Duel Quest

Event Information

  • This event takes place from March 20th - March 28th.
  • Gain points by dueling every day, accumulate points to receive rewards!
  • 100 new floors are unlocked every day at 1am EST.
  • You don’t earn any points from dueling against Vagrants.
  • If you surrender a Duel, you will not receive any scores for that Duel.

Featured Reward

On floor B500 receive Silent Paladin and on floor B500 receive Snyffus!

Cumulative Rewards

Gold Treasure Box

By reaching floor B900 you will receive at least:

Silver Treasure Box

One of the following Rewards is obtainable at random from the Silver Treasure Box.

Floors Rewards
B1-B100 100 Gold, 1 Duel Orb, 1 Gem
B101-B200 100 Gold, 2 R Jewel, 1 Gem
B201-B300 150 Gold, 1 Duel Orb, 2 Gems
B301-B400 150 Gold, 3 R Jewels, 1 SR Jewel
B401-B500 200 Gold, 5 R Jewels, 3 Gems, 1 N Ticket
B501-B600 200 Gold, 5 R Jewels, 1 SR Jewel, 1 UR Jewel, 1 R Ticket
B601-B700 250 Gold, 5 Gems, 1 SR Ticket
B701-B800 250 Gold, 5 R Jewels, 1 SR Jewel, 1 UR Jewel, 1 UR Ticket

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