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Daily Rewards have been doubled and the Duel Meter bonus multiplier has been increased, it will now end at x6.

Event Information

  • This event takes place from April 9th - April 19th.
  • Fill up your Duel Meter with points by dueling every day, accumulate points to receive rewards!
  • After some duels you’ll get a bonus points multiplier - Duel in KC Cup, Ranked Duels, against Legendary Duelists or the Vagabond to maximise your points!

The featured reward this time round is a considerable improvement on the last Duel-A-Thon.

Yours for reaching 6800 Points is Intrigue Shield, read what the Top Player Council have to say about it below!

Card Image

Top Player Council Thoughts

superforms says:

As Intrigue Shield is only available at 1x this hurts its potential quite a bit, but it can potentially be used in annoying Stall-type decks with Duck Dummy and/or The Unhappy Girl.

All Day says:

This card being 1x might be pretty good. A tech card like Curse of Anubis and Windstorm of Etaqua. You can slap this on key monsters you don’t want destroyed but you’ll still be open to Enemy Controller tribute-take and Super Rush Headlong.

Glading says:

No PvP potential!

Xanxus says:

This is a Normal Trap card playable with Paleozoics, but I do not see a high potential usage for this card.

Whybona says:

May have some uses in gimmicky decks but likely won’t see any competitive use due to the requirement of the Monster having to be in Attack position.

Machdragon says:

I can see this being played in The Unhappy Girl farm decks. Generic once per turn battle protection is also quite good. It provides a nice boost to possible Amazoness decks.

MiguelJoker says:

Really good card in some decks, for example, Hieratic Dragon of Nuit which Special Summons a Normal Dragon when targeted by a Spell, Trap or card effect. It also works well with Cocoon of Ultra Evolution.

You’ll be able to get 700+ Gems in total by attaining all the Daily and Cumulative Rewards!

Cumulative Rewards

500 Points 50 Gems
1200 Points 5000 Gold
2100 Points 50 Gems
3200 Points 10000 Gold
4400 Points 100 Gems
5600 Points 15000 Gold
6800 Points Intrigue Shield
8000 Points 100 Gems
9200 Points 20000 Gold
10400 Points 100 Gems
11600 Points 20000 Gold

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