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RRQ Reflective Analysis

Hi guys, welcome to my first little write up. If you are asking why I’m doing this, it’s simply my reaction after the RRQ ended ridiculously for me. I removed Duel Links completely after this weekend and I really wanted to quit. If you want to know why, keep reading. I will also talk about the skill changes and the cards who will get on the limited list. So if you are interested in multiple opinions, here is mine!

RRQ Day 1:

I started playing the event punctually 7am CET under the Name ‘AwesomeMiz’. If some of you guys remembered the high score List I reached Top 3 really quickly and stayed for half of the day there until I reached 26k points (sadly I have no proof because I deleted the screenshots since it was day 1 and this write up was not planned). To make those points I played Sylvans first up to 10k and switched really quickly to Spellbooks after I realized that Sylvans became more popular. After I reached 26k points an interesting thing happened to me the FIRST time: I went down 10k points straight, because I ONLY drew useless hands. To clarify: this was 15 starting hands of trash. 5 hands were restarted and after this I switched (after a 1 hour break) back to Sylvans because I really felt betrayed by Spellbooks. After this incredible losing streak, I went back to 21k, but I couldn’t break the 22k before midnight. I ended with 28k using Spellbooks again, where rank 10 EU had 33k points.

RRQ Day 2:

I don’t know why, but day 2 is always the hardest day for me to make points. There is nothing special to say. I switched between Mask Heroes, Sylvans, Spellbooks and Amazoness and ended with 38k points (Rank 10 before going to sleep 44k points).

RRQ Day 3:

The final day was for me overwhelming proof of what a cucky game we are playing here! At the beginning, it was a back and forth between 42k and 36k points playing Spellbooks. This was mostly because they were coinflip games and everybody played them on this level. At this time I had Dkayed in mind saying ‘always be one step ahead of the meta’ and I created this nice prank of a deck:

Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Komushroomo
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Komushroomo
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Komushroomo
Duel Links Card: Rose%20Lover
Duel Links Card: Rose%20Lover
Duel Links Card: Rose%20Lover
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Hermitree
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Hermitree
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Flowerknight
Duel Links Card: World%20Carrotweight%20Champion
Duel Links Card: World%20Carrotweight%20Champion
Duel Links Card: World%20Carrotweight%20Champion
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Marshalleaf
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Marshalleaf
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Marshalleaf
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Guardioak
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Guardioak
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Guardioak
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Lotuswain
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Snapdrassinagon
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Snapdrassinagon
Duel Links Card: Sylvan%20Snapdrassinagon
Duel Links Card: Cosmic%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Tribute%20to%20The%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Tribute%20to%20The%20Doomed
Duel Links Card: Divine%20Wrath
Duel Links Card: Divine%20Wrath
Duel Links Card: Divine%20Wrath
Duel Links Card: Ultimate%20Providence

As you can see, I’m running 29 cards. I thought 30 was not really needed against Spellbooks. In the first version I played Heavy Starter because I wanted to give them quick OTK’s with the big boys. However, I switched to Restart after I had a lot of turns without having Rose Lover early. Plus, Spellbooks can’t OTK you in the first rounds usually without using That Grass Looks Greener. I used this deck to come back from 36k points up to 51k points which was rank 8 EU in the early evening. I was really happy with this, but the streak of this deck ended while I played the same guys over and over and they adjusted their playstyle because they learned that I played cards like Divine Wrath and Ultimate Providence that were definitely the game makers in this Deck!
Back to 47k points I switched to Masked Heroes because it was early in the evening and time was running out. I needed quick wins to make the top cut!

This screenshot was made by achieving 50k points again. At this time OualidCheats (aka Whybona) had 59k points. At this point CONGRATULATIONS to WHYBONA who made first place up from there! He played Masked Heroes the complete night too and I can’t remember a single mirror match I lost to him!

I came up to 55k points with Heroes and I really thought Top 3 is possible with using them (at this time rank 3 had 62k points!). But I really had to end up there!!! In 20 minutes I lost 9k points due to this cheater who used 3 accounts with different names (2 of them were in the Top10 at this time) but always the same Labyrinth Builder deck. His APK allowed him to see your facedowns, the cards on top of your deck and your hand and if he decides that he can’t win anymore the game loads/freezes in phases like draw or standby phase and the only way to get out of this hell is to scoop by loosing the duel!! At 3am I was completely destroyed. This guy demolished all my hard work. But on top of this, after a 30 minute break, I got a second float of bricks with Masked Heroes like i had on Day 1 and I quickly went down to 37k points, where I stopped because it was 5:30 in the morning.

After something like this happens, you are really questioning yourself ‘Why I’m doing this?’, ‘Why the hell do I have so much bad luck?’. Again: Whybona played Masked Heroes too (I don’t know if he did this to the end, but he played them a long time and made incredible amount of points!) and this was definitely what was needed for the rest of the RRQ. To make this clear: Bricks happen and they are part of every card game, I know that! However, if they happen over and over again like in waves there is something wrong with the game. You can tell me what you want and I’m not the only player who had this problem! A second example: I played LoreRomaCCG and RosmarinoCCG multiple times on this grind. They are absolutely great players, no questions. In every single game I faced them without any exceptional, they had always the option to do Reaper of Prophecy into Dark Magician of Chaos in the first turn! When I played Spellbooks it was so seldom that I could do this - don’t ask me why, but this is a part of this game that happens, but which is not really nice!

Conclusion RRQ:

  • Konami called this the ‘Regional Representative Qualifiers’. With all the APK users in different regions, who are completely destroying this event, Konami has to fix the way they are doing this! I don’t think they should change the grind, it is a hard system, where you have to concentrate on a long time and where good meta analyzes brings you forwards. But they have to make it clear that cheaters are banned right away. They need a team for every region which is always active and can filter the cheaters and ban them right away. But they don’t have to do this with the ‘report’ - button. I wanted to report these people and I could not click on it - who had the same problem???? They need something more than their secret program where they can check for cheating after the event is over!

  • Konami should at least check their drawing system. I can’t believe that this is so random! (To spread a conspiracy theory: I spent ~20 euros on this event, all the other decks I used are completely build by collecting gems wisely and having luck (yep there it is!) in buying pack at some time [e.g. I got 3 Offerings to the Doomed in my first 7 packs from the Selection Box Mini - I only bought 1 pack with money], sometimes it is not so far to dig, however their system must use an algorithm that prefers people who are giving them more money).

  • Konami should repeat a part of the RRQ! Yes you are reading absolutely right! Because cheaters completely destroyed the ‘Representative’ way of this event, I think they should do a 48 hours repeat for all players who reached Top 100 in their region. The APKs won most of the time, so it only should be for the top players. I’m not saying they should short change the good players that earned their spot with justice, they should admit their mistake and increase the numbers of participants at Worlds by 1 or 2 players (depending on the region).

  • For the next time they also should give out more rewards for the other players in Top 10. I mean, they are all really good players and everything they get are prismatic tickets from cards you can mostly farm for? A lot of guys are spending much more money than me. I think they should give better prizes to help motivate competitors for the Top 10 spots.

Skill changes & Forbidden/Limited List:


  • Secret Pass To The Treasures, Assault Armor, Cup of Ace:
    Due to the Silent Swordsman OTK deck and potential future OTK decks this is a very good change. They promote competitiveness - I like that change!

  • Rose Lover:
    This was very predictable. It is a very strong card which is a game maker. The sad fact of this is that this card now becomes a luck factor. You will have it or not!

  • Destiny HERO - Celestial:
    I really don’t think that this will dampen the popularity of Masked Heroes. You can still play 2 of them which is enough that the deck stays consistent, you only should eliminate Econ, which a lot of builds already do at the moment anyways.

  • Amazoness Onslaught:
    Some builds only played 2 of them. It shouts lower the power level of Amazonesss a bit (2 Econs see below), but it still keeps the deck alive!

  • Red Eyes Spirit:
    Back on 3. Maybe Red-Eyes Zombies will be able to make a comeback. However, the meta evolved and became faster, I don’t think that they will ever be Tier 1 or Tier 2 again.

  • Extra, Extra/ Ojama Go!/ Destiny Draw:
    Using these skills only once per duel was absolutely needed. Stall decks were so annoying to play against them - even with 1 Massivemorph these decks were too good. With these changes I think the deck is unplayable at the moment.

  • Dragonic Fusion:
    Now it’s not dead at the beginning, but this skill is still not usable.

  • Sealed Tombs:
    I really love this skill now. Let’s see if this allows a competitive Anti-deck in the future!

  • Posthumous Army:
    Maybe the comeback skill for REZ, but I only see future potential for this.

  • Grit:
    This was really needed. Now it is finally predictable. The only con is that you need 4000lp. This saves you if you have 4000+ LP. Maybe we are seeing this now for try hard stall decks.


  • Massivemorph:
    I knew the stall deck was annoying, but this card was only a -1, so with balancing the skills this was absolutely not needed. The only real use of this card was in cheap farm decks! I will miss this card when farming characters.

  • Enemy Controller:
    Econ take plays are very popular again. Most decks only play 2 of them, so this is only bad for deck which have cards on the banned list like Amazoness. However, I don’t think that this was really needed. All of these decks have also other options like Offerings to the Doomed etc..

  • Hiro’s Shadow Scout:
    I can’t remember seeing this in any of the popular deck, except in some Extra, Extra variants. They put this preventively on the list, maybe there are some new mill cards in the new set - actually I don’t think that this is needed.

  • Sylvan Marshalleaf:
    This destroys the Sylvan deck by having only 2 Rose Lovers remain. The better change had been Marshleaf of 3 and Rose Lover down to 1!

  • Cyber Petit Angel:
    Really? Cyber Angels are not on the tier list any longer. Can’t understand that, it’s also not a preventively ban like Hiro’s Shadow Scout.

  • Pulse Mines:
    It was a annoying card, that’s right, but it was the only card that kept machine-type decks a bit competitively. After Geargias fall down in popularity thanks to Spellbooks, I don’t think that this was really needed.

  • Restart:
    Really???!!! Above I talked about my bad luck in drawing first turn hands. In theory this change is kind of fair because both players start with 4 cards in hand and it takes away turn 1 power plays of Spellbooks. I think in practice, this is a horrible change where Restart players could be even more pranked by the shuffle system!

  • Balance:
    Now we have to use 6 monsters, spell and traps. Usually I think this is either a pro or a con, but some decks really need Balance to be playable (Noble Knights). For their competitive play, it’s a horrible change!

  • Harpies’ Last Will:
    Who should banish 5 Harpies cards from the grave? Put them down to 3 and give the deck a chance for a comeback!

  • Duel, standby!:
    In my opinion this is the trickiest skill in Duel Links. I remember the day where you only played against annoying decks that used this skill. However, I think there was a turn around with having Darkworlds using this. I also saw Bujin decks and some other nice quality decks. I think with the balancing of FTK cards it is enough. No need to make a garbage skill even worse.

Final Words:

Thank you for reading this to the end. I know in this article is a lot of my personal opinion, but having multiple opinions in our community is not bad at all. To repeat myself: In the past I really thought that the shuffle system is not completely random. After this weekend I’m absolutely reinforced in my opinion. Maybe someone can figure this out. I’m also very happy about everyone who message me because of the same illustrated problem. I’m interested in that!

Finally, I want to thank my Team Creeping Death for being such a great ‘Familia’! Their nice words changed my opinion on quitting this game. Everyone should compete in our tournament, the Creeping Death Match!

Xanxus Out.

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