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An archetype that has been in Duel Links since the very beginning, Amazoness has only become competitively viable recently due to some new cards released. What was once clunky, and seemingly lacked a win condition, has now become very consistent, and has a very clear win condition. This deck deserves to be on the tier list, and should be expected in any large-scale tournament.

About the Author

Some of you may know me from General Chat in the Discord and even fewer may recognise me from my Alien guide. Despite being commonly labeled as a troll, I do try and help out players in any way I can, and am very active in the Amazoness channel. I’m very good at theoretical gameplay, which really helps me analyze matchups and figure out appropriate deck ratios. While this deck isn’t as difficult to master as some of the other decks in the current meta, it still has some hidden pathways, and I hope to be able to share those with you through this guide. Without further ado, here is (part one of) my Amazoness guide.

Skill Overview

Going to cut straight to the chase with this one; Restart is the optimal skill for this deck. It allows you to return bad hands to the deck, in order to try and draw a more playable hand. As this deck relies around Onslaught (see Deck Core) as its primary win condition, It is necessary that you have it on your first turn, as it is very difficult to win without it. These other skills may be used, but aren’t recommended by any means, as most of them are unnecessary or are outshined by other skills.

  • Balance:
    Assures a predictable monster-spell-trap ratio with every starting hand, but does not guarantee access to Amazoness Onslaught, and makes it so that you open with it far less consistently than with Restart.
  • The Tie that Binds:
    Boosts your monsters’ ATK until the end phase, somewhat redundant in a deck that wins by banishing your opponent’s monsters, and does not add any consistency to the deck.

  • Firm as the EARTH:
    Same reasoning as above, but will give a larger ATK boost, making it arguably better than The Tie that Binds, but still not as good as Restart.

TL;DR: Restart is best, screw the rest

Decklist Breakdown

This section will help you construct your deck. Not really much else to put here, have fun reading.

Deck Core

Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Queen
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught

  • Amazoness Princess: Always 3
  • Utility: Consistency
    This archetype’s do-all card. Princess can search your deck for any “Amazoness” Spell/Trap card on summon, as well as Special Summon any Amazoness monster from your deck by sending a card from your hand or field to the graveyard. This card is the best opening monster and nearly every hand that sees her is good. Do note that Princess can become a liability to have on the field after Amazoness Queen is out, and can lead to an accidental suicide, as it cannot be killed. ALWAYS check your opponent’s board state before summoning Queen.

  • Amazoness Queen: Always 1
  • Utility: Boss Monster, Prevents Destruction
    Queen serves as our boss monster, and will prevent your Amazoness monsters from being destroyed by battle, including herself. She is often the optimal search for Princess and will often cause your opponent to lose the game if they have no means of removing her from the field. Getting the card will take time, as the only obtainable copy is obtained by leveling Mai up to 45. I would not recommend this deck in tournament play without Queen, as it adds much-needed power to win many games.

  • Amazoness Swords Woman: Recommend 3
  • Utility: Prevents Battle Damage
    Swords Woman is the deck’s “free attacker”. Your opponent takes all battle damage from battles involving her instead, giving an alternate win condition against larger monsters, and becoming light protection against Wall of Disruption. It has amazing synergy with Queen, allowing her to constantly attack with next-to-no repercussions, as she cannot be destroyed by battle while Queen is on the field.

  • Amazoness Baby Tiger: Recommend 2
  • Utility: Field Swarm
    Baby Tiger can summon itself from the hand or graveyard when another Amazoness monster enters the battlefield. This makes it a free summon even after it has been destroyed, providing a very strong wall when paired with Onslaught. It is also a perfect tribute for E-Con, as well as amazing Princess fodder. Despite how good it is, its effect can only be used once per turn, and opening numerous copies can often be problematic as anything past the first copy loses all of its value. Running 3 copies should only be considered when the meta is very Spellbook-heavy, as it is one of the most important cards in that match.

  • Amazoness Onslaught: Always 3
  • Utility: Field Swarm, Monster Removal
    Onslaught is one of the most powerful cards in the game, allowing you to banish any monster that battles with an Amazoness monster you control. It can also Special Summon an Amazoness monster from your hand during the Battle Phase, as well as give the Special Summoned monster 500 additional ATK until the end of the turn. This effect can be used by every face-up Onslaught you control. This card is the center of this deck, and will often lose if it is not used early in the game, or if it is removed by the opponent, and you are unable to get another out.

TL;DR: Don’t have 3 Princess and don’t want to get Queen? Don’t play this deck. End of Story.

Deck Remainder

Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Paladin
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Sage
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Scouts
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20Chalice
Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Willpower
Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth

  • Amazoness Paladin: Recommend 1 (shared with Sage and Scouts)
  • Utility: Beatstick
    Paladin is the archetype’s highest-ATK low-level monster. She gains 100 ATK for every Amazoness monster on your side of the field. Aside from that, she has no added effects, and is usually just filler. She does help get over certain monsters that other low-levels wouldn’t be able to, such as any low-level HERO monster and any low-level Alien monster. Do note that some of the cards listed above can only be destroyed by having more than just Paladin out.

  • Amazoness Sage: Recommend 1 (shared with Paladin and Scouts)
  • Utility: Spell/Trap Destruction
    Sage is able to destroy a Spell/Trap on your opponent’s side of the field after she has successfully remained on the field after she attacked. While good on its own, the effect can be prevented simply by preventing the attack. Granted, this still removes a backrow card from your opponent’s side of the field, but it may not have been the card you were directly targeting. Sage’s effect is also most useful against decks that are already favourable for Amazoness, and will often end up being useless in the less favourable matchups.

  • Amazoness Scouts: Recommend 1 (shared with Paladin and Sage)
  • Utility: Prevents Destruction
    Scouts can sacrifice itself to prevent your monsters from being targeted by monster effects, and from being destroyed by card effects for the turn. It is extremely useful against decks that will constantly destroy your field, such as Sylvans and Geargias, but can be useless in matches that rely on attacking to remove monsters. If its effect is useless in any given matchup, then the card can still be used as a shield and/or Princess fodder, but won’t be as useful as any of the other 2 cards in those types of matches.

  • Enemy Controller: Recommend 3
  • Utility: Negating Attacks
    E-Con is one of the most useful and versatile backrow cards we currently have and is the deck’s alternate way of getting over monsters it can’t handle. It can change the battle position of one face-up monster your opponent controls, or tribute one of your own to steal an opponent’s monster for a turn. The steal effect has great synergy with Princess, allowing you to steal their monster, and to use it as fodder to summon another monster with Princess.

  • Forbidden Chalice: Recommend 2-3 (shared with Cyclone, Super Rush and Offerings)
  • Utility: Negating Effects, Minor Attack Boost
    Chalice can negate the effect of any face-up monster on the field, as well as boost the ATK of the selected monster. It is mostly used for the effect negation, but the ATK boost can occasionally be used to steal games. It is very useful in more disadvantageous matchups, allowing you to negate your opponent’s problematic monsters’ effects, such as Sylvan Komushroomo and Amazoness Princess.

  • Cosmic Cyclone: Recommend 2-3 (shared with Chalice, Super Rush and Offerings)
  • Utility: Spell/Trap Removal
    Cyclone can banish any Spell/Trap on the field for a cost of 1000 LP. It is mostly useful against decks that rely on one specific backrow card to win, and can even steal games against decks that run light backrow, allowing you to banish their only protection card. It is especially useful in the mirror match and against Spellbooks.

  • Offerings to the Doomed: Recommend 2-3 (shared with Cyclone, Super Rush and Offerings)
  • Utility: Monster Destruction
    Offerings can destroy target face-up monster on the field, with the cost of skipping your next draw phase, making it an alternate monster destruction card. While seemingly contradictory to what Onslaught already accomplishes, this is useful to remove monsters that Onslaught cannot, such as anything summoned by Rose Lover or Chaos Hunter. It can also help to steal games, as you open up more direct attacks against your opponent.

  • Super Rush Headlong: Recommend 2-3 (shared with Cyclone, Chalice and Offerings)
  • Utility: Monster Destruction
    Headlong, similarly to Onslaught, can remove your opponent’s monsters from the field by battling. It will destroy them instead of banishing, and triggers before battle damage is dealt. It is useful to prevent your opponent from stealing games by attacking one of your indestructible monsters due to Queen, and can help reduce overall damage taken during battle.

  • Amazoness Willpower: Recommend 2 (shared with Rebirth)
  • Utility: Monster Recovery
    Willpower will allow you to Special Summon any Amazoness monster from your graveyard back to the battlefield in attack position. Its position cannot be changed, and must attack each turn, if able. If your opponent changes its position, then it will be locked in defense position. It is preferred by some because it can bring back a destroyed Queen from the graveyard, forcing your opponent to destroy it once again. Some dislike it because the monster is fragile, and will be destroyed if this card is removed from the field.

  • Powerful Rebirth: Recommend 2 (shared with Willpower)
  • Utility: Monster Recovery
    Rebirth will allow you to Special Summon any Level 4 or lower monster from your graveyard. It will also give it an additional 100 ATK to the revived monster. It is preferred by some because it doesn’t destroy the equipped monster when removed from the field, and has great synergy with Princess as fodder. Others dislike it because it cannot bring back Queen, and cannot be added to the hand with Princess, unlike Willpower.

TL;DR: Run 10 monsters, Always use protection, and Win-more cards actually win more games

Card Count Explanation

This section will quickly explain why I recommend using the above cards in the counts that I did.

  • 3 Princess, 1 Queen, 3 Onslaught:
    The absolute necessities in this deck, any fewer of these will greatly hurt the deck in general.

  • 3 Swords Woman:
    Great against decks that will use one boss monster over and over again, which is the majority of the meta. Also gives free attacks with Queen, which is much-needed in this type of deck.

  • 2 Baby Tiger:
    Really great wall, but opening more than 1 is often detrimental to the deck, as it becomes dead after the first copy. 2 reduces the chance to open, but it can always be searched with Princess anyways.

  • 1 Sage/Scouts/Paladin:
    Honestly just a filler slot, I recommend staying as close to the 10-10 ratio as possible. The chosen card will usually boil down to personal preference. I recommend using Scouts only if it will be useful against a significant portion of the meta.

  • 3 E-Con:
    Still one of the best and most versatile backrow cards we have to date, with the added bonus of pairing extremely well with Princess and Baby Tiger.

  • 2 Rebirth/Willpower:
    Monster recovery is still a must in this deck, even if Queen is being used, as most meta decks will have a way to remove your own monsters from the field. Running too many will lead to backrow clog, and a lack of much-needed defensive options.

  • 2-3 Chalice/Cyclone/Offerings:
    Additional protection/disruption cards, selection will often be based on the meta. For example, if Amazoness is the most popular deck in the meta, Cyclone will help counter that deck more than the other cards would. The 21-card total is in case you disagree with running the recommended amount, and wish to run less, as one of these 3 cards will often be what you plan on including in your list instead.

Final Tips

These are just a few questions that you should ask yourself while finalising your list. I recommend editing your deck according to these questions.

  • Will you get flooded with too many Monsters or too many Spell/Trap cards in the average hand?
    Staying as close to 10-10 as possible is recommended. Anything more than an 11-9 ratio is prone to bricks.

  • Will you lose to direct attacks?
    If you are relying too heavily on exclusively using Onslaught to win games, you can often lose to your opponent just attacking into your monsters for lethal.

  • Will your backrow be redundant?
    Too much protection can cause most of it to be dead weight, especially when paired with Onslaught, which needs a battle to happen to even use the card.

  • Does it have any way to deal with unfavourable matchups?
    For example, if Sylvans destroy all of your monsters, do you have any way to prevent a game loss? Balancing your deck out to ensure that you will draw into the cards that can help in these situations is important.

Tech and Side Cards

This section will be focusing on cards that shouldn’t always be prioritized when deckbuilding, but work well with the deck in certain matchups. As such, these types of cards will often be found in sidedecks during tournaments, and occasionally as niche 1-ofs in maindecks. This section will solely be addressing cards that counter numerous decks, or that have natural synergy with the deck, and will not include cards that are used solely to counter one specific matchup.

Duel Links Card: Vision%20HERO%20Witch%20Raider
  • Utility: Spell/Trap Destruction, Alternate Boss Monster
  • For: Amazoness, Aliens
    Witch Raider can be Tribute Summoned by tributing monsters as well as traps, giving it great synergy with Rebirth and Willpower. When summoned, it can destroy all of your opponent’s Spell/Trap cards. Do note that if you activate this effect, you will not be able to Special Summon any Amazoness monster for the rest of that turn. It is useful mostly against decks that rely heavily on backrow, such as Amazoness. While not unusable against other decks, it cannot be summoned by Onslaught, and can become a dead card because of this.
    Note: Synergizes with Rebirth and Willpower

Duel Links Card: Lava%20Golem
  • Utility: Monster Destruction, LP Reduction
  • For: Spellbooks
    Golem can be Special Summoned to the opponent’s side of the field by tributing any 2 of their monsters. It will deal 1000 damage to them during each of their standby phases, and will prevent you from Normal Summoning the turn it is summoned. It has natural synergy with Swords Woman, allowing you to deal extra damage with no major risk, and can often steal games by itself.
    Note: Synergizes with Amazoness Swords Woman

Duel Links Card: Noble%20Arms%20-%20Arfeudutyr
  • Utility: Card Destruction
  • For: Sylvans, Stall, Decks with set cards
    Arfeudutyr is an equip spell that can only be equipped to a Warrior-type monster. By permanently reducing the equipped monster’s ATK by 500, you can destroy target set card on the field. It also has light synergy with Amazoness Princess, allowing you to discard it after using its effect. It is most useful against Sylvans, allowing you to destroy their set Sylvan Komushroomo. Do note that their set monster may be a Rose Lover or World Carrotweight Champion, two cards which you would rather banish to prevent their effects if possible. It is also rarely a dead card in any matchup, as it can also destroy set S/T cards.

Duel Links Card: Wall%20of%20Disruption
  • Utility: Attack Reduction
  • For: Aliens, Amazoness, Spellbooks
    WoD has fallen out of favour to many due to how popular Sylvans have become, which will be immune to traps the turn they summon a boss monster using Rose Lover. It reduces the ATK of all attack-position monsters your opponent controls when they declare an attack. It is most useful against Aliens, and will often be a usable card with any hand. Due to its decreased popularity, it provides more of a surprise factor against certain decks, but should not be used over other spells against Sylvans, as they will often be immune to traps.
    Note: Overall a good card

Duel Links Card: Massivemorph
  • Utility: Attack Prevention
  • For: Masked Heroes
    Massivemorph will double the ATK and DEF of target face-up monster your opponent controls, as well as preventing it from attacking you directly. It is useful against Masked Hero Anki, who can steal games by attacking directly through your own monsters. Do note that if you have an attack position monster aside from Swords Woman, they will be able to hit you for lethal, except if it is a Queen, which will deal 3200. It synergises well with Swords Woman, allowing you to deal even more damage against their large monsters that you couldn’t have attacked over anyways.
    Note: Synergizes with Amazoness Swords Woman

Duel Links Card: Treacherous%20Trap%20Hole
  • Utility: Monster Destruction
  • For: Spellbooks, Amazoness
    TTH will destroy any 2 target monsters on the field. It must select 2 monsters and cannot be activated if there is only 1 or if you have any other trap cards in the graveyard. Even though this deck runs other traps, they are continuous, and on paper won’t ever hit the graveyard. It deals with decks that need monsters on the field to work such as Amazoness and Spellbooks, but will cost you one of your own monsters if they only control one making Offerings better in that scenario. However, TTH is better in the late-game as it can deal with established fields more effectively.

Duel Links Card: Spirit%20Barrier
  • Utility: Preventing Damage
  • For: Masked Heroes, Bad Against Amazoness
    Barrier will prevent all battle damage dealt to you as long as you control a creature. It can be used effectively in this deck, as your monsters cannot be destroyed by battle with Queen, and your opponent can no longer deal damage, unless they manage to remove all of your monsters from the field. It is most useful against Masked Heroes, as it prevents Anki from dealing damage when attacking directly with his effect, removing their main win condition almost entirely.
    Note: Overall good against most archetypes

Decklist Examples

This section will showcase decklists that have seen success in the past, which can be used to work off of if you are still unsure how to build this deck. Or you could outright just copy them, which is fine, too, I guess…

2nd Place MCS VIII - Eugen Heidt

skill Restart
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Queen
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Sage
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Willpower
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Massivemorph
Duel Links Card: Massivemorph

Side Deck:

Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20Chalice
Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20Chalice
Duel Links Card: Straight%20Flush

1st Place DLPT 17 - Greedo-sama

skill Restart
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Princess
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Queen
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Swords%20Woman
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Sage
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Offerings%20to%20the%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Willpower
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught
Duel Links Card: Spirit%20Barrier

Side Deck:

Duel Links Card: Zombie%20World
Duel Links Card: Warrior%20Elimination
Duel Links Card: DNA%20Surgery
Duel Links Card: Different%20Dimension%20Ground
Duel Links Card: Different%20Dimension%20Ground

Using the Deck

This section is dedicated to showcasing how to use the deck, whether it be basic combos that the deck can accomplish, or specific combos/cards to use in specific matchups.

Basic Combos

This section will be for basic combos, and common plays when using the deck, as to help you avoid misplays as much as possible.

3-Monster Field:

Needs: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger Normal Summon Princess, DO NOT summon Tiger Attack with Princess, discarding Tiger, Special Summon a monster from deck Will most often be Queen, but board state is relevant Special Summon Tiger from the Graveyard Profit: +1 Monster with Princess’ attack effect Weakness: Preventing Princess from attacking (preventing effect) NOTE: Disregard this combo against a Spellbook player with any S/T set, as they will almost always be able to prevent Princess’ attack, as well as remove your Onslaught from the field the following turn. Instead, summon Tiger on Princess summon, and discard it afterwards if they allow you to do so.

E-Con-Take Princess Fodder:

Needs: Amazoness Princess, Enemy Controller, another disposable monster Attack with the disposable monster if you will not lose it during battle E-Con-take, tributing the disposable monster Attack with their monster if you will be able to keep it Attack with Princess, activate effect, using the stolen monster as discard Profit: At least break even, free removal, increases for every monster removed from their field. Weakness: Preventing Princess from attacking (preventing effect)

Matchup Guide

This section will give tips and tricks that will be useful against current tiered decks. This will not include decks that are no longer on the tier list, nor will it contain high potential decks, unless demand for those matchups is high. For any specific questions, feel free to message me on Discord, or to leave a comment below.


MATCHUP: Slightly unfavourable-unfavourable
EXPLANATION: Able to consistently destroy your key cards, high OTK potential, temporary immunity to traps

Sylvan decks rely on monster effects that trigger when excavated, or while in the graveyard, to quickly swarm the field with strong monsters, while simultaneously destroying cards on your field. The deck is ultra-consistent, but runs very light backrow, as to maximize the amount of monsters excavated during their effect triggers. Their main engine is Sylvan Komushroomo, who will be able to excavate the top 5 cards of the deck when flipped face-up, often allowing them to summon boss monsters by tributing World Carrotweight Champion and/or with the effect of Rose Lover.

  • Key Cards: Amazoness Scouts, Forbidden Chalice, Offerings to the Doomed
    • Scouts is able to prevent destruction by Sylvan Marshalleaf and Treacherous Trap Hole, both of which are in every Sylvan deck.
    • Chalice negates the effects of a monster on the field, preventing their excavations, them from destroying your field as easily.
    • Offerings destroys their boss monsters, such as Sylvan Guardioak and Sylvan Hermitree, preventing them from activating their effects, as well as removing monsters summoned by Rose Lover that Onslaught could not.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr
    • Arfeudutyr allows you to destroy their face-down monsters, allowing you to completely dodge Sylvan Komushroomo’s effect.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Nobleman of Crossout, Different Dimension Ground, Fragrance Storm
  • Key Strategies:
    • Always try to have a backup Onslaught set on field, allowing you to activate it if they destroy the first, or for if they accidentally blow it up, giving you an additional monster.
    • Always go for heavy damage early in the duel, as Swordswoman will help steal games against their boss monsters once their LP has dropped low enough.
    • If they are using Grit, do not use all resources for an OTK, as they will likely survive. Instead, try to get their LP to ~1k or less, then try going for lethal after Grit chances have been reduced.
    • Scouts cannot be used during the damage step (once their face-down monster is flipped face-up), and cannot protect against Marshalleaf unless activated beforehand, so make sure that its effect will not be wasted.
    • Always capitalize on the light backrow they play. If their threats haven’t been answered early enough, then they will draw into nothing but backrow in the late-game, making it even more difficult to effectively deal with them.
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger, Amazoness Onslaught, any other S/T card.

TL;DR: Expect field nukes, bluff Onslaughts win games, and expect to get tilted a lot


MATCHUP: Even split
EXPLANATION: Both decks have amazing card advantage engines, often comes down to topdecks and whoever opens the strongest

Spellbooks relies on using as many spell cards that they reasonably can in one turn, in order to provide fuel for cards such as Spellbook of Fate and Fool of Prophecy. Their main win condition is early field control through Fate, and then winning either by slowly decreasing your LP with Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, or by summoning boss monsters with Fool. The match often involves both decks constantly trading off cards with one-another, and the game often comes down to whoever can topdeck the best cards for the current board state.

  • Key Cards: Amazoness Baby Tiger, Cosmic Cyclone, Offerings to the Doomed
    • Baby Tiger serves as much-needed early board presence, and is more important in this matchup than in any other, as it gives your opponent more cards that they will have to deal with.
    • Cyclone allows you to banish their set cards, allowing you to remove a set Fate during the end phase it was set, or on your first turn going second, preventing it from having any utility.
    • Offerings helps destroy their monsters, which are needed to use Fate, but is difficult to use properly. If they set a card, and do not appear to have anything chainable, then it will be helpful to use it before they can activate their set card. If they do have something chainable, then it is best to wait, as they can use Fate to put their monster face-down, dodging Offerings’ effect. If they use Fate without a set card, then Offerings is not needed to remove their monster from the field. If they have more than one monster on the field, then Offerings should exclusively be used to try and steal games, as using it casually will most likely cause a game loss.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Vision HERO Witch Raider, Lava Golem, Wall of Disruption, Treacherous Trap Hole
    • Witch Raider can destroy all S/T your opponent controls, removing all of their Onslaughts and protection with one card.
    • Lava Golem allows you to remove their Spellcasters from the field, preventing Fate from being activated.
    • WoD is able to break an established field, and can help steal games after all of their monsters have been weakened.
    • Treacherous Trap Hole is also able to destroy monsters, preventing the activation of Fate after they have been removed.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Last Day of Witch, Magic Deflector, Zombie World, DNA Surgery
  • Key Strategies:
    • You will win this game by swarming the field as fast as possible. In this matchup I’d even consider Baby Tiger to be more valuable than Princess, just because of swarm potential.
    • Removing all of their monsters from the field should be your priority.
    • A Spellbook player will often banish your monsters instead of Onslaught, so you may only need to set one. However, getting another in hand and/or on field is strongly recommended, in case they do decide to banish it.
    • Willpower and Rebirth have next-to-no use against this deck, and will likely be dead cards.
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger, Amazoness Onslaught, any additional monster

TL;DR: Baby is MVP, kill all of their monsters ASAP, and believe in the heart of the cards


MATCHUP: Even split
EXPLANATION: Mirror match, comes down to whoever can have more monsters on the field by the end of the duel

The mirror match comes down to three things: who has more monsters, who can get Onslaught the fastest, and who can keep their Onslaught for the longest amount of time. The first is obvious; in a match where both sides will constantly be banishing monsters every battle, whoever has the most monsters is likely to win. Opening Onslaught is still your priority, and on the low chance that you do not open it, the game will be very difficult to win. If the opponent is running Cosmic Cyclone, then they will be able to remove your Onslaught from the field, making it easier for them to win, and vice-versa.

  • Key Cards: Forbidden Chalice, Cosmic Cyclone, Super Rush Headlong
    • Chalice can negate the opposing Princess effects, preventing them from adding Onslaught and/or summoning a monster from the deck.
    • Cyclone can remove opposing Onslaughts, preventing your opponent from banishing your monsters.
    • SRH can destroy monsters without battle, and as all the opposing monsters will likely be EARTH, they will not be able to attack your monster for the rest of that turn.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Wall of Disruption, Treacherous Trap Hole
    • WoD is able to almost always reduce the opposing monsters’ ATK to 0, making their monsters extremely vulnerable to constant attacks, especially if the opponent has Queen on the field. Do note that reducing Swords Woman’s ATK will be more detrimental than beneficial, as you will take all the damage from those battles instead.
    • TTH can destroy the opponent’s monsters, and can turn the whole duel in your favour.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Warrior Elimination, Xing Zhen Hu

  • Key Strategies:
    • More monsters wins the game in the mirror.
    • You should almost never discard monsters other than Baby Tiger, as you will lose more monsters overall. The only time you should discard them is if you can recover them with a set Willpower. You should not, however, make Willpower your priority.
    • As Enemy Controller has very little defensive use in this match, do not be afraid to tribute your own Baby Tiger as its cost. Your opponent will be forced to use backrow to protect it, or will lose it if they have none. This should be used almost exclusively while Princess is on the field.
    • Cyclone should exclusively be used to remove opposing Onslaughts from the field.
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger, any backrow card, any additional monster

TL;DR: The mirror match isn’t fun, spam as many monsters as possible, and Onslaught is your only problem here

Masked Heroes

MATCHUP: Favorable
EXPLANATION: Cannot effectively clear the board without attacking, very weak to non-targeting removal

Masked Heroes relies on swarming the field with the help of cards such as Vision HERO Vyon and Mask Change. They have one of the strongest consistency engines in the meta thanks to Destiny HERO - Celestial and their boss monster, Masked HERO Anki. While it is an unfavourable matchup for them, as they are very weak to non-targeting removal, they can beat an unwary player by inflicting large amounts of damage through Vision HERO Trinity and Anki, making generic backrow cards very important in this matchup.

  • Key Cards: Amazoness Swords Woman, Enemy Controller, Super Rush Headlong
    • Swords Woman can allow attacks after they try to shut your field down by inflicting large amounts of damage in one turn.
    • E-Con is important for stopping Anki and Trinity from dealing large amounts of damage, which can make it difficult to win if the damage isn’t prevented.
    • SRH can prevent attacks against a vulnerable monster, as all of their monsters are DARK.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Spirit Barrier
    • Barrier can prevent them from dealing any damage while you control a monster, making it almost impossible for them to win once it’s activated.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Warrior Elimination, Magic Deflector

  • Key Strategies:
    • Only summon Queen if there seems to be no chance that they can deal enough damage the next turn, as Queen can often lead to accidental game losses. If possible, I’d recommend avoiding Queen until they do not have access to more than 3 cards at the same time.
    • Trinity attacking a Princess will deal 3800 damage, and an Anki targeted with Chalice will deal 3200 damage, both of which can result in game losses if they have even one more monster out in play.
    • If Anki is attacking directly, do not hesitate to use E-Con before Chalice is activated, unless you absolutely need it for another situation. This is because Chalice will be activated during the Damage Step, when E-Con can no longer be activated.
    • Do not destroy Celestial if you cannot banish it with Onslaught, as this will allow them to draw 2 cards off of its effect during their next turn.
    • Generic backrow is key for this matchup, and can quickly shift from favourable to unfavourable if you do not have any, or if they manage to remove it all from the field.
    • 2-3 Cyclone isn’t uncommon in this deck, so having a spare Onslaught will often be very beneficial.
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger, any 2 different S/T card EXCEPT 2 “Amazoness” S/T cards

TL;DR: Indestructible monsters are bad, generic backrow is great, and clearing their field once often means you will win


MATCHUP: Slightly unfavourable
EXPLANATION: Very strong one-card engine, can inflict heavy damage through A-Counters

Aliens are a deck that rely on putting A-Counters onto the opponent’s monsters to use their own effects, and to make a battle more favourable. All monsters that are currently played have a stackable effect that reduces your monster’s ATK for 300 for each A-Counter on it while battling an Alien monster. They have a one-card engine on the same level as Princess, “A” Cell Recombination Device, which thins the deck, places large amounts of A-Counters onto the field, and can add a monster to the hand from the deck. They will use the A-Counters to summon Alien Overlord, and place even more counters onto the field, to activate Alien Telepath’s effect, which can destroy target S/T card on the field, and Brainwashing Beam, which can steal your monster. This matchup isn’t one that I’d prioritize building a sideboard against, as it currently sees very little play in tournaments.

  • Key Cards: Amazoness Swords Woman, Enemy Controller, Cosmic Cyclone
    • Swords Woman will deal damage to the opponent instead, making it a safer play against an established Alien field.
    • E-Con can help clear your own A-Counters.
    • Cyclone can remove Brainwashing Beam from the field, allowing you to regain control of your monster.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Vision HERO Witch Raider, Wall of Disruption
    • Witch Raider can destroy all S/T cards your opponent controls, removing all of their much-needed protection from the field.
    • WoD can completely cripple an Alien deck, especially if it affects their entire field, and can often lead to your victory.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Magic Deflector

  • Key Strategies:
    • Coming Soon
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Baby Tiger, any 2 different S/T cards

TL;DR: Indestructible monsters are bad


MATCHUP: Almost autoloss
EXPLANATION: No real way to deal with their constant field disruption

Stall relies on using cards such as Massivemorph and Draining Shield to minimize damage, all the while using Extra, Extra to draw additional cards to control the field even more effectively after dealing damage. Your main win condition will be to try and swarm the field before they can gain enough advantage. Princess comboing with Onslaught is key in this matchup, and is the only real possibility you have of winning. If your entire field gets locked down, then you will have no real way to win the duel.

  • Key Cards: Amazoness Princess, Amazoness Sage, Cosmic Cyclone, Offerings to the Doomed, Amazoness Onslaught
    • Princess can clear monsters that have been hit with Massivemorph and WoD.
    • Sage can destroy S/T cards your opponent controls if it can successfully attack, and can turn the tide of the duel if it is able to consistently attack.
    • Cyclone can clear backrow, helping you try and steal the game.
    • Offerings can clear your locked monsters, opening up your board so you can continue to try to win.
    • Onslaught combos well with Princess, allowing you to summon monsters from your hand in response to Princess’ discard effect.
  • Possible Techs/Sideboard Cards: Vision HERO Witch Raider, Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr, Treacherous Trap Hole
    • Witch Raider can destroy all opposing S/T cards, and if played early enough, can single handedly win the duel.
    • Arfeudutyr can help destroy set S/T cards, and is most useful when equipped to monsters that have been affected by Massivemorph.
    • TTH can clear your own monsters from the field, opening up your board so you can continue to try to win.
  • Specific Sideboard Cards: Ancient Gear Engineer, Fenghuang, Fire Formation-Gyokkou, Xing Zhen Hu

  • Key Strategies:
    • Try to avoid fully lock up your monster zones, as it becomes easier for them to full-field WoD.
    • If your monster zones do become full, then be sure to summon from the hand with Onslaught after using Princess’ effect.
    • Only summon Queen through Tribute Summons, unless you have guaranteed game by summoning it with Onslaught.
    • If your monster zones become fully locked down, and you have no way of clearing them, it may be better just to scoop, and to go to the next game.
  • Ideal Opening: Amazoness Princess, any combination of monsters and/or counter cards

TL;DR: Everybody hates Stall, do not give them the satisfaction of quick wins, and you will likely lose this match regardless


This concludes The Jungle Book, and should help you better understand the Amazoness archetype. I’d like to thank Brenduke for helping me out along the way, the other general chat trolls for allowing me to have a great time, Dkayed for hosting an amazing Discord and site, and everybody who has had to put up with me. In conclusion, Amazoness is one of the strongest decks in the current meta, and will likely be dominant for a good amount of time. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my guide, and hopefully it wasn’t complete trash like I expected it to be.

Until next time,


If you have any thoughts or questions, leave a comment below!
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