Duelist Challenges: February 2020 - Full Solutions


Event Information

  • Duelist Challenges have begun! Test your wits with campaign exclusive Duel Quizzes!
  • This event takes place from February 3rd - February 7th.
  • Complete all 5 challenges to obtain Dark Burning Attack, A Glossy R Ticket and 50 Gems!

Challenge Solutions

Solutions to challenges are listed here, but we encourage new players to try the challenges on their own as learning how cards interact together is crucial to improving as a duelist!

Tour Guide

Challenge #1 - Reward: 10 Gems

  1. Activate Elemental HERO Blazeman effect and send Elemental HERO Burstinatrix from the Deck to the Graveyard
  2. Activate Miracle Fusion to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Nova Master
  3. Enter Battle Phase and Attack Blade Skater with Elemental HERO Nova Master
  4. Use the Draw Mask Change to Special Summon Masked HERO Goka and Attack for game!

Challenge #2 - Reward: R Ticket (Glossy)

  1. Set Hiita the Fire Charmer, and Activate Book of Taiyou to Flip Summon it, and Target Lava Golem
  2. Special Summon Inari Fire from your hand
  3. Send Hiita the Fire Charmer and Lava Golem to the Graveyard to Special Summon Familiar-Possessed - Hiita
  4. Attack the Obnoxious Celtic Guard with Familiar-Possessed - Hiita and Direct Attack with Inari Fire for game!

Challenge #3 - Reward: 20 Gems

  1. Enter Battle Phase Attack and Destroy Superheavy Samurai Wagon with Goyo Guardian, Activate Goyo’s Effect to Special Summon the Destroyed Wagon
  2. Activate Superheavy Samurai Wagon Effect to change its battle position
  3. Activate Enemy Controller from your hand, and Tribute Goyo Guardian to take control of Giant Rat
  4. Attack with both monsters for game!

Challenge #4 - Reward: Dark Burning Attack

  1. Activate Dark Magical Circle and add Chaos Form to your hand
  2. Normal Summon Magician’s Rod and Activate it’s effect to add Illusion Magic to your hand
  3. Activate Illusion Magic} from your hand and Tribute the Rod to add Dark Magician from your deck and Magician of Chaos from your Graveyard
  4. Activate Chaos Form by Tributing Dark Magician to Ritual Summon Magician of Chaos. Activate Dark Magical Circle to banish Bacon Saver and Magician of Chaos Effect to destroy Giant Rex
  5. Enter the Battle Phase and Attack for game!

Challenge #5 - Reward: 20 Gems

  1. Normal Summon Elemental HERO Solid Soldier, Activate it’s effect to Special Summon Elemental HERO Blazeman Activate Blazeman Effect to Add Polymerization to your hand
  2. Activate Polymerization to Fusion Summon 1 Vision HERO Adoration using Stratos and Solid Solder as materials
  3. Activate Elemental HERO Solid Soldier Effect and Special Summon Stratos from the Graveyard to add Elemental HERO Bubbleman from the deck to your hand
  4. Activate Fusion Recovery to add Polymerization and Solid Soldier to your hand. Then Activate Polymerization to Fusion Summon the other Vision HERO Adoration using Stratos and Solid Solder as materials
  5. Activate both Vision HERO Adoration Effects to Target both Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem and reduced each one’s attack by selecting each Adoration
  6. Enter the Battle Phase and Attack for game!

Video Solutions

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