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Aliens Guide


Aliens are an archetype that has been introduced through the Main Box Abyss Encounters.

Aliens use A-Counters: icon

These counters are used to activate card effects from monsters, traps and spells. Some Aliens are able to use A-counters to reduce enemy monsters attack and defense, and will have the text (If a monster with an A-Counter battles an Alien monster, it loses 300 ATK and DEF for each A-Counter during damage calculation only.) This effect stacks for each Alien monster on the field. Aliens have been labeled as the best F2P and new player friendly Deck in Duel Links with only one core Super Rare card. Alien decks are extremely versitile and have room for situational tech cards, making them a strong deck for experienced players as well. I’m an experienced Alien player and have won the (9th) Meta Weekly for those interested in my alien resume.

Viable Alien Cards


Duel Links Card: Alien%20Overlord
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Grey
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Kid
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Telepath
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Shocktrooper


Duel Links Card: %22A%22%20Cell%20Recombination%20Device
Duel Links Card: Mysterious%20Triangle


Duel Links Card: Brainwashing%20Beam
Duel Links Card: Crop%20Circles

Synergistic Non-Alien Cards (Useful Tech)

Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Evil%20Dragon%20Ananta
Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Wall%20of%20Disruption
Duel Links Card: Sphere%20Kuriboh
Duel Links Card: Forbidden%20chalice

Core Card Breakdown

Alien Overlord:
Run 1-2 copies of this card. 2 copies can brick without A-counters or tribute fodder, but one copy can feel like too few of your best “A-counter” spreading monster. Overlord can put out A-counters to each face up monster your opponent controls each turn. You can special summon Overlord by removing 2 A-counters anywhere. This card is versatile, but a potential brick without the means to summon it. During mirror matches, your first priority should be removing A-counters from your own monsters by special summoning your own Overlord. This way, your opponent cannot activate cards such as Mysterious Triangle, Alien Telepath, or Brainwashing Beam and also can not make use of the 300 attack and defense reductions from A-counters.

Alien Telepath:
This card is played from 2 copies to 3. Alien Telepath is the main spell and trap removal of the deck, as it removes 1 A-counter from your opponent’s monster to destroy a backrow. This effect can only be activated once per turn (per Alien Telepath), and it is worth noting that it does not negate. Your opponent has the opportunity to chain anything that they can.

Alien Warrior:
This card is played from 2 copies to 3. It is an 1800 beater that places 2 A-counters when destroyed by battle on the monster that destroyed it. This is a consistent source of counters, and 2 just so happens to be the amount of counters required to summon Alien Overlord.

Brainwashing Beam:
Run this at 2. It is extremely powerful in the Cyber Angel and Gladiator Beast matchups which are the most played decks at the point this article was written. You can tribute your Overlord with their monster or Mysterious Triangle on the turn the control of the monster goes back to your opponent.

Alien Kid:
This card was a late bloomer, it wasnt very good at release. As the game gets faster it will get even better. It places one A-counters on every special summon monster your opponent summons.

“A” Cell Recombination:
Best card in deck. It gives you A-counters which allows your combos to run smoothly plus the search effect is great. Combos very well with Powerful Rebirth since it sends an Alien to the grave.

Powerful Rebirth:
Synergizes very well with the deck. Recombination plays combined with Rebirth gives you ability to swarm with Aliens to get the maximum A-counter stat reduction.

Meta Matchups

Fur Hires:

This matchup is about even in my experience, fur hire cant handle the consistent pressure of aliens if you open decently especially if you teched in cards that counter fur hire such as Canadia, floodgate, chalice or wall of disruption. Wiz can negate recombination from the field and from graveyard for your search so remember that, keep in mind wiz effect is once per turn so thats why i say they cant handle the pressure at times. Alien kid will put counters on all thier special summoned mons so he is a good first turn play and telepath can pop a mayhem since those can be tricky. Keep in mind if they have dyna on the field you cannot attack thier small mons or even wiz. A play i think you should get used too is baiting wiz to negate a card you dont really care about so in return you will be able to play a card that is devastating.

  • Key Cards: Alien Kid (They revolve around special summoning and those counters will be able to activate effects from Overlord and Telepath, consistent pressure).


In the Amazoness matchup your main focus should be Telepath and to remove their backrow. Amazoness Onslaught is a very powerful card and has a couple troublesome effects such as banishing your monsters, extra special summon from hand and grave. Luckily, we have ways to combat that like Alien Kid to put A-Counters on thier monster for Telepath to use or simply for you to use as beatdown since they can have trouble with low points. Removing backrow is the main focus and having removal for Amazoness Queen since it allows their monsters to not be destroyed by battle. Techs like Mysterious Triangle and Super Rush take care of that and even ECon take does too for game. The banishing can be tricky but mostly youll be using the monster you sent to grave by Recombination to activate Powerful Rebirth for that extra swarm. All in all its a easy match up just remove thier resources and beatdown their life points.

  • Key Cards: Alien Telepath for backrow removal. Spot removal such as ECon, Mysterious Triangle or Super Rush Headlong for Amazoness Queen.

Gladiator Beasts:

Gladiators are a hard opponent since your A-counters will go away when they shuffle into the deck. The key is monster removal and control, so Brainwashing Beam and Mysterious Triangle are huge since they run few monsters and allow you to deal with them before their effects activate. Don’t be afraid to suicide your Alien Warrior if you need the counters to activate cards that turn. If not, remember they will tag out at the end of the battle phase and remove any counters. Alien Kid is a good tech card since it immediately places A-counters on monsters when they are special summoned, giving you the opportunity to start your turn with counters in play. This opens up the ability to Mysterious Triangle, Brainwashing Beam or use Alien Telepath to pop back row.

  • Key Cards: Mysterious Triangle (monster removal, extra attack), “A” Cell Recombination Device (place counters when they can’t tag them away), Brainwashing Beam (helps control their monsters), Alien Kid (spread counters through their own tagging) and Alien Telepath (remove their pesky backrow).

Cyber Angels/Saffira:

The key to this matchup is to get your counters on to Saffira, Queen of Dragons or Cyber Angel Dakini as soon are they are summoned. These decks allow you to play very aggressive since they don’t usually run back row. If you are able to survive their first two turns you are usually in good shape. Try to swarm faster than they can remove your monsters with Cyber Angel Dakini, keep A-counters on key cards, and make use of Enemy Controller or Brainwashing Beam to remove their own monsters through Cyber Angel Dakini’s effect. A lack of backrow also makes it very easy to use these cards to turn their monsters against them and swing for game.

  • Key Cards: Enemy Controller (take their monster to pop when they use Cyber Angel Dakini’s effect), Brainwashing Beam (same as Enemy Controller if you have counters, can pop something else and swing for game or tribute for Alien Overlord if you have more than 1 counter), Alien Overlord (spreads counters to reduce the attack of their big monsters, can be summoned when you take their monster), “A” Cell Recombination Device (reduce the attack of their monsters through A-counter placement and remove Alien Telepath from deck as he is somewhat dead in this matchup), and Alien Warrior (fodder for Enemy Controller take, places counters for attack reduction/Alien Overlord summon when destroyed).

Hazy/Hazy Beatdown:

This is a very hard match up. If you open with Wall of Disruption you are in good shape. If you don’t run Wall of Disruption you need to get out Alien Overlord as fast as possible- even if you have to put counters on your own monsters to do so. The reason for this is that he does not target and his counters will be necessary to prevent them from OTK’ing you. Alien Kid can be useful for this matchup since it doesn’t target the hazy monster and they special summon frequently. Preventing their OTK is your only strategy as you can outplay them in the long game. Beware of them tributing a monster to remove counters from their board. Alien warrior does not target either, and allows you to get some counters on the board. While “A” Cell Recombination Device is a dead card in the matchup due to targeting, it’s worth noting that Mysterious Triangle is very useful, since it destroys without targeting. If possible, force your opponent to use their Beast Rising to avoid another effect, and then destroy the newly buffed monster with Mysterious Triangle.

  • Key Cards: Alien Overlord, Alien Kid, and Alien Warrior as they all spread counters without targeting. Wall of Disruption (Area of Effect attack reduction), Super Rush Headlong (non-targetting monster removal), Mysterious Triangle

Sea Stealth Attack:

Going against Sea Stealth Attack you need to focus on quick wins and not letting your opponent get out 2 or more 5 star or higher monsters. Your techs are vital in this match up and the most useful are going to be Cosmic Cyclone, Super Rush Headlong and Enemy Controller. Keep in mind you can chain cards to Sea Stealth Attack’s initial flip and they will go through. It will be useful to special summon Alien Overlord from your own monsters A-counters to maximize swarm and prevent your opponent from banishing their monsters with counters on them. Be mindful about what you are playing against when you target backrow for removal- Citadel Whale can pull Sea Stealth Attack from the deck if they are playing it, while Sea Stealth Attack itself can pull A Legendary Ocean from the grave or hand.

  • Key Cards: Enemy Controller (take their monster before they can ruin your day with Sea Stealth Attack), Brainwashing Beam (see Enemy Controller), Mysterious Triangle (pop their monster before they can activate Sea Stealth Attack protection, can chain to the banish effect), Cosmic Cyclone (this card banishes and therefore can go through Sea Stealth Attack’s effect)


Geargias can be a hard match up if they go first and open with a Ties of the Brethren but if they don’t its in your favor. You want to deplete their resources because they dont have very much comeback ability. Econ take is great in this matchup if you can afford it because if they activate Pulse Mines you’ll be able to destroy a problematic monster regardless. Most Geargia match ups will have chainable backrow, but if you could pop a not active Powerful Rebirth with Telepath thats a huge plus. Keep in mind if they Ties of the Brethren while you have an Econ and a monster you can Econ take that monster and he won’t get the special summon plus he will get the 2k damage. Geargiattacker won’t target your backrow so if you have a card you need to activate in order to survive a turn, activate it.

  • Key Cards: Enemy controller (Econ take can be huge) Alien Kid (Special summons from Powerful Rebirth and Geargiarsenal) Monster effect Negation Cards (Divine Wrath and Forbidden Chalice)

Masked Heroes:

In the Masked HERO match up the best strategy is to force him to get Masked HERO Anki out on your terms (using Telepaths effect to destroy a backrow or having lethal if he doesnt act) like the match up with REZ. You dont want him to pick his spots. You need to have answers for Anki, whether thats an Enemy Controller or Recombination. You cant let them have an Anki out with no protection because then it’s over. Don’t be over aggressive, Warrior attacks over all thier monsters so keep your spell and traps for Anki and beat over their small monsters. Econ take can be huge in this match up.

  • Key Cards: Enemy Controller (Econ take thier 2800 beater or stop Anki from attacking) Alien kid (puts counters on all thier special summoned monsters with includes Anki or any monster special summoned from Destiny HERO - Drilldark) Alien Telepath (Pop a Mask Change so he has to use it early)

Alien Mirror Match:

The key to this match up is to play conservatively- don’t be afraid to set your Alien monster first turn so that your opponent can’t “A” Cell Recombination Device you. Alien Overlord is big in this matchup, but make sure the board is safe for him to enter. On your turn you need to be very aggressive, because most likely your monsters are going to be stolen or destroyed by your opponents cards on their turn, giving them more options. Forcing them to use their resources to stop your attacks can leave them vulnerable to your own backrow. Alien Telepath is a key card to get rid of Brainwashing Beam or any tech they may have set so you don’t lose to backrow. Alien Kid is a nice tech since Alien Overlord special summons and Powerful Rebirth is common, allowing his effect to generate value. Your main focus should be destroying your opponent’s back row and going in for the OTK. Be sure to remove key monsters along the way while leaving yourself some A-counters to work with. Do not be the first one to have a face up Alien monster.

  • Key Cards: Alien Overlord (your biggest monster and best A-counter spreader), Alien Telepath (remove their pesky backrow). Brainwashing Beam/Enemy Controller (take their monsters for tribute, or use their own effects against them), and Mysterious Triangle (This card removes opposing Alien Overlord/Alien Telepath before it can wreak too much havoc.) Any spell and trap removal techs are great in the mirror.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon:

What Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon tries to do is swarm the board with zombies and try to make a play that takes away your backrow and kill you in one turn. The key is forcing Red-Eyes out on your terms, by attempting to destroy Red-Eyes Spirit with Alien Telepath or other removal, allowing you to get a chance to deal with their threats.

  • Key Cards: Powerful rebirth to swarm the board and special summon Telepath to destroy Red-Eyes Spirit when you need, Brainwashing Beam to simply take away Red-Eyes Zombie and possibly tribute him. Alien Overlord can be huge since he can put a counters on all your opponent’s monsters, putting them under kill threshold and preventing the swarm.


Dinos rely on beating you down with their high attack 4* monsters while pinning down your backrow leaving you helpless. What you need to do in this matchup is just get A-counters on a monster. It’s that simple. If they have counters you can pop any backrow they have with Telepath or pop a Gyokkou or Xing that has your back row pinned. What tends to be tough in the Dino matchup is the pinning down of “A” Cell Recombination which is why having Alien Warrior consistently give out 2 counters when destroyed is big and also Alien Greys 1 A-counter is another way to pop a back row with Telepath if you’re having trouble getting A-counters out. Keep in mind monster removal is big against Dinos because they run few monsters, Put them into a top deck situation.

  • Key Cards: Alien Telepath (destroy the spell or trap they used to pin yours) Alien Warrior (Consistent ways for counters incase they pin down alien recombination) Alien Grey ( One A counter is enough to activate telepaths effect if needed).


Golden Flying Fish is a card that can destroy any card on the field by tributing one fish on your field, This is the main focus of the deck which is why it has a weakness of bricking because the deck relies on one card. Notable card in the deck is Oyster Meister, It will special summon a token when tributed by Golden Flying Fish that can in return be another tribute fodder for Flying Fish. The way to play against this deck is be aggressive as possible and destroy backrow, you don’t want a slow game to allow your opponent to draw into a Flying Fish if they didn’t open up with it. Get card advantage and Econ take your opponents Flying Fish is a good play if you don’t want your opponent destroying a key card on your field. Going first is the best against this deck.

  • Key Cards: Alien Telepath ( To destroy their back row and to stop Rebirth plays before theirs monsters in the graveyard) Enemy Controller ( To econ take a Flying Fish to stop it from destroying a key card) Powerful Rebirth (To summon a monster destroyed by Flying Fish) Alien Kid (To put counters on their special summoned monsters which includes their Powerful Rebirth monsters and any monster special summoned from Hammer Shark or Beautunaful Princess).


Going against Sylvans if you go second, dont blindly attack into a face down. This is especially true if they didn’t Restart since its likely a Sylvan Komushroomo. If you attack chances are they will destroy a backrow from milling a Komushroomo and you wont be able to chain. They could also mill a {Sylvan Marshalleaf and leave you with no monsters and the ability to get OTK’d. Play safe and stockpile a board so you can survive their one push. Dont use Alien Telepath or any monster effect unless its absolutely needed because chances are they have Divine Wrath and it will get negated and in return your monster will be destroyed. If you have a full board of monsters you can afford to take a chance, but most cases, you cannot. You gotta live with the fact that if the face down isnt a Divine Wrath the backrow will likely be an Enemy Controller which isnt too bad. The key is not getting OTK’d.

  • Key Cards: (Alien Kid) Kid has been crazy good for me in this match up to be able to put an A-Counter on any monster that they special summon with Rose Lover can be huge plus it gives counters to Carrotweight Champion which will make it so he cant attack over you. He is your go to if you have another monster on your board. Mill your Telepaths first. (Divine wrath) Simple negation of thier Sylvan monster effects and destroys. Probably the most popular tech against although the discard can be a hefty price. (Forbidden Chalice) Negates their Komushroomos or any Sylvans effects. Can be activated in the Damage Step. Great all around card and I’ve used it offensively as well as for the 400 Attack bump. (Super Rush Headlong) Great if they have a big beater special summoned from Rose Lover since they arent affected by traps. Has came clutch multiple times and its chainable to the effect of Komushroomo.

Skill Choices

With the nerf to restart and the arrival of furs i think balance is the decks best skill, ive always been hestitant to play balance because i prefer playing more than one alien overlord but in the fur hire match up you need the consistent spell and traps. Balance works if you have 6 of each card type in your deck and you will have one of each in starting hand plus a random card.

I think switcheroo is the second best option, you can return a card from your hand to deck to draw one if your life points reduces by 1000 this combos very well with cosmic cyclone and allows you to play a second overlord, I would lean for this build to be more aggressive.

Mind Scan
You can see your opponents hand only if youre life points stays above 3000 this works well with our backrow removing cards such as cosmic cyclone, gyokkou and alien telepath and also dont forget being able to play around cards is huge also since you know whats facedown.

How to Play Aliens

Be adaptive, there isn’t one way to play Aliens- it depends on your matchup. If you are going against a control or a backrow heavy deck your priority should be getting out Alien Telepath to destroy their back row and gain board control. If you are going against high attack monster decks, such as CA, your first priority should be getting Alien Overlord and beating them down with A-counters or using Enemy Controller/Brainwashing Beam to beat them with their own monster. The combo of sending an Alien to the graveyard through “A” Cell Recombination Device and then summoning it with Powerful Rebirth is a useful combo in the end phase to make sure you can use “A” Cell Recombination Device’s search effect next turn. Your opponent then has less options to destroy your reborn monster.

Tech Options

  • Paleozoic Canadia:
    Great tech against the Fur Hire match up, turn 2 play of using Canadia on their small mon before they special summon can be deadly and they might be able to come back from that.

  • Straight Flush:
    Simple backrow removal tech since most decks run alot of backrow. Destroying 3 is insane but it is situational since they need 3 on board.

  • Jinzo:
    One tribute mon that can negate trap effects and prevent them from activating from both you and your opponent. Good in the Stall match up and Amazoness.

  • Treacherous Trap Hole:
    Arguable the best card in the game, almost a insta win if you pull it off but keep in mind if your Powerful Rebirth is in grave you cant use it.

  • Sphere Kuriboh:
    Great vs. Hazy and Gladiator because it’s played from the hand and doesn’t target. Also useful to avoid getting OTK’d by Storm or Anti-Magic Arrows

  • Wall of Disruption:
    Good in the mirror and vs. Hazy since it doesn’t target and punishes decks that swarm the field

  • Powerful Rebirth:
    Borderline core card, allows you to have combos with “A” Cell Recombination Device since they send an alien to the grave and you can then recycle the monster.

  • Enemy Controller:
    Popular tech card, very versatile. Allows for quick games since you can remove backrow fairly easily, and tribute take monsters.

  • Mysterious Triangle:
    Great effect but can be situational. keep in mind that some cards can negate it, such as Hymn of Light or Sea Stealth Attack unless you chain it. Worth noting that it doesn’t target (ideal for Hazy Flame monsters).

  • Alien Kid:
    Helps get counters on the board on special summon heavy decks like Hazy and Gladiator Beasts.

  • Evil Dragon Ananta:
    Can be very powerful, but needs to backrow to protect it. 3 of requires a focused build, but 1 can be splashed into most builds as an extra removal tech. At worst, it is usually a 1 for 1 card, at best it wins you games.

  • Cosmic Cyclone:
    Great for removing Sea Stealth Attack (because it banishes and doesn’t destroy) or just extra removal for control decks. Doesn’t synergize the best with your deck in other matchups, otherwise it would be an auto include.

  • Forbidden Chalice:
    Negates your opponent’s monster effects but gives your opponent’s monster 400 attack which Aliens generally don’t care about because A-counters will reduce the attack tremendously in most situations. As the meta progresses, monster effects are becoming more and more prevalent which increases the value of this card in any deck.

  • Alien Grey:
    Alien Grey can be a great first turn play, He can be a dead card in the mid to late game but if you can land the effect, he generates a lot of advantage. Brainwashing Beam, Alien Telepath and Mysterious Triangle all only require one A-counter.

  • Crop circles:
    Crop Circles can get you out of a bad hand: it’ll let you search a monster for your current situation. It falls victim to being a win more card, and if you’re trying to make a comeback it’s likely to be dead in your hand. In some cases, it can get you out of a tough spot, such as an Enemy Controller into defense or Wall of Disruption.

  • Anti-Magic Arrows:
    Typically, Anti-Magic Arrows}are great for mirror matches since most games are so slow and have a lot of sets. Since neither player wants to play aggressively, negating their entire backrow after building your own side of the field can establish control of the game. Generally good against backrow heavy decks such as Dinos, Gladiator Beasts and Burn.

  • Storm:
    Storm gives you the ability to open up your backrow in case you have dead Powerful Rebirths or Brainwashing Beams, while simultaneously destroying your opponent’s back row. Great for Temple Burn and other backrow heavy decks.

  • Snipe Hunter:
    Snipe hunter is a great tech against cancer builds such as Mill, Stall and Temple burn. Aliens have a severe weakness to burn so being able to wipe out your opponent’s field including synergy with powerful rebirth to send monsters to grave and keep in mind you won’t get the A-counters by sending Recombination to graveyard by Snipe Hunter but will you will get the effect of searching an Alien your next turn by banishing.

  • Fenghuang:
    Mostly used in the Alien mirror match this card will allow you to destroy their set backrow and come back to your hand during end phase that means fenghuang in most cases don’t care about A-Counters. Mirror matches are very stall so this card can pop off multiple times per duel.

  • Mirror wall:
    Powerful card in this meta if Hey, Trunade! becomes popular, it stops you from getting OTK’d from Cyber Angels or REZ and allows you to go all out on your following turn.

Alien Mirror Match Overview

The alien mirror has many confusing scenarios, I will explain to you how to play the mirror and what cards could give you the edge in a best of three side deck tournament format as well as helpful in-depth tips that yourself might not have noticed. In the mirror the main objective is getting your A-counters on your opponent’s monsters and attacking safely with crazy stat reductions. How you want to play the mirror is passively and don’t be the first to be aggressive. But that being said, in some cases you should be aggressive at the right time such as your opponent has more cards than you and in return will deck you out and also being aggressive is a good play if you have a spicy tech that your opponent isn’t expecting. Why being the first to go aggressive generally hurts you is because if they Recombination your monster in your end phase in most cases they will pull off a double Telepath play to snipe two backrow by sending a Telepath to the graveyard and special summoning it from the graveyard by Powerful Rebirth and normal summoning another, This combo is deadly and you will lose card advantage while having a lame duck Alien monster on the field with 2 counters with the stat reduction of 1800 since the -300 attack for each counter and this effect stacks by each Alien monster on field , This includes your opponents Aliens as well. The key is having monsters with zero counters it’s easier said than done but you’re capable of doing so by using Econ take to get rid of your monster with the counters. This makes you less likely to get OTK’d and allows you to not let your opponents Telepath destroy a backrow you don’t want destroyed and also not let your opponent Brainwashing Beam you or special summon an Overlord. Be prepared for a stall mate but eventually things will speed up.

Best Mirror Match Techs

Here are some techs that are the best for the mirror match and could single handedly win you the game. While some of these techs are great all around good against any deck but some are mirror match dependant.

  • Super Rush Headlong:
    The reason why this is a good tech card since it doesn’t care about your attack, you could have zero attack which likely will happen when you have counters but it’ll still destroy your opponent’s monster. Keep in mind Aliens have different attributes so it can be tricky if they have a 2+ monster board.

  • Snipe Hunter:
    My personal favorite tech for the mirror matches because chances are you and your opponent have been setting and passing for some turns and this gives you a opportunity with Snipe to destroy their whole field since you have a full hand and go for game. Keep in mind you can special summon monsters you discarded.

  • Fenghuang:
    Fenghuang will destroy your opponents set backrow and the key thing about Feng is that it comes back to your hand in end phase so counters mean nothing so they wasted an Alien Recombination if they chained it.

  • Crop Circles:
    Lets you special summon another Alien monster from the deck so it’s great if you want to get out a non countered monster.

  • Cosmic Cyclone:
    Great all around tech card against many decks, You can banish a Recombination so they won’t have a search for an Alien monster and you can chain to their Powerful Rebirth so they won’t get the special summon

  • Anti-Magic Arrows:
    Anti magic gives you the ability to clear their monsters without worrying about their backrow. This card has surprise factor but its best used when you have an OTK since it doesn’t destroy backrow.

  • Xing zhen hu:
    Just a simple way to lock down set cards since in the mirror you are mostly setting or you can be able to make your opponent activate cards when they dont want.

What Skill Is Best For The Mirror

You would think i’d choose Balance or Restart but no, The best skill for the mirror is Mind Scan and here’s why. Most of the time you are setting and no one is being aggressive so even if you brick it doesn’t matter, You can set and wait while knowing opponents backrow and playing around them. You’ll be able to hit your Xing Zhen Hu, Cosmic Cyclone and Snipe hunter on the right back row. Most mirror matches players lose because of surprise factor so having Mindscan and being prepared is huge.

Skill: Positives Negatives
Mind Scan Being able to see your opponent’s back row and play around it or destroy it. If you brick and you lose more than 1k life, the skill is gone
Balance You will consistently have back row to set in starting hand with one spell and trap. Doesn’t give you any advantages mid to late game and you must play a specific amount of card types in your deck for it work.
Restart You can Restart to get a specific tech such as Snipe Hunter or Fenghuang if it isn’t in your starting hand. They will see a surprise tech card in your hand if your opening hand is a brick and you must Restart.

Meta Weekly 9 Alien Deck

skill Balance
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Overlord
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Telepath
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Telepath
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Telepath
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Alien%20Grey
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: Enemy%20Controller
Duel Links Card: %22A%22%20Cell%20Recombination%20Device
Duel Links Card: %22A%22%20Cell%20Recombination%20Device
Duel Links Card: %22A%22%20Cell%20Recombination%20Device
Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth
Duel Links Card: Powerful%20Rebirth
Duel Links Card: Wall%20of%20Disruption
Duel Links Card: Brainwashing%20Beam
Duel Links Card: Brainwashing%20Beam
Duel Links Card: Curse%20of%20Anubis

Other Tips

  • Aliens A-counter -300 effect stacks, so: 2 aliens (with the text effect) = - 600 with 1 counter.
  • Practice Alien math, or play with a calculator nearby before you take this deck to ranked.
  • Alien Shocktrooper benefits from the A-counter stat reduction as long as you have another alien on the field, but does not grant that benefit itself as it lacks the required text effect.
  • Don’t forget, suiciding your Alien Warrior is a good option in some situations.
  • Play “A” Cell Recombination Device on the end phase of your opponent’s turn, this way you can get the effect of adding an alien monster to your hand on your following turn.
  • In some situations, using “A” Cell Recombination Device to lower an attacking monster’s ATK is a viable play. You lose valuable A-counters when their monster is destroyed, but destroying a monster in their battle phase can generate advantage.
  • In a Gladiator Beast match up, if you Enemy Controller take or Brainwashing Beam both of their Gladiator Beasts you can pull off a fusion summon of Gladiator Beast Essedarii
  • Alien Kids effect to place an A-counter cannot be negated by Divine Wrath.
  • Econ taking an enemys Alien Overlord will destroy theirs and keep yours in tact if you have one on the field.
  • Suiciding your Alien Warrior can be a good play if you have another Alien on the field or if you have a Powerful Rebirth set so you can attack over their monster if needed.


Aliens are a cheap deck and have a lot of meta potential with a unique play style that separates them from other archetypes in duel links currently. Choosing this deck means you should always be on alert, since A-counters are hard to keep track of (at first). Make sure to have a calculator ready when first learning since the stat reductions can be tricky. Good Luck!


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