Special Duels

Event Information

  • This event will take place from July 20th to July 27th.
  • Special Duels are like Ranked Duels but with special rules or conditions. This time the special rule is your Deck can have no more than 1 card of the same name.
  • This is otherwise known as Highlander format (there can be only one)!
  • Special Duels have their unique ladder and it doesn’t matter where you are in Ranked Duels, you will start at Rookie Rank 1 in Special Duels.
  • Wins in Special Duels will count towards Ranked Duels Cumulative Rewards!

Banned Skills

The Following Skills will be Banned from use in Special Duels:

Event Rewards

Duel and Win to rank up the ladder and receive rewards such as gems, gold and jewels!

Rank Reward
Rookie Rank 2 20 Gems
Rookie Rank 3 3 Results Boosters
Bronze Rank 1 30 Gems
Bronze Rank 2 10000 Gold
Bronze Rank 3 50 R Jewels
Bronze Rank 4 5 Skill Chips
Bronze Rank 5 3 EXP Boosters
Silver Rank 1 50 Gems
Silver Rank 2 100 R Jewels
Silver Rank 3 5 Skill Chips
Silver Rank 4 1 SR Ticket
Silver Rank 5 2 SR Jewels
Gold Rank 1 50 Gems
Gold Rank 2 10 Skill Chips
Gold Rank 3 1 UR Ticket
Gold Rank 4 50 Gems
Gold Rank 5 1 UR Jewel
King of Games Title

KoG Deck Examples

What are your thoughts on the Special Duels event? Do you think it is worth the time to play the event? Tell us in the comments below!

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