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Okay so heres the deal on batterymen: They are a last gamble OTK deck. They succeed in this this by being able to generate huge advantage through Thunder Sea Horse and Batteryman Micro-Cell. Thunder Sea Horse is a +1 and Microcell is a +2 if attacked and destroyed by battle. Batteryman Industrial Strength is the decks boss monster, he special summons himself by banishing two batteries from the GY and can pop a monster and backrow by banishing one thunder type monster from your graveyard. The decks mini boss is Snipe Hunter who fuels the grave for Industrial Strength and can clear backrow to make it safe for Industrial Strength to hit the field. Hey, Trunade! also clears backrow for you and Trunade + Industrial Stregth can be very devestating to your opponent.

One of the advantages of this deck is that many players, even top tier ones, don’t know what the best plays are against this deck. One thing you do have to look out for is the Skill Sealed Tombs. This skill prevents you from banishing cards from your GY so you cannot Summon Industrial Strength or activate the effect of one on the field. Smart players will use this the turn before your Last Gamble is ready so if you suspect your opponent is playing that skill, and you don’t think you can survive the extra turn it it’s best to summon Industrial Strength early.

Sample Decklist

Side Deck:

Duel Links Card: Winged%20Kuriboh
Duel Links Card: Winged%20Kuriboh
Duel Links Card: Galaxy%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Mirror%20Wall
Duel Links Card: Trap%20Stun

Replacement Options

Cheap Replacements/alternate cards:

D.D. Sprite can take advantage of Batteryman Solar’s tokens for easy Armades, Keeper of Boundaries which can be very good vs many decks.

Replacements for Snipe Hunter:

Breaker the Magical Warrior, Sergeant Electro, Chow Len the Prophet.

Replacements for Batteryman Industrial Strength:

You want at least two to play the deck, you can either opt for any other backrow/protection or Batteryman Charger.

Replacements for canadia/floodgate:

Forbidden Chalice, Memory Loss

Replacements for Trunade:

Galaxy Cyclone (Cosmic Cyclone will NOT work because you need to pay LP)

Thunder Sea horse

This card should either be played at one or three, being played at three lets you search itself and then Solar, but doing it at two makes the second one dead.

General Tips

  • Turn one plays: If you open one Thunder Sea Horse you want to search the other two in your deck with it first, and then use one of them to add two Batteryman Solar if possible, as that is a +2 which gives you a very healthy hand for Last Gamble to mitigate low rolls.

  • You can use Batteryman Solar’s second on field effect to copy a batteryman name from the field or GY in order to check for delays to feel what the opponents backrow might be.

  • When it comes to discarding cards for Last Gamble or Snipe Hunter, prioritize discarding Batteryman monsters, and then Thunder type monsters.

  • This deck doesnt need to wait till turn 5 to push. Many times early game you can use Snipe Hunter to fill the grave and bring out Industrial Strength early and apply pressure and drain your opponents resources.


Koa’ki Meiru:

Biggest threat is Koa’ki Meiru Maximus as he will devestate u making it hard to survive to turn 5. Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru shuts down Ultimate Providence so you better hope you have a lot of protection that can handle him. He is literally the ONLY threat in the deck to us and the others we can survive through. Getting to turn 5, gamble. Luckily they do not play much backrow so we dont have to worry about our push being stopped.

Buster Blader:

All you have to do is keep Buster Blader face down until they Gamble. You want to have protection from the pierce after you Gamble because a lot do run Winged Kuriboh which can spare them a turn during your pierce. Keeping the fusion facedown is neccessary as this deck relies on monster effects heavily.


Dont set Microcell unless you absolutley HAVE to, as Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” will spin it and 100 atk wont be too happy facing big bad Burei. Basically when we Last Gamble we need to watch out as they will be STACKED with Paleozoic Canadia and Offerings to the Doomed, we REALLY need Hey, Trunade! otherwise this is a horrible matchup.

Masked Heroes:

Ez claps. Resolving Microcell means u almost always win. Just make sure u can survive until turn 5, but it’s a really basic matchup honestly.


Vampire Grace IS THE ONLY THREAT. SHUT THAT LADY DOWN AND WE WILL WIN. Seriously they run no backrow, you are gonna wanna watchout for Sphere Kuriboh but otherwise it’s usually an easy win.


Laughs in industrial strength.

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