Duelist Chronicles - Battle City Showdown


Divine Trials

  • Divine Trials were added!
  • Accumulate Divine Offerings by completing Duel Missions against Legendary Duelist or on the event board.
  • On the Support Items you can use Divine Offerings to challenge Yami Yugi and his Dragon Slaying Magician deck.


  • Completing a Divine Trial will grant you a reward!
  • First Round - Battle City Showdown! Sleeves.
  • Second Round - 3 Extra Life Boosters.
  • Third Round - New Skill A Card Entrusted.
  • Fourth Round - 50 Gems.
  • Fifth Round - Battle City Showdown! Mat.
  • Sixth Round - 3 Results Boosters.
  • Seventh Round - Divine Trial Event Achievement.
  • Eigth Round - 50 Gems.
  • Ninth Round and Beyond - 150 Millenium Coins.

Yami Yugi’s Dragon Slaying Magician Deck

Duel Links Card: Dark%20Paladin
Duel Links Card: Arcana%20Knight%20Joker
Duel Links Card: Chimera%20the%20Flying%20Mythical%20Beast

Treasure Rooms

Treasure Rooms arrived, land on one to receive a lot of Millenium Coins and get that sweet rewards from the lottery. Use the Dices in Support Items to make sure you enter the Treasure Room.

Treasure Room News

Event Information

  • This event takes place from March 8th - March 15th.
  • Obtain Dice Fragments by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels!
  • Roll the Dice to advance through the game board (“Zones”). Each Zone has a Legendary Duelist from Battle City to Duel.
  • Collect Millenium Coins to spend them at the lottery to obtain gold, gems ans cards!
  • Obtain Dice Fragments once per day when you enter the map.
  • You cannot obtain Dice Fragments from Vagrants.

Zone Rewards

Round 1

Stage Reward
First Round Qualifiers 20 Gems
Second Round Qualifiers Harpie’s Feather Rest
Semi Final 3 Extra Card Boosters
Final Valkyrian Knight

Round 2

Stage Reward
First Round Qualifiers 30 Gems
Second Round Qualifiers 3 EXP Boosters
Semi Final 10000 Coins
Final Magician’s Robe

Round 3

Stage Reward
First Round Qualifiers 50 Gems
Second Round Qualifiers 10000 Coins
Semi Final 50 Gems
Final Charging Gaia the fierce Knight

Round 4

Stage Reward
First Round Qualifiers 50 Gems
Second Round Qualifiers Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei
Semi Final 20000 Coins
Final Magician of Dark Illusion

Round 5

Stage Reward
First Round Qualifiers 50 R Jewels
Second Round Qualifiers 50 Gems
Semi Final 20000 Coins
Final Exchange of the Spirit

Round 6

Duelist Chronicles (Battle City Showdown) Completed! Achievement.

Round 7-10

An incredible amount of 100 R Jewels for each round!

Lottery Rewards

The following cards and items can be drawn by the event only Lottery:

Duel Links Card: Exchange%20of%20the%20Spirit
Duel Links Card: Magician%20of%20Dark%20Illusion
Duel Links Card: Valkyrian%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Indomitable%20Fighter%20Lei%20Lei
Duel Links Card: Magician's%20Robe
Duel Links Card: Charging%20Gaia%20the%20Fierce%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Magic%20Expanded
Duel Links Card: Harpie's%20Feather%20Rest
Duel Links Card: Protective%20Soul%20Ailin
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Hunter
Duel Links Card: Mystical%20Elf
Duel Links Card: Kanan%20the%20Swordmistress
Duel Links Card: Steel%20Ogre%20Grotto%20%232
Duel Links Card: Kaminari%20Attack
Duel Links Card: Ocubeam
Duel Links Card: Kaiser%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Mushroom%20Man
  • 1 UR Jewel
  • 1 SR Jewel
  • 5 R Jewels
  • 10 Gems
  • 5 Gems
  • 1 Gem
  • 3000 Coins
  • 2000 Coins
  • 1000 Coins
  • 600 Coins
  • 300 Coins
  • 10 White Gate Keys
  • 5 White Gate Keys
  • 10 Black Gate Keys
  • 5 Black Gate Keys
  • 10 Blue Gate Keys
  • 5 Blue Gate Keys
  • 10 Red Gate Keys
  • 5 Red Gate Keys
  • 10 Yellow Gate Keys
  • 5 Yellow Gate Keys
  • 10 Green Gate Keys
  • 5 Green Gate Keys

What are your thoughts on the new cards? Should we expect Marik Ishtar coming to Duel Links or is that just a dream? Tell us in the comments below!

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