Duelist Chronicles GX: Yubel


The King of Games has Arrivied

  • The King of Games Yugi Muto has arrived! Use Challenge Tickets to Duel him!
  • Duel Yugi Muto by paying 10 Challenge Tickets (In Support Items)
  • Defeat Yugi Muto to obtain Exclusive Mats, Sleeves, and Rewards!
  • Unlock Ultimate Fusion! Skill for Jaden/Yubel after 3 Wins
Victories Reward
1 Super Polymerization Sleeves
2 10 Gems
3 Ultimate Fusion!
4 Slifer Red Sleeves
5 Duelist Chronicles GX: Yubel Mat
6 20 Gems
7 Icon
8 30 Gems
9+ 150 Lottery Coins

Event Information

  • A new chapter of Duelist Chronicles, “Yubel”, is here! Obtain the Sacred Beasts’ Raviel, Lord of Phantasms by completing the first round.
  • This event takes place from September 16th to September 24th.
  • Obtain Dice Fragments by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels, roll the dice and advance through the map.
  • Collect Millenium Coins on the board to spend them at the lottery!
  • You cannot obtain Dice Fragments from Vagrants.

Drop Rewards

Lottery Rewards


Duel Links Card: Rainbow%20Dark%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Plasma%20Warrior%20Eitom
Duel Links Card: Vision%20HERO%20Poisoner
Duel Links Card: The%20Supremacy%20Sun
Duel Links Card: Crystal%20Beast%20Emerald%20Tortoise
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Core
Duel Links Card: Regenerating%20Rose
Duel Links Card: Cocoon%20Rebirth
Duel Links Card: Space%20Gift
Duel Links Card: Rainbow%20Path
Duel Links Card: Crystal%20Blessing
Duel Links Card: Anti-Fusion%20Device
Duel Links Card: Chrysalis%20Dolphin
Duel Links Card: Chrysalis%20Chicky
Duel Links Card: Chrysalis%20Pantail
Duel Links Card: Chrysalis%20Pinny
Duel Links Card: Chrysalis%20Larva
Duel Links Card: Contact


  • 1 UR Jewel
  • 1 SR Jewel
  • 5 R Jewel
  • 10 Gems
  • 5 Gems
  • 1 Gem
  • 20 EX Jewel
  • 10 EX Jewel
  • 5 EX Jewel
  • 1 EX Jewel
  • 3000 Gold
  • 2000 Gold
  • 1000 Gold
  • 600 Gold
  • 300 Gold
  • 10 White Gate Keys
  • 5 White Gate Keys
  • 10 Blue Gate Keys
  • 5 Blue Gate Keys
  • 10 Red Gate Keys
  • 5 Red Gate Keys
  • 10 Yellow Gate Keys
  • 5 Yellow Gate Keys
  • 10 Green Gate Keys
  • 5 Green Gate Keys

Zone Reward List

Round 1

Zone Reward
New Semester 20 Gems
Duel Academia? Crystal Blessing
Another Dimension 3 Extra Life Booster
Yubel’s Castle Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

Round 2

Zone Reward
New Semester 30 Gems
Duel Academia? 3 Results Booster
Another Dimension 10,000 Gold
Yubel’s Castle The Supremacy Sun

Round 3

Zone Reward
New Semester 30 Gems
Duel Academia? 10,000 Gold
Another Dimension 40 Gems
Yubel’s Castle Vision HERO Poisoner

Round 4

Zone Reward
New Semester 40 Gems
Duel Academia? 10,000 Gold
Another Dimension 40 Gems
Yubel’s Castle Plasma Warrior Eitom

Round 5

Zone Reward
New Semester 50 R Jewels
Duel Academia? 20,000 Gold
Another Dimension 50 Gems
Yubel’s Castle Rainbow Dark Dragon

Round 6

Zone Reward
Yubel’s Castle Event Exclusive Title

Round 7

Zone Reward
Yubel’s Castle 100 R Jewel

Round 8

Zone Reward
Yubel’s Castle 100 R Jewel

Round 9

Zone Reward
Yubel’s Castle 100 R Jewel

Round 10

Zone Reward
Yubel’s Castle 100 R Jewel

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