First Look: Batterymen


Batterymen are a new archetype, released in the Main BOX Burning Nova, that revolve around resource-generating effects and a single strong boss monster. Because the deck is expensive to build, many players should be on the fence about investing in Batterymen. In this introduction I hope to give some insight into how Batteryman decks are built, how they function, and how they perform against the current Tier 1 decks, allowing you to make an informed decision on if you should pursue the deck.

Sample Deck

One very clean way of building Batterymen is to focus on the three things the deck does best: Turbo through the deck with Sea Horse, Micro-Cell, and Solar; abuse Beatdown to hit important ATK thresholds; and turtle up defensively with backrow and Solar tokens until Industrial can be summoned.

There are a few different skill options to consider when building Batterymen. Beatdown has obvious synergy with Powerful Rebirth and lets Industrial Strength hit that very important 2900 ATK mark (swinging over both Wiz, Sage Fur Hire and Masked HERO Anki), as well as boosts Solar/Sea Horse enough to get them over relevant monsters like the level 4 Destiny HEROs and Seal, Strategist Fur Hire. A similar skill is Mythic Depths, which gives a flat 200 ATK boost to all your monsters, again boosting Solar and Sea Horse over that important 1600 ATK threshold. It also gives you a way to trigger Industrial when neither you nor your opponent has any backrow, since you can destroy the Umi as part of its effect. Finally, Switcheroo has seen play (with Cosmic Cyclone especially) since you consistently have fodder for it through Sea Horse and Micro-Cell, and it gives you extra chances at drawing into Industrial.

Core Cards

The main cards to consider when building a Batteryman deck are:

  • Batteryman Industrial Strength:
    The clear win condition of the deck, Industrial is easy to get out and his effect is rarely difficult to trigger. Unfortunately there are not any good ways of searching him outside of things like Beckoning Light and it’s hard to protect him against common threats like Paleozoic Canadia.

  • Batteryman Solar:
    Thins the deck, sets up for Industrial, and can generate tokens either for defense or ECon-take plays. Important to keep in mind that the token-generating effect is mandatory and you can easily lock yourself out of Industrial if you’re not paying attention. However, these tokens can be used as targets for Industrial’s effect if your opponent does not have any monsters of their own.

  • Thunder Sea Horse:
    A great value card, Thunder Sea Horse either searches double Solar to get you started or two more copies of itself as an almost free +1. Sea Horse does turn off Industrial access on the turn you use it, but usefully it can also stop a Solar token summon if you really need to keep a monster zone clear for the following turn.

  • Batteryman Micro-Cell:
    Another good advantage-generator, Micro-Cell is a great turn 1 set and extra copies can be dumped by Solar. Special summoning a Solar off Micro-Cell’s destruction single-handedly sets up an Industrial summon and draws a card.

Tech Cards

Some other cards that synergize well are:

  • Enemy Controller:
    The best card in the game and any deck that can afford to run it is better for doing so. Generic protection is always nice and ECon-takes are easy to fuel either with Solar tokens or with actual Batterymen (which then sets up Industrial).

  • Powerful Rebirth:
    A spectacular card in Batterymen, Rebirth is a great way to reuse Solar’s effect, get Beatdown access without Industrial, generate Solar tokens, and give targets for Industrial’s effect against monster-heavy decks like Fur Hires. In non-Beatdown variants, this card’s value is slightly lower.

  • Wall of Disruption:
    In a deck that plays fairly defensively until it can go into Industrial, Wall of Disruption is an amazing card for buying time (especially against Fur Hires). This will be one of the most common cards in Batterymen because it gives you a way to deal with larger threats before Industrial comes out.

  • Cosmic Cyclone:
    Versatile backrow removal that also triggers Switcheroo, allowing you to get even more value off Sea Horse. An almost definite side-deck card for the Amazoness match-up, many builds main-deck Cosmic Cyclone because of how weak Industrial can be to certain backrow. Dust Tornado fills a similar role if you’d rather keep your Life Points high.

  • Ultimate Providence:
    With all the extra fodder in hand, Providence is a very nice way to disrupt your opponent while you wait to draw into Industrial. The discard cost can also be used with Powerful Rebirth, and you can even use Providence situationally to ward off potential backrow threats. If you do play Providence, you should definitely be playing 3x Sea Horse.

  • Paleozoic Canadia:
    Another defensive card that can disrupt Fur Hires, Canadia is really only worth playing if you run other tribute monsters in the deck like Charger or Jinzo, which can potentially be good options from the side-deck in a slower match-up.

  • Makiu, the Magical Mist:
    A potential Raigeki, Makiu is especially effective with ATK-boosting skills like Mythic Depths and Beatdown. In particular, an Industrial under Umi or a single Beatdown is a guaranteed Raigeki against Fur Hires.

Brief Match-up Notes

As you take Batterymen out on the ladder or in competitive events, you’ll likely encounter the following decks:

  • Fur Hires:
    The deck by which all new decks are measured, Fur Hires are an interesting match-up for Batterymen. Powerful Rebirth and the Solar tokens really help slow them down, and without Recon they have to swing into Micro-Cells, which always generates great advantage. Ultimate Providence is also strong disruption while you wait to draw into an Industrial and can even stop Treacherous Trap Hole from wiping you out. Wall of Disruption is a different kind of disruption, clogging their field and forcing Wiz, Sage Fur Hire negations, sometimes stealing games all on its own. However Fur Hires are extremely fast and consistent, and a well-timed Dyna, Hero Fur Hire banish from the Fur Hire player can be devastating.

  • Amazoness:
    This match-up is a grind thanks to all the backrow Amazoness packs and the fact that they can banish monsters that Batterymen want in the graveyard. If Industrial successfully hits the field and resolves its effect, the Amazoness player is in a ton of trouble, but they can generally give Batterymen issues in getting Industrial out. Any kind of backrow removal is very helpful in this match-up.

  • Masked Heroes:
    Like most duels against HEROs, they either sack you or they don’t. Batterymen can generally out-grind HEROs if the game goes on for while, and being able to use Enemy Controller as well as generate Solar tokens for fodder is incredibly valuable in this match-up. Industrial is great at forcing backrow, and because the most disruptive card HEROs are playing is usually Forbidden Chalice, Industrial generally has no issues dealing with Masked HERO Anki or Destiny HERO - Dangerous. This is definitely a favorable match-up for Batterymen if they don’t fall victim to a Hey, Trunade! play.

  • Mirror Match:
    The Batteryman mirror match is quite interesting for a number of reasons. Solar’s mandatory token generating effect is something to keep in mind the entire duel, as your Thunder monsters will trigger their Solars (and then their Solar tokens will trigger your Solars). Wall of Disruption is massive in this match-up if you swing into it (but useless if popped by Industrial), and Industrial can provide huge momentum swings in an instant if one player makes a big but not lethal push and their opponent responds with an Industrial. Patience, backrow removal through Industrial or other methods, and Enemy Controller are some of the best tools in the mirror.

Countering Batterymen

Even though the deck is very new, Batterymen have serious competitive potential as the best deck from the new box. And when the deck becomes more popular, it’s important to understand what some of its weaknesses are:

Videos & Replays

In these replays we show off a variety of different builds, mostly using Beatdown with an assortment of tech cards.

  • Replay #1:
    Here we open with a great hand against Fur Hires and our opponent doesn’t have Recon to pop Micro-Cell. Charger gives us a nice swarm into Industrial, which forces the double ECon-take as our opponent tries to protect his Dyna. Fortunately we can follow up with another Industrial to clear his board and then Canadia protects Industrial from Donpa’s effect. Drawing another Rebirth allows us to clear his low-level monsters again and leave him in a top-deck situation, and even as he tops a Treacherous we top our last Industrial to finish the duel.

  • Replay #2:
    Another Fur Hire match-up, Sea Horse + Solar with a set Rebirth is a great start to the deck-thinning. Flipping up the Rebirth to ensure it doesn’t get negated by Wiz, we lose our field but have a guaranteed follow-up in Industrial. He and Solar clear the board while we sit on a Providence that stops any kind of recovery. Negating his Seal ends the duel.

  • Replay #3:
    The Amazoness player opens with great backrow but a set Baby Tiger, so we play it cautiously at first. Once we know we can afford a banished Solar we swing in to get things started. Providence is great protection for Industrial here, stopping the Floodgate. Industrial then pops Baby Tiger with the Onslaught (so that he can’t bring back Swords Woman in attack mode) and I play around Wall of Disruption. When nothing triggers I realize it must be a dead Treacherous, blow up his new set the next turn, and ECon-take for exact lethal. (Surprisingly, the Beatdown-boosted tokens do end up giving a lot of sneaky OTKs like this.)

  • Replay #4:
    For some reason, the Gem-Knight player refuses to use Lady Brilliant’s effect (perhaps playing around Treacherous), but we had Providence for it either way. Instead we get to Providence the Treacherous and win with Enemy Controller. I like this replay because it shows that the deck doesn’t rely on Industrial to win sometimes, and can instead simply benefit from the core synergizing well with some very strong backrow cards.

  • Replay #5:
    The last of my replays, we open with a hand that can generate a crazy amount of advantage. (Our opponent also pops his own Donpa for reasons I don’t understand completely even after seeing the rest of his hand. If he’d kept the full field, we would have just set Micro-Cell instead.) Sea Horse is an immediate +1, providing fodder for Providence. Solar sets up the grave and leaves us with 12 cards in the deck after our first turn. We send Solar to negate and destroy Recon, keeping Micro-Cell to pull out the last Solar and continue thinning (since we really need to see Industrial now). Our opponent is slowing starting to out-resource us, and the turn 7 Dyna is annoying but not enough to completely empty our grave. We finally hit on an Industrial with only 7 cards left in the deck and from there easily end the duel.

  • Replay #6:
    Finally, we have a replay from look at god, using a Switcheroo variant with Cosmic Cyclones. The Micro-Cell top-deck looks lucky, but with 3x Sea Horse/Micro-Cell/Solar, there was a 9/16 chance to pull a combo-starter anyway (and with Enemy Controller he could have survived to pop Switcheroo next turn as well for two more chances to draw something). Micro-Cell with Rebirth is great advantage with Solar, Industrial forces the Treacherous, and the second Rebirth allows him to go for game.

Overall, Batterymen play similarly to Red-Eyes Zombies and HEROs (although with much less early aggression). Deck-thinning to hit the win conditions is the theme of these kinds of decks, and Batterymen do that extremely well. Consistently seeing strong backrow like Enemy Controller, Powerful Rebirth, and Wall of Disruption is so valuable on top of a very destructive boss monster. If you enjoy those kinds of decks I would definitely consider investing in Batterymen, although they very likely do not have Tier 1 potential. For a free-to-play or casual player I would not try to build this deck, but it’s certainly still worth understanding how the deck works and what to do against it when it shows up.

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