Duelist Road - The Power of ZEXAL!

May 4th Update

  • Complete Round 1 of Special Area to Unlock Yuma and Astral’s second new Skill ZEXAL - Xyz Evolution.
  • This new Skill also allows Yuma and Astral to transform into ZEXAL, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

May 2nd Update

Event Information

  • This event takes place from April 28th to May 9th.
  • Collect Duel Fuel by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels
  • Use Duel Fuel to spin the roulette and Duel against the opponent decided by it
  • Advance through the areas by winning duels to obtain Rewards!
  • Collect all the Fragments by completing various areas to get an exclusive Game Mat

Lottery Rewards

Duel Links Card: The%20Door%20of%20Destiny
Duel Links Card: Unstable%20Evolution
Duel Links Card: Cat%20Girl%20Magician
Duel Links Card: Shiny%20Black%20%22C%22%20Squadder
Duel Links Card: Decoy%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Power%20of%20Kaishin
Duel Links Card: Remove%20Trap
Duel Links Card: Dragoncarnation
Duel Links Card: Skull%20Mariner
Duel Links Card: Thousand%20Needles
Duel Links Card: Spike%20Seadra
Duel Links Card: Enervating%20Mist
Duel Links Card: Nemuriko
Duel Links Card: Kumootoko
Duel Links Card: Ancient%20Jar

Area Rewards

Area 1

Round Reward
Round 1 Prismatic Decoy Dragon
Round 2 10 Gems
Round 3 10 Gems

Area 2

Round Reward
Round 1 Cat Girl Magician
Round 2 Duelist Road Zexal Sleeves
Round 3 10 Gems

Area 3

Round Reward
Round 1 The Door of Destiny
Round 2 Duelist Road Zexal Mat
Round 3 20 Gems

Area 4

Round Reward
Round 1 ZEXAL - Zexal Weapon
Round 2 20 Gems
Round 3 Icon

Special Area

Round Reward
Round 1 ZEXAL - Xyz Evolution
Round 2 20 Gems
Round 3 Title

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