Duelist Challenges: May 2019 - Full Solutions


Event Information

  • Duelist Challenges have begun! Test your wits with campaign exclusive Duel Quizzes!
  • This event takes place from May 3 - May 8.
  • Complete all 5 challenges to obtain Deal of Phantom, Quantum Cat and 50 Gems!

Challenge Solutions

Solutions to challenges are listed here, but we encourage new players to try the challenges on their own as learning how cards interact together is crucial to improving as a duelist!

Tour Guide

Challenge #1

  1. Special summon Vice Dragon.
  2. Equip Synchro Boost to any of your Monsters.
  3. Synchro Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda.
  4. Special Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Token, Activate Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda Effect to Tribute the token, and Special Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Warbluran
  5. Attack Directly with Mecha Phantom Beast Warbluran for game.

Challenge #2

  1. Activate Wind-Up Soldier, and both Wind-Up Warrior to boost Wind-Up Soldier Attack.
  2. Activate Overwind and Target Wind-Up Soldier to double the ATK.
  3. Attack Five-Headed Dragon with Wind-Up Soldier for game.

Challenge #3

  1. Special Summon Scrap Breaker and destroy it with his own effect.
  2. Activate Scrap Searcher Effect from the Graveyard and Special Summon it.
  3. Tribute Summon Scrap Golem and Activate its own effect to Special Summon Scrap Searcher in Attack Position to your Opponent’s side of the Field.
  4. Attack Scrap Searcher with Scrap Golem for game.

Challenge #4

  1. Set Big Bang Shot, Activate Book of Taiyou and Target Greenkappa.
  2. Negate Greenkappa Effect with Starlight Road and Special Summon Stardust Dragon from the Extra Deck.
  3. Equip Big Bang Shot to Stardust Dragon
  4. Attack the Facedown Tornado Bird with Stardust Dragon for game.

Challenge #5

  1. Normal Summon Junk Synchron and Activate his Effect to Special Summon Dark Verger.
  2. Synchro Summon Armades, Keeper of Boundaries with Junk Synchron and Dark Verger.
  3. Special Summon Gigantes in Attack Position by Banishing Dark Verger from the Graveyard.
  4. Attack Directly with Armades, Keeper of Boundaries and Activate Dust Tornado in the Battle Step to Destroy Security Orb.
  5. Attack Directly with Gigantes and Mushroom Man for game.

Video Solutions

Special Thanks to Jadehex and to RandomPl0x for the leak Challenges
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