with Crystron Quariongandrax gives you lethal damage!

Sample Decklists

MW #117 2nd Place - wayne kenoff:

This is Wayne Kenoff’s Decklist. His backrow choice cards are mainly techs for the meta, with Forbidden Lance being used against both backrow and Invoked, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror being overall useful in dark-based meta. While the large card count can be intimidating at first, it works out pretty well in this deck as we have so many starters.

MCS #29 Top16 - Francisco:

This is Francisco’s deck that he used to get top 16 in MCS 29. Once again another large deck with interesting techs, but the beauty of this deck is how versatile it is, so you can play with the ratios in so many ways, trying different tech cards and deck sizes. Specifically, Artifact Lancea against Shiranui, Invoked and Thunder Dragons, while Solemn Scolding helped against No Mortal Can Resist by keeping his lp lower!


Basic Combos

Note that in these combos Crystron Smiger and Crystron Thystvern are interchangeable.

  • Combo #1
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Bread and butter combo of the deck, normal summon Smiger, destroy itself and special summon Citree, then on opponent’s turn use that Citree and smiger from graveyard to summon Ametrix. This combo also plays around Six Style - Dual Wield pretty well because you only have one card on the field at all times. Also you can switch Shi En into defense which also makes it Dual Wield not activatable!
  • Combo #2
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
Other 1 card combo, if you suspect opponent will try otk-ing you next turn or you have no better options, you can just use combo from above but with Rosenix instead of Smiger. This combo is great for surviving the turn and baiting your opponent into overextension!
  • Combo #3
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix
After you successfully use Citree, you will have a non-tuner monster banished, and depending on the situation you are in, you may want to summon Burei or Inzektron. You can check the combos above to help you figure out what’s the best time to use either of those!
  • General Tips

Always keep in mind when you are doing your plays, that Transcendent Crystals can make any of your crystron monsters GY effects live. If you’re missing a piece for any combo, but have thystvern in hand, you can discard it with your skill to search for whatever monster you need. This play will also give you a free face up spell that you can use as fodder for any of our non-tuners effects, which can really help you extend into large synchro plays even with few resources.

Ametrix Extensions

On of the biggest strengths of the deck is the sheer amount of floating Ametrix and Sulfefnir provide. If Ametrix gets destroyed, you special summon a non-synchro Crystron from your graveyard. We’ll go over a few situations and how to use Ametrix to its maximum potential!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither of Ametrix’ effects is once per turn, but all of the tuners are HARD ONCE PER TURN!

Situation 1 - Defensive Ametrix

If you use Scrap Recycler to mill Sulfefnir, and do the combo from “Example Hand #1”, you will have Citree and and Praisortle on the field. From that game state, you can summon Ametrix on opponent’s turn. If Ametrix gets destroyed, you can now float into Sulfefnir from your graveyard. From there on, we have 2 possibilities, Sulfefnir not getting destroyed and Sulfefnir getting destroyed.

Case 1: Sulfefnir Doesn’t get Destroyed.

If Sulfefnir stays alive, you can:

  • Destroy it with other Crystron non-tuners to set up Quariongandrax, Burei, or Ametrix
  • Synchro with it
  • Use it as a beater while you set up another tuner for Synchro plays(for example Smiger destroy itself for Rion)

Case 2: Sulfefnir gets Destroyed.

If Sulfefnir gets destroyed, you get to choose a Crystron monster from the deck to special summon. Depending on your situation, you can consider these options:

  • If you are in under a threat of more destruction, you can special summon Crystron Rion to potentially go into Powered Inzektron and guarantee the survival this turn
  • If you want to go to the game state of “Case 1”, you can summon another Sulfefnir from the deck.
  • If you are going to summon a machine Synchro, go into a Crystron non-tuner
  • If you are going to summon a non-machine Syncro, go into a Crystron tuner

Situation 2 - Offensive Ametrix

Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix

If you want to play aggressive with the the relative safety, you can mill the Sulfefnir with Scrap -> special summon it to the field and have it destroy itself -> special summon Crystron non-tuner depending on what you want to set up for the next turn:

After you decide which non-tuner would you help you the most(usually the Smiger) and special summon it -> use non-tuner’s effect to destroy itself and summon Citree from the deck -> Synchro summon Ametrix by using Scrap and Citree. At this point you can go aggressive with the Ametrix, and if anything happens to it, you get to choose what to summon from the graveyard:

  • Citree -> which allows you to go into another Ametrix, or Burei
  • Sulfefnir -> see previous section
  • Smiger -> only if you want it to destroy something on your turn and you know it will survive this turn!

It’s important to note, there is no floating versus Ancient Gears and effects similar to theirs!

Situation 3 - Nuke Ametrix

Wonderful thing about Ametrix is floating even on effect destruction that comes from your cards! If you manage to get out a Black Rose Dragon - not always an easy task, but when you clear the field and float into something, it can swing the game in your favor!

Skilless turn 3 Black Rose Dragon + Ametrix combo requires opening Scrap recycler + 2 Crystron cards in your first 5 cards most of the time.

Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: World%20Legacy%20Clash
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry

With this hand, we want to end up having Citree and Rosenix on the field with Scrap and Sulfefnir in the graveyard. That way, if Rosenix survive, we can make either Quariongandrax or Ametrix + BRD play next turn! Try thinking a bit how would you do it with this hand!

  • Solution:

Normal summon Scrap -> mill Sulfefnir from the deck -> discard Entry if you play 1, or discard Smiger if you play 2 Entries -> Sulfefnir destroys itself -> special summon Rosenix from the deck -> Roesnix’ effect destroys Scrap to special summon Citree -> set Clash -> (optional)search Entry with Smiger from graveyard. (Side note: it’s usually better to discard Entry as soon as possible to make its level manipulation and Foolish Burial effect live, but this combo is explained as if you had any 2 Crystron cards) Next turn, you summon Ametrix with Citree and Scrap, which should help keep rosenix alive, even more so with the clash and that will bring us to this state:


From this point, based on what you destroy with your Sulfefnir you have multiple plays but we’ll go over 2 most devastating ones:

  • Sulfefnir discrads Entry to destroy itself to special summon Rion -> Ametrix + BRD
  • Sulfefnir discards Entry to destroy Ametrix -> Rosenix destroys Sulfefnir to get out materials to summon Quariongandrax From this position you can get any monster from your extra deck in one way or another, so have fun experimenting, and that was all possible with 1 Scrap and 2 Crystron cards. Note that in previous combo you can use Crystron Impact instead of Crystron Entry, which replaces Foolish effect with targeting protection one!

In conclusion, mastering the use of Ametrix will go a long way in making you a better Crystron player!

Quarion Summoning

Quarion can straight out win games, a level 9 synchro that needs two tuners for its synchro summon. While there are too many ways to summon him that we can list, here are some basic plays, but always keep the math in the back of your head as this deck can summon him out of nowhere.

Crystron Sulfefnir or Crystron Ametrix + Crystron Rosenix or Crystron Smiger. If you have a sulfefnir or ametrix on board, you can summon a Rosenix or a Smiger and use their effect to destroy the sulfefnir/ametrix, and summon the tuners you need to make quarion. As a side note, Sulfefnir has to destroy something when special summoned by its own effect. If you want to keep it on the field, you can set any spell or trap card to be destroyed, or special summon Rosenix Token beforehand. That way Sulfefnir on the field can be destroyed by other non-tuner Crystrons for double search!

White Aura Dolphin + Crystron Citree + Rosenix Token After destruction, Dolphin returns as a tuner, which makes it so you can climb into the quarion with relative ease.

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” + level 2 / 3 Karakuri tuner + Crystron Rosenix / Crystron Smiger On Synchro summon you get to summon a “Karakuri” monster from your deck, then on your turn you can summon either of the non-tuners and destroy Burei for the level you are missing to get 9.

“Free Sulfefnir” Combos:

All of the “Free Sulfefnir” combos require you to have Ametrix on the field, Sulfefnir in the graveyard and any Crystron monster in hand. We call them “Free Sulfefnir” because we usually bring the card we discarded back to the field, thanks to Ametrix effect.

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
  • “Free Sulfefnir” Combo 1 - non-Tuners:
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Thystvern
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix

If you have Ametrix on the field, Sulfefnir in the graveyard and Crystron Smiger / Crystron Thystvern or Crystron Rosenix in the hand you can: special summon Sulfefnir by discarding the non-tuner -> destroy the Ametrix with Sulfefnir’s effect and special summon the discarded non-tuner -> use non-tuner’s effect to destroy Sulfefnir and get appropriate tuners, up to level 9.

  • “Free Sulfefnir” Combo 2 - Prasiortle
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Prasiortle

If you have Ametrix on the field, Sulfefnir in the graveyard and Crystron Prasiortle in the hand you can: special summon Sulfefnir by discarding the Prasiortle -> destroy the Ametrix to special summon the Prasiortle -> Prasiortle destroys the Sulfefnir to special summon Crystron Rion from the deck -> Sulfefnir special summons Smiger or Rosenix -> Smiger or Rosenix destroy Prasiortle for the tuner of appropriate level.

  • “Free Sulfefnir” Combo 3 - Tuners:
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion

Same deal as before, Ametrix on the field, Sulfefnir in the graveyard, but this time we have any of the Crystron tuners in the hand, so we have to alter the play: discard the tuner to special summon Sulfefnir -> Sulfefnir destroys itself to special summon Smiger or Rosenix -> the special summoned non-tuner destroys Ametrix to special summon a tuner-> Ametrix revives the discarded tuner.

As it can be seen, it’s really easy to make Quariongandrax with minimal setup.

It’s important to note, whenever you plan on summoning MACHINE Synchros, and you want to summon tuner from deck with Sulfefnir’s effect, you can instead summon a non-tuner that you won’t use that turn! After that, have non-tuner destroy itself to summon the tuner you originally wanted! This causes you to thin the deck even more, and sets you up for future turns. For example, in “free Sulfefnir” combo 1, you can destroy Sulfefnir with Rosenix, and summon a tuner + Smiger from deck, and then have Smiger destroys itself to get a tuner you are missing!

Skill-Specific Combos

Level Augmentation

Using Level Augmentation can catch people off guard by making somewhat unthreatening board suddenly produce strong Synchro plays! Also as mentioned before, your opponent can’t respond to skill activation! It is also worth noting that level change stays as long as the monster stays on the field! That can be quite relevant for this archetype, as you can setup level of your tuners for your opponent’s turn! Usually you want to use resources in hand to “level up” the materials on the field for appropriate level, but common examples are:

Making Black Rose Dragon:

If you have level 3 non-tuner and Citree, using any level 2 tuner in your hand makes level 7.

Hand Example:

Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree

Normal summon Scrap -> mill Sulfefnir from the deck -> discard Rion to summon Sulfefnir from grave -> Sulfefnir destroys itself to summon Citree from the deck. This is the last opportunity for opponent to do anything. Once you activate Level Augmentation, by revealing the other Citree, they already can’t do anything and you get to nuke the field! It’s preferable to nuke the field when you have Ametrix or Sulfefnir on the field so you can float into something, but your opponent won’t always allow that to happen.

If we take a look at “Basic Combos with Scrap” section, we get a look at this state:


If we make Ametrix on opponent’s turn and your Prasiortle survives, you can use the Sulfefnir from the graveyard to get a Citree from your deck. Now, on the field you have level 2 Crystron Citree, level 5 Crystron Ametrix and level 2 Crystron Prasiortle. You can use Level Augmentation to make one of your level 2 monsters level 5, thus allowing you to make Black Rose Dragon and destroy everything, including your Ametrix! Which can then go float into Sulfefnir and in this case you can even use Magnet Reverse on your Ametrix for total of 4600 damage!

Level Augmentation can also turn your Prasiortle into a level 4 non-tuner, so it can be used instead of Rosenix in plays involving making a Quariongandrax!

The more you use the skill, the more opportunities will you see for Synchro plays. Luckily, all of the Synchros used have no hard restrictions, so you can use Augmentation for anything you might be short off, in terms of levels.

  • Combos Rosenix Token

Rosenix token is a powerful thing when combined with Augmentation. It can replace virtually any non-tuner in deck, because of its level. There are also two “1 card combos” that can allow you to swing the game in your favor off of only 1 tuner and Rosenix in graveyard! However, these combos require you to make a play after you use the skill, so they can be disrupted! The thing they have in common they is that they require you to special summon token, and use Level Augmentation on it.

  • 1 Card Combo - Citree: Using Level Augmentation on token makes it level 3, which means that your one Citree in hand becomes level 5 Synchro! That’s most often gonna be Crystron Ametrix, which on its own provides with more floating options later on!

  • 1 Card Combo - Rion: Using Level Augmentation on token makes it level 4, which allows you to make level 7 Synchro, which can be Black Rose Dragon or Burei, both of which can change the flow of the game!

Of course, this is not optimal use of the skill. Those combos become much more potent when you have more cards in hand so your Synchro summon becomes unstoppable!

Tunermorph: Normal

In a way similar to Level Augmentation when used, because you need Rosenix token and a tuner in hand to utilize it properly. This skill also allows you to turn unexpected boards into a massive threats! It also gives you access to “level 1 tuner” on demand, which can be quite strong, since it can’t be responded to. This skill is more versatile in lists that use Genex Undine because you will more often than not have Genex Controller in hand.

There is a lot of possibilities for this deck, but i’ll list only the one that make a very strong impact:

Powered Inzektron + 1 = Black Rose Dragon Usually, when you go into the Inzektron, you can’t do much with it because of its level, but with skill Tunermorph, you can turn it into a Black Rose Dragon with Rosenix token that has now become a level 1 tuner!

Powered Inzektron + 1 + Crystron Citree = Crystron Quariongandrax Same as above, we are using level 6 as advantage here! Inzektron + Citree + level 1 tuner fills the level nicely up to 9, and if you use Tunermorph last, the opponent can’t do anything about the impending Quarion!

Crystron Ametrix + 1 = White Aura Dolphin Similar to above, getting White Aura Dolphin after you survive the push can be a free win against some decks(for example if they already used Sealed Tombs)!

Crystron Ametrix + 1 + Crystron Rion = Crystron Quariongandrax Another way to get the boss out! Usually not as good because there is no floating involved when you Synchro summon with Ametrix! Both of above mentioned combos can be used with Crystron Sulfefnir instead!

Playing with this skill will help you realize a lot more possible plays, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Plays with Crystron Entry

Crystron Entry can change the level of any of your Crystron monster by sending a Crystron monster with another level from your deck to the graveyard. You can use this effect to adjust the levels of your monster you control, or you can mill monsters such as Rosenix, Prasiortle, or Sulfefnir for their own effects, regardless of level changing.

You can use Level manipulation skills alongside Entry to help in summoning of your Synchro monsters! Unlike with skills, your opponent can respond to the activation of the Entry in your graveyard!

Entry can also be used as pseudo - Foolish Burial to send monsters whose effects you need to use. For example, if you send Smiger with Entry, you can search your deck for another Entry, or if your Sulfefnir got banished, you can send another one via Entry so your plays can keep going! Another way you can use Entry is altering the levels of your tuners on your opponent’s turn!

We’ll show that use in following example:

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger

We have Rion on the field, Entry in the graveyard and Smiger in the banish zone. During the opponent’s turn, when we activate Rion’s effect we can chain Entry from the graveyard and change the level of Rion to 2 by sending Crystron Prasiortle or Crystron Citree, so instead of Powered Inzektron we get Synchro summon Crystron Ametrix with Smiger! You can also do the same thing with Citree!

Let’s consider another situation.

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Prasiortle

We have Citree on the field, Entry and Prasiortle in the graveyard. We won’t get prompted to summon anything because there are no level 4 Synchro machines in the Duel Links!! We can play around that with the toggle button. During the main phase or battle phase of opponent’s turn, if we switch toggle to ON we can use Entry from the graveyard to change Citree to level 3 instead, by sending the Smiger or Rion to the graveyard. After the effect of Entry resolves, you can immediately perform Synchro summon by using the Citree and Prasiortle to make Crystron Ametrix!

Entry has usage even after you finish with your Synchro plays:

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger

Let’s say we already summoned Quariongandrax, we have Entry in the graveyard and we have a Smiger in the hand. We also used up our normal summon. We cleared the board, but we would miss the lethal damage by 1000. Since we have Entry in the graveyard, we can use it to send Prasiortle to the graveyard and use its effect to special summon Crystron monster for our hand for lethal damage! You can also use the Smiger to destroy Quariongandrax and special summon any banished monster, including your opponent’s!

Avoiding the Sealed Tombs / No Mortal Can Resist

If you are afraid of Sealed Tombs -induced OTK, or losing to No Mortal Can Resist making you resourceless, you want to setup a Rion play by sending the non-tuners to the graveyard(either with Scrap Recycler or Crystron Sulfefnir)and using their effects to get them to banish pile. After that, all of the Rion summons can help prevent the OTK. In addition, using Cosmic Cyclone to lower your life points, as well as swinging into defense position monsters your oppnent controls can make the skill unavailable due to new restrictions.

  • Example:

Scrap Recycler + any Crystron card + World Legacy Clash This one is a bit technical. First you summon Scrap Recycler and mill Sulfefnir. Then you special summon Sulfefnir and destroy itself to summon any of the Crystron non-tuners. For this example, we will summon Crystron Smiger for future plays. Then we use the Smiger’s effect to destroy itself and summon Rion from the deck. Then we set the World Legacy Clash and end the turn. The technical part comes into the play during the opponent’s turn. Let’s say they use Sealed Tombs right away. If they summon anything to try and finish you off while under the effect of the skill, you can use your set Clash in response to any effect. We called this one “technical” because World Legacy Clash banishes as a cost! In other words, you banish the monster as soon as you activate the card! So if they summon Snipe Hunter and try to destroy your Rion, you can chain your Clash to remove Scrap Recycler from play and immediately after that, Synchro summon using the Rion’s effect and newly banished Scrap Recycler. This play is, however, vulnerable to Cosmic Cyclone while they have no monsters face-up. It’s important to remember, if they go to the battle phase and your toggle is set on AUTO, World Legacy Clash will prompt you to active it IN DAMAGE STEP! You cannot special summon during the damage step, unless stated otherwise on the card!

Important note: the turn player has priority! You CAN NOT Synchro summon during the opponent’s main phase before they do anything, even if you have your toggle set to ON! Turn priority is very important because opponent can use Sealed Tombs before you get a chance to do anything. However, if they make any play before they use the Sealed Tombs, you can still use Citree’s effect to make a play. For example, if opponent normal summons Snipe Hunter without using the skill, you can use Crystron Citree and Crystron Rosenix to make Powered Inzektron. After that, you are safe from the Tombs and you have Rosenix banished, meaning you now have setup for Rion if you need to survive it in later turns!


Invoked (All variations)

Invoked neos is a very tough matchup for many reasons. Invoked Cocytus is very tough for us to deal with without the right setup, especially with Aleister the Invoker boosting its stats. Also, the summon of Cocytus inculdes banishing a water monster from either players grave, so they can easily banish our important water monsters in the GY such as Sulfefnir, or they can banish Scrap Recycler to make Invoked Magellanica which is also a problem with its 3300 defense, we need spells and traps to take care of it. Elementsaber Molehu is a big threat to our deck with its ability to flip our tuners face down, prohibiting us from synchro summoning. While Molehu can be very annoying, Crystron Impact‘s grave effect does a great job at negating it, allowing us to continue synchro summoning and change the tide of the battle. If you only have one WATER monster in the Graveyard, chain your Citree’s effect to summon the WATER monster which will either make invocation fizzle out or force the player to use his own monsters as materials. Chaining Cosmic Cyclone to Invocation is also a rather strong play a they cannot add the banished Aleister to had, nor can they ever use Invocation for the rest of the duel, leaiding to less fusion monsters to deal with. Similarly, you can chain Forbidden Lance on Aleister when they use Invocation, which will force them to use other Aleister(or fail if they have no appropriate targets). Artifact Lancea also prevents the fusion from occuring, and it’s a “hand trap” so it’s harder to play around! Cocytus used to be a big problem for this deck, but now that we have Crystron Impact, it is very easy to deal with, just change its defense to zero and kill it with literally any monster! Even Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle can beat over it with zero defense. When trying to deal with an on-field Cocytus and you dont have an Impact at your disposal, Samurai Destroyer is your best friend. He makes it so Aleister needs to use his effect at the start of the battle phase if he wants to get the boost. On your opponenets turn, he can also mistakenly activate Aleister early to trh to beat over Samurai with Cocytus, only to realize that Samurai Destroyer will negate his effect and just cancel the attack. Most importantly, when Samurai Destroyer attacks, he will stop Cocytus’s effect that prevents it from being targetted or destroyed by effects, so you can attack with Samurai Destroyer and then activate Enemy Controller or World Legacy Clash to beat over the Cocytus. Remember to not banish Samurai Destroyer with Clash as he’ll no longer be on field, and Cocytus will gain its retargetability back. A Dealing with Magellanica is straightforward. Magellanica is just a big beater, we can use the same method as dealing with cocytus, switch to defense, and turn it to zero. Overall, this is a very tough matchup for crystrons, so dont be surprised if you end up losing to them more often than not. The most used Invoked fusion at the moment is Invoked Purgatrio which can usually otk you over defense position tuners, so dealing with Molehu is more important than ever.


Shiranui are the new Synchro Zombie type deck and a menace to deal with. They can use the graveyard as their resource pool, making them quite durable in the long run. Shiranui non-tuners also get effects when banished, so that makes it quite punishing if you blindly banish their resources. However, banishing their tuners and Synchro monsters can put you in quite good position. Unfortunately, this matchup gets harder, as they use a lot of hard backrow, such as Paleozoic Canadia and Floodgate Trap Hole , which can prove to be difficult to deal with as a Synchro deck. Using Forbidden Lance and/or Cosmic Cyclones is almost mandatory in this matchup, especially considering Sealing Ceremony of Katon that Shiranui can use very efficiently.On top of all that, they have access to Sealed Tombs, which you have to play around with Crystron Rion and Powered Inzektron. After survivng their push, it’s usually not a problem to outgrind them while keeping yourself safe with Crystron Ametrix , which also has added benefit of all their monsters being 0 defense. In conclusion, if you don’t get stopped by the backrow, you should have a decent time against this deck.The more popular version right now is 30 card Spell Specialist Shiranui that relies on opening That Grass Looks Greener and milling cards like Gozuki and Burgeoning Whirlflame to the graveyard, which lets them use their graveyard effects. Mainly, Burgeoning Whirlflame has great synergy with Shiranui because it allows the opponent to proc the banish effects of cards like Shiranui Spiritmaster for disruption and Shiranui Squire for draw + discard. This version is somewhat easier to deal with because they mill much less with Grass, because of how big the Crystron decks usually are, and the 30 card version runs comparatively less disruptive backrow than 20 card version.


Blue-Eyes decks got massive boost both in terms of consistency and power, which makes them stronger than ever! DSOD Kaiba refreshed the playstyle with the new skill Alternative Evolution that grants them access to Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon that can pop monsters every turn. Luckily for us, it targets, so it can be avoided or even negated by Impact in grave! Another toy that they got is Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon which can prevent one graveyard effect per turn, which can be played around by either waiting until you have multiple GY effects, or simply using the on-field effects to set up Ametrix. Another annoying part is, Spirit Dragon can tag out into Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon or Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn, both of them being strong synchro monsters with their own bag of tricks. Azure-Eyes makes itself and all the dragon type monsters on the field untargetable until end of your turn, and is a pain to get rid off with fat 3000 defense, making you need Impact for easy running over. Michael is more aggresive play, which let’s them banish 1 card on your field for small price of 1k lp. However, the bigger problem is that they shifted into “discrad trap” playstyle, where they use cards like Raigeki Break and Karma Cut, to discard The White Stone of Ancients, that’s going to summon another monster in the end phase. That makes running cards like Cosmic Cyclone and Forbidden Lance practically vital against current iterations of Blue-Eyes decks. Wiping the field with Black Rose Dragon (supported by Forbidden Lance) can also be very benefitial, depending on situation. Another note to pay attention to is, they might try to proc the effect of Maiden with Eyes of Blue by targeting it themselves to summon a Blue-Eyes from the deck. That effect doesn’t go through if you chain any effect to the targeting effect. Overall not the toughest matchup, but you definitely have to play smart or you will get punished hard.

Dark Magician

The fan favorite deck finally got good enough to reach the Tier List! The addition of Dark Magical Circle added mix of consistency and power to already decent Dark Magician deck. Circle lets them look for Dark Magician or spell/trap that specifically mentions Dark Magician in it’s text. Circle also allows them to banish a card you control on summon of Dark Magician. This, however, gave the deck another necessary piece of the combo. The deck’s strongest play relies on player having Dark Magical Circle up on the field, Magician Navigation set and Dark Magician in hand. Unfortunately for them, Circle’s ability to banish is hard once per turn, and it targets, so having Crystron Impact in graveyard allows you to have searchable protection for your Crystron monsters. You can also stop the banish effect by using Cosmic Cyclone onto the Circle to “negate it”. Another very good card that helps in the matchup is Forbidden Lance that simply makes your monsters unaffected by Circle shenanigans. Lance puts in extra work in this matchup, as Magical Navigation can’t negate in damage step! Dark Magician decks are very vulenrable to getting hit by Black Rose Dragon. They have to commit large amount of resources for their plays, so nuking the field will leave them in position where they have to topdeck specific cards if they want to have a chance of rebuilding the field. Another strenght that deck possesses is ability to run Sealed Tombs, so setting up the Crystron Rion play is also a great idea to survive their Navigation turn.

Thunder Dragons

Thunder Dragons decided to prove their strenght, even without any of their fusions! Recently added Thunder Dragonduo and even newer Chaos Dragon Levianeer, alongside Lightsworn engine have made the deck very formidable. After setting up their grave, they can summon Levianeer with effect based on what they banish; the most dangerous one being when they banish both light and dark monsters, which allows them to pop 2 cards without targeting! That’s why it’s always important to have floaters ready, such as Ametrix into Sulfefnir. Inzektron is also good, but as a preemptive play, because new rules will prevent it from activating the protection effect if you chain tuners to Levianeer. Lightsworn cards do their job of milling the grave with light and dark monsters very well, as well as offering the deck even easier access to Synchro plays. Cards they usually run are Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn, Plaguespreader Zombie and Glow-Up Bulb, which gives them access to synchros from level 6 to level 9, such as Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Black Rose Dragon and many others. A lot of them have targeting effects so getting Impact to the grave should be one of the priorites. As for the Thunder Dragons themselves, they also have various annoying effects to deal with. They get one of their effects by getting sent to the graveyard from field, or getting banished so it’s dangerous to blindly swing into them, or banish them with Quarion. The most important one to avoid proc-ing is Thunder Dragonroar, as it floats into another monster which would usually be enough to stop the otk. Generally, you want to save Quarion for punishing the overextension, when they fail to finish you off. Another usage of Quarion can be to remove light and/or dark monsters from their graveyard to prevent synchro plays, or simply to take away their resources so Dragonduo and Levianeer become useless in hand. Samurai Destroyer is a important factor in both sides of this matchups, as it prevents both yours and theirs floating effects, as well as surviving the Black Rose field wipes. However, even swinging over their monsters can be a bad decision sometimes, as they more often than not run the skill Baggy Sleeves, which is live for virtually every monster they summon. Keeping all this in mind, the techs that can help you in this matchup are Artifact Lancea(stops Gold Sarcophagus and also stops Dragonduo and Levianeer from coming out if you use it early), Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Mind Drain, as well as all of the semi-limited cards(mainly Enemy Controller and World Legacy Clash). One of the grindier matchups, but it rewards the more knowledgable player.


Blackwings got massive boost in both power and consistency with addition of the support from the main box Aerial Assault. They are one of the strongest otk decks in the current metagame and as such they pose a huge threat to a great number of decks. However, this deck has good matchup versus them. Playstyle of Blackwing decks usually consists of filling the board with synchro monsters, destroying your cards and going for quick game-ending push, but there are quite a few ways this can be stopped. Setting up Powered Inzektron is often enough to stop them in their tracks, then on your turn you get to dismantle their field which is quite hard to recover from as a Blackwing deck. Black Rose Dragon and Crystron Quariongandrax are your main tools for dealing with oposing field and getting the game in your favor. There are, however, a few things Blackwing decks have access to that would make your game harder, those being: counter trap Blackbird Close and easy access to Ancient Fairy Dragon , which can turn a field spell skill into Necrovalley . Dealing with counter trap in hand seems tricky, but it’s balanced by the facts that it is unsearchable and that it requires Blackwing synchro on the field, which is not a threat if you go into a preemptive Inzektron. Secondly, the negation can be played around a lot easier with multiple important effect activations that Crystrons posses, especially when played with the skill Transcendent Crystals. The other problem is a bit harder to deal with. If they go first and set the up Necrovalley, options become quite limited. Basically you are relying on Cosmic Cyclone and Black Rose Dragon to clear the field for you. Useful tech cards to consider are Cosmic Cyclone, to prevent Black Whirlwind from searching, Pulse Mines and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, as the current meta is largely influenced by the dark attribute monsters.


Darklords are one of the worst matchups for Crystrons. They swarm the board with big bodies that are hard to run over without Beatdown. Darklords also posses the ability to negate monster effects on field by employing the searchable trap: The Sanctified Darklord. The trap doesn’t target so you don’t know what they are gonna negate until the trap’s effect resolves. They can chain this effect to Crystron Quariongandrax and Black Rose Dragon which makes it hard to clear their field if they have the trap on field or in graveyard. This can be avoided by using World Legacy Clash to “dodge” the negate and reduce the potential healing they would get from Sanctified. New Synchro we got helps dramatically in Darklord matchup. If you have Crystron Citree on the field and Crystron Sulfefnir in the graveyard, you can activate Citree to try and summon Sulfefnir for Synchro summon of Samurai Destroyer and chain World Legacy Clash to remove Citree from the field if they try to negate Citree. This leaves Sulfefnir on field which is going to float upon destruction which massively boosts your chances of survival. Another thing too keep in mind is White Aura Dolphin, which Darklords can deal with only with Darklord Desire. Once Desire is dealt with, Dolphin’s attack halving and revival make quite a nusiance to deal with. Tech options to consider for this matchup:

Duel Links Card: Shadow-Imprisoning%20Mirror
Duel Links Card: World%20Legacy%20Clash
Duel Links Card: Mirror%20Wall
Duel Links Card: Wall%20of%20Disruption
Duel Links Card: Concentrating%20Current

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon decks became a force to be reckoned with with their additional support. The cards that strenghtened their arsenal are Cyberload Fusion, Cybernetic Overflow; Cyber Dragon Core that searches both of them and ferocious Chimeratech Rampage Dragon that can attack up to 3 times! The main threat this deck has is untargetable destruction from Overflow, but Crystrons simply float too much for it to matter. Sometimes going into Sulfefnir and passing the turn is enough for them to be unable to otk you, and after they spend their resources, you can go into Black Rose Dragon, or Quarion induced otk. Cosmic Cyclone and Forbidden Lance both help against this deck, forcing them to use Fusion/Overflow before you make your plays. Another card they struggle against is Samurai Destroyer which they can’t out, unless they go into Cyber Twin Dragon which is usually less optimal play on their part. Overall very easy matchup, provided that you have access to some basic plays.

Masked HEROes

Much like Cyber Dragon, this deck relies on summoning a fusion monster and beating you down with it. They usually fall pray to single Ametrix setup, and can’t go through all the floating you get from Sulfefnir. They are also extremely prone to getting wiped by Black Rose Dragon. Only threat they have is potential multiple copies of Mask Change , ocassional sack with Treacherous Trap Hole, or going into Destiny HERO - Plasma. Plasma can be the trickiest to deal with, as you will need either synchro play without relying on your non-tuners popping the cards on field, or drawing into your tech cards.

Legacy Matchups


Slightly annoying matchup because of the disruptive backrow, you usually have the resources to outplay them. The other annoying part is Triamid Kingolem which will stop floating of your monsters, if they are attacking into you. The other card to watch out for is Triamid Fortress which prevents the effect destruction. The backrow is your friend in this matchup, because it can help you grind out their traps, which they usually play the least amount of. The other way you can deal with them is nuking the field with Black Rose Dragon, if you have the follow up after it. When Triamids lose their field spell, they get slowed down dramatically, which in turn lets you go ham with Crystron Quariongandrax and White Aura Dolphin. Side note, if you use Cosmic Cyclone on their field spell during your turn, they can chain monster effects to swap it, so you either want to do it in their battle/end phase, chain it to the monster effect or use cosmic on their backrow(which is the best option most of the time). The most useful cards for the matchup: Cosmic Cyclone , World Legacy Clash and Treacherous Trap Hole.


This deck does fairly well vs Desperado Barrel Dragon, since it has many floating effects. When you know you are vs Desperado, you should try to aim for making an early White Aura Dolphin, or in mid to Late game, try to make Quariongandrax, as his effect will not let your opponent summon Desperado, so you will be able to clear the field and swing for lethal. Crystron Ametrix is also good as Desperado or Blast Spider destroying it will allow you to float into more monsters to make it easier to summon the key synchros.

Against the Cyberdark Variant, Dolphin+any other synchro is lethal over a Cyberdark Edge equipped with Cyberdark Cannon or Leng Ling, as the equip gets destroyed first. Edge is always a liability for them, as with Burei and Dolphin, it can become a portal to their life points for us. IF you know the Cyberdark player is not playing Desperado, make sure to watch out for Lava Golem, although it is not that big of a threat as you can destroy it with any of your non-tuners.

Neos Variants are also very susceptible to Quariongandrax removal.

Ancient Gears

Usually a favorable matchup, Ancient Gears can sometimes make your day worse with their backrow. If they are running Double Cyclone, this matchup becomes even easier because you don’t need to set spells or traps at all. You can also get tuners out without needing to use normal summon, thus avoiding adding counters onto Ancient Gear Castle. The main threat ancient gears possess is a huge beast, Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon which they can either normal or special summon. Depending on the way it was summoned, you can switch it to defense with either Ametrix or Burei, and proceed to go crazy with your other Synchro monsters. Beatdown greatly helps in this matchup, because any 2 Synchro monsters boosted with the skill can destroy the defense position Reactor Dragon. However, if they get a massive field, you can punish it with either Black Rose Dragon or with Quariongandrax. Quarion can be a massive problem for their resources, because they usually play only 2 Reactor Dragons and have no way to recover them from banish pile. Cosmic Cyclones can also be very helpful in this matchup. Side note, if you banish the Reactor, you can destroy your own Quariongandrax to “steal it”, as it has no special summon restrictions, and it plays around potential Drowning Mirror Force!


Spellbooks is a gritty matchup. Try not to make too many Synchros until you have grinded through their Fates, as they are often forced to use Spellbook of Fate on your citrees. Once they burn through two Fates, they start to lose steam, and that is you time to strike, making Synchros to overwhelm them. Having Scrap Recycler is also very helpful in this match up as he leads to more overall board presence, and Spellbooks have a problem dealing with more than one big monster at a time. To win the matchup, you have to be more patient than usual. Drawing your backrow also help! If you use Treacherous Trap Hole or Enemy Controller on the first monster they summon, they won’t be able to use most of the Spellbook cards, since they don’t have a face-up spellcaster-type monster. After you stop their turn, you can usually finish them during the next turn. Important note, if your toggle is set to AUTO, you won’t get prompted to use Treacherous Trap Hole if they set their monster! If you are using World Legacy Clash, you can save your Citrees from banishment!

Ritual Beasts

Ritual Beasts are one of the more grindy matchups. Their constant tagging in and out makes it hard to pin them down with targeting effects, and they can come back from banish pile, making Crystron Quariongandrax struggle quite a bit! They can also bounce cards from your field to the hand, which can be dealt with by Crystron Impact .However, they are still somewhat prone to getting field wiped by Black Rose Dragon. Annoying part of this comes from Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda, which floats upon destruction. Another good synchro to deal with the ritual beasts is Samurai Destroyer, which lets you take care of problematic floaters. It’s also worth mentioning Red Dragon Archfiend, which deals with monsters that are inevitably going to be summoned into defense, and is a 3000 attack, meaning they can’t run him over with their main fusion. Cosmic Cyclone is also very helpful in the matchup, as they use the archetypal spells and traps pretty often to fill their field with monsters and even fuse them outside their main phase. Lastly, Ritual Beast decks also have access to Destiny HERO - Plasma, which is hard to deal with in-archetype cards. However, Plasma targets when trying to equip, so if you only have Crystron monsters on the field, you can be protected by Crystron Impact effect from the graveyard. Overall, it’s one of the matchups that requires the long grind game if both players open decently, but the sooner you see your tech cards, the easier it’s gonna be to swing the game in your favor.

Magnets Warrior

Magnets are another gritty matchup. Magnet Warriors spam the board with small monsters, neither of which can deal with Ametrix on their own. They need to either use traps like Triamid Pulse or Treacherous Trap Hole to get rid of it, but that allows further floating. Their smaller monsters also can tribute themselves to summon Delta The Magnet Warrior, thus avoiding the potential destruction or banishing. However, you can still clear the board with Black Rose Dragon if they get too much advantage. Other way they can deal with our Synchros is their boss monster. Boss monster of Magnets is Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior, which banishes a Magnet Warrior from the grave to pop a card on the field. Since it is targeted destruction, our tuners can evade the effect, and our Synchros can float until they are all out of fuel for Berserkion, and then it is easier to deal with them. Block Dragon is another boss monster of theirs, which can be difficult to out without a World Legacy Clash, since it protects from destruction. However, with beatdown we can easily get over its 2500 attack, and if they try to wall off by placing it in defense, try to make Burei to change him into attack position. This matchup can become a lot hard if they are playing a version with That Grass Looks Greener which can allow them to gain a lot more advantage. All in all, you want to get Ametrix out as soon as possible, float into your safety and not overextend. Wait for them to make a big push, and punish on your turn. White Aura Dolphin can help in the late game, but you have to consider the number of destructions Berserkion can do! Overall, not an easy matchup, but you need to be patient.

Six Samurai

Six Samurai can go either way for this deck, but it is usually in our favor, especially with only one Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi. Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En is not a big threat for this deck as we mainly rely on our monster effects. A big part of this matchup is using Burei and Ametrix’ effects to change their monsters to defense and shut off Six Style - Dual Wield, as without Dual Wield, Six Samurai lose a lot of strength in this matchup. World Legacy Clash can be problematic but if they use Clash on Ametrix you get to float so it isn’t too detrimental. Quarion is also a large help here as other than Dual Wield, they have no real disruption, so you can wipe their board. It is advised to not make Quarion if you suspect they have a world legacy clash set, as it can dodge Quarions effect. However, if you have a non tuner that you can get onto the field, you can destroy the recently Clashed Quarion to special summon the monster that they banished with world legacy clash. Quarion also removes resources from their graveyard, so they need to make additional effort to use Enishi’s bounce effect.


Subterrors have been popping up lately, mainly as a counter strategy, since their main skill got nerfed, so now they abuse Labyrinth Builder to cheese out summons with Subterror Nemesis Warrior. If they start the game with both Nemesis Warrior and Subterror Final Battle, things can get tricky, but if you manage to get out a Black Rose Dragon after the usage of Lab Builder, you win 90% of the time, since its drawback is hard to recover from. Sometimes they use Neos Fusion to send Nemesis Warrior to the graveyard, but getting rid of Elemental HERO Brave Neos and their graveyard resources is pretty easy with Quariongandrax. Level Augmentation helps a lot in this matchup and makes it very easy. Generic backrow also helps lessen the trouble they might cause. Overall, slightly annoying matchup, but not a difficult one.


Vendread is the newly added zombie-ritual archetype to the duel links, and it’s still being optimized. At first glance, the effect to banish monsters during either player’s turn seems scary, but it actually requires a fair amount of setup to pull it off. Mainly, they need to summon Vendread Revenants to the field and then ritual summon using those revenants to gain the effect. This effect seems strong in theory, but it has its downsides. It only banishes special summoned monsters, and this deck normal summons pretty often. Other downside they have is the whooping 0 defense they have so even puny Scrap Recycler can run it over with his small wheels. You can put them into defense with multiple ways: Pulse Mines, Crystron Ametrix, Enemy Controller, or you can use Drowning Mirror Force to ruin their day. However they can also setup the banish of the spells/traps with Vendread Houndhorde so you have to be careful about that. The matchup gets more difficult if they play Master of Rites II which prevents your monster from targeting them, but you can either turn them into defense without targeting, or beat over them with synchros if they don’t have the Revenants effect ready. Overall, not the easiest matchup, but it requires you to play more conservatively than usual.


Mirror Mirror on the wall whos the best crystron player of them all? In the mirror match you want to let your opponent synchro summon first so you can then Ametrix them and kill. It is hard to write a complacent guide for the mirror as everything is up to board state. However, it is notable that this decks only way of dealing with a White Aura Dolphin is Quariongandrax, so it can be a solid win condition here. As with almost all mirrors, Enemy Controller is an amazing card as you can steal your opponent’s monsters and use their effects.


I try to post replays as often as I can on my YouTube channel for this guide, if you would like to see any replays, please ask the experts and we’ll get some for you! <3

Final Thoughts

This deck has a lot of potential especially as more and more powerful machine type synchros get added to the game, and it has a unique mechanic that makes them fun and satisfying to play.

That is all for now! We’ll keep working on improving and expanding the guide, If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Crystron channel in DLM discord and ask away!


Shoutouts to RandomPl0x and Jadehex for all their work on the website.

Everyone in the Crystron channel at DLM, especially Dulling for introducing me to the deck!

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