First Look: Crystrons


Crystrons are an archtype newly introduced to Duel Links that focus primarily on Synchro Summoning. What differs them from the typical Synchro decks are their interesting twists on the Synchro Summoning method. The most prominent of these being their ability to consistently Synchro Summon on the opponent’s turn, allowing them to make use of certain monsters in ways that were not previously possible. The archetype also has several Synchro monsters (unfortunately, only one that has been released in DL) that use a single Non-Tuner and several Tuners, instead of the usual single Tuner and several Non-Tuners.

Archtypal Cards

Non-Tuner Monsters

Crystron Sulfefnir

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
The primary search tool for this deck, as it allows easy access to any Crystron monster in your deck. However, it is to be noted that it cannot discard itself or a card with the same name as the cost for its effect. The card will be used at 2-3 copies in decks.

Crystron Smiger

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
The most important Non-Tuner Normal Summon in the deck, as it is a one-card Crystron Ametrix. Its level lines up perfectly with Crystron Citree, which makes it the most effective card out of the three low-level Non-Tuners. This card will almost definitely be used at 3 in every Crystron deck.

Crystron Rosenix

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix
While sporting the same effect as Crystron Smiger, its level gives it different utility in the deck. It becomes a one-card LV6 Machine-Type Synchro, the only target being Powered Inzektron, which is powerful in its own way. As the deck needs several Crystron monsters to utilise Crystron Sulfefnir effectively, it should be used at 1-2 copies.

Crystron Prasiortle

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Prasiortle
The least useful of the three low-level Non-Tuners, not because of its effects, but more so because of the levels. It is the only one that cannot act as a one-card Synchro, which makes it the inferior card of the three. Will likely not see play.

Tuner Monsters

Crystron Citree

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
The most important of the Tuners, as it enables two of the three low-level Non-Tuners to act as one-card Synchros. It is the most versatile Tuner in the deck, and is leagues better than the other two. Will definitely be used at 3.

Crystron Rion

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rion
Personally, I really like this card as a recovery card. Say you have Crystron Ametrix on board, Crystron Smiger banished, and Crystron Sulfefnir in the GY, which is very common for this deck. They destroy Ametrix, which allows you to summon Sulfefnir from the GY. From there, they destroy Sulfefnir, allowing you to summon Rion from the deck, and to use its effect to summon Powered Inzektron using itself and the banished Smiger. A very good card when used with an established field, but as it requires plays to have been made beforehand, it should only be used at 1-2 copies.

Crystron Quan

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quan
While it does enable Synchro monsters easily, it feels lackluster compared to the other two Tuners, both of which make Synchros for fewer resources. This card will most likely not see play at all, and if it somehow does, it will certainly never be used at more than 1.

Synchro Monsters

Crystron Ametrix

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
The go-to Synchro monster in this deck, as it is the easiest to summon, as well as the one that can enable the most for the deck. When paired with Crystron Sulfefnir, it allows you to summon practically anything from your deck as you’d like. Being an extra deck monster, drawing it isn’t a necessity, but it will likely be summoned more than once throughout a duel, making it an easy 2-3-of in the deck.

Crystron Quariongandrax

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
This difficult to pronounce monster is insanely powerful, and can single handedly turn a duel in your favour. The biggest problem with the card is how difficult it is to summon. While not impossible, it isn’t likely that you’ll manage to summon one throughout a duel, let alone several, so should only ever be included at 1.

Spells / Traps

Duel Links Card: Crystolic%20Potential
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Entry
This will be quick; both of these cards are hard passes for me. Crystolic Potential’s boost is meaningless, and will only ever draw you one card during the end phase of a turn. Crystron Entry’s first effect is far too situational to be able to justify playing it, and the second effect doesn’t really do a whole lot, especially considering how the only way to reliably get it into the GY would be with Crystron Sulfefnir, as you won’t resolve its first effect nearly enough to warrant its inclusion.

Non-Archtypal Cards

Genex Undine / Scrap Recycler

Duel Links Card: Genex%20Undine
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
As all Crystron monsters are WATER Machine-Type monsters, both Recycler and Undine act as Armageddon Knights for this archetype. They both have their advantages and disadvantages compared to one another; Undine nets a free card, albeit a relatively useless one, but obliges you to have a copy of Genex Controller in your deck to activate, whereas Recycler has poorer stats, but has no restrictions on whether or not it can send a card to the GY. Personally, I find these cards can actually cause the deck to brick more often, as their primary target, Crystrom Sulfefnir, still requires you to have a Crystron in your hand to summon itself. However, this is somewhat mitigated by the sheer necessity of Sulfefnir when it comes to recovery. Overall, a player should never use more than one of these cards in a deck, and if they do choose to use one, it should be included at 2-3 copies. Otherwise, it just isn’t worth running.

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”

Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Shogun%20mdl%2000%20%22Burei%22
The only relevant LV7 Machine-Type target for this deck, it can easily be made as a follow-up play using Crystron Citree and Crystron Ametrix, but can also be made using Crystron Citree and Crystron Sulfefnir, as well as Crystron Rion and Crystron Rosenix. The most notable targets for this card’s summon effect are Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 "Shinkuro" and Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi". If used, it should only ever be used at 1.

Powered Inzektron

Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
The only legal LV6 Machine-Type target for this deck, this card is still a very good target. Your opponent’s battle phase is often over as soon as this hits the field, and has decent stats for when it comes to your turn. Definite inclusion at 1-2 copies.

Vermillion Dragon Mech

Duel Links Card: Vermillion%20Dragon%20Mech
Arguably the best LV9 Synchro currently in DL, it can be made using Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei" with either Crystron Citree or Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 "Shinkuro". It has relevant uses that make it worth including in the deck, so long as Burei is present. It should never be used at more than 1.

Other Noteworthy Cards

Ancient Gear Package

Duel Links Card: Ancient%20Gear%20Reactor%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Geartown

Other Synchro Monsters

Duel Links Card: Armades,%20Keeper%20of%20Boundaries
Duel Links Card: White%20Aura%20Dolphin
Duel Links Card: Black%20Rose%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Gungnir,%20Dragon%20of%20the%20Ice%20Barrier
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Light%20Gazer
Duel Links Card: Red%20Dragon%20Archfiend
Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Giganticastle

Relevant Skills

  • Beatdown: At first glance, seems to be the best skill for this deck. Almost exclusively uses high-level monsters for aggression, and can really use the attack boost to get over certain relevant thresholds in the current meta.

  • The Tie that Binds: Similarly to Beatdown, provides an attack boost, but in a deck that employs several high-level monsters, it is simply outclassed by Beatdown.

  • My Monster Cards: Seemingly useful in a deck that wishes to open monsters, it isn’t necessarily a bad skill, but feels lackluster compared to the necessity of Beatdown in the current meta, as well as counteracts the low-level monsters that you ideally want to leave in the deck.

  • Mind Scan: Useful to know exactly what is coming, but does nothing but that, and doesn’t directly help you deal with an established board. For that, Beatdown still feels like a better skill, but Mind Scan may see future use if the attack threshold drops significantly enough.

Simple Combos and Interactions

Ideal Generic Start

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Rosenix
  1. Summon Scrap Recycler / Genex Undine to use their effect, and send Crystron Sulfefnir to the GY
  2. Special Summon Sulfefnir, discarding the Crystron Rosenix (or any other non-Sulfefnir Crystron) monster from your hand.
  3. Have Sulfefnir destroy himself as part of his effect, and Special Summon Crystron Smiger from the deck.
  4. Activate Smiger’s effect, targeting himself, and Special Summon Crystron Citree from your deck.
  5. On your opponent’s turn, you can make Crystron Ametrix using Citree and Smiger whenever it is ideal, as well as have a way to extend into more Synchro monsters should they manage to destroy it.
  6. If they destroy it, Special Summon Sulfefnir from the GY, and wait for them to destroy it.
  7. Once they do so, Special Summon Crystron Rion from the deck. From there, it will be possible to make Powered Inzektron using Rion and the banished Smiger at will.

Extending Further

  • Game State: Same as described in the above situation, with access to Crystron Citree
  1. Get Citree onto the field in order to extend during the opponent’s turn.
  2. During the opponent’s turn, use Citree along with Crystron Ametrix from your GY in order to make Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”, which can then Special Summon Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 “Shinkuro” from your deck. This play can also be done using Crystron Sulfefnir in place of Ametrix.
  3. Come your turn, you’ll be able to use Burei and Shinkuro to Synchro Summon Vermillion Dragon Mech.

Playing Around Sealed Tombs

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Sulfefnir
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Smiger
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Citree
(Sulfefnir + Any 2 Non-Sulfefnir Crystrons)
  1. Special Summon Crystron Sulfefnir discarding any of the cards from your hand (except for Crystron Rion if your only copy is in your hand). Then, have Sulfefnir destroy itself.
  2. If the Crystron monster left in your hand isn’t Crystron Rosenix, summon Rosenix from your deck. If you summoned Rosenix, use its effect, targeting itself, to summon either Crystron Citree or Crystron Rion from your deck, depending on which one is currently not in your hand. If Rosenix is the monster left in your hand, summon Crystron Smiger, and use its effect, targeting itself, to summon either Citree or Rion from your deck.
  3. Normal Summon the final monster from your hand. If it is Crystron Smiger or Crystron Rosenix, use its effect, targeting itself, to summon Citree or Rion, depending on which isn’t currently on your field.
  4. On your opponent’s turn, immediately use Citree to Synchro Summon Powered Inzektron using Rosenix from your GY.
  5. You may now use Rion to summon Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” using the newly banished Rosenix, which can then summon either Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 “Shinkuro” or Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi”.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • The deck has strong board control if it can go off, and has amazing recovery due to the number of one-card Synchro Monsters it has. It also progressively gets more and more aggressive as the game goes on, and can actually make more threatening boards in the late-game than it can in the early-game

  • One of its strengths is also a weakness; its first turns are relatively lackluster compared to the rest of the meta, despite the board control said first turns may provide. It also has a glaring weakness to Sealed Tombs, which can completely shut the deck down, as the deck’s main cards necessitate using the GY to extend into the deck’s Synchro monsters.

Example Decklists

Pure Crystrons

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Shogun%20mdl%2000%20%22Burei%22
Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix

Scrap Recycler Build

Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Quariongandrax
Duel Links Card: Vermillion%20Dragon%20Mech
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Shogun%20mdl%2000%20%22Burei%22
Duel Links Card: Powered%20Inzektron
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix
Duel Links Card: Crystron%20Ametrix


This concludes this first look at Crystrons, and I hope it was insightful into what this deck can do. Despite its flaws, I hope this deck can become relevant, as it seems like fun and takes some prior learning to properly pilot. Anyways, that’s all from me, and as per usual,

~Until the next time I get around to doing something, Terry

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