Clan Wars Season 5: LCQ Interview - B.Z & Forbidden Memories

Clan Wars


A lot has happened this season of Clan Wars, a lot of New Clans, old ones coming back and more! And as we are now going for Playoffs of Clan Wars we wanted to take some time to talk with the Clans that won a spot by wining LCQ and going to Playoffs. So, without futher ado, let’s get started with our interview!

Interview with B.Z


You are a returning Clan to Clan Wars, what are you thoughts on this Season so far?

This is our second season in CW, comparing to previous seasons, clan wars have becomes much tougher due to the number of team has increased. There is a lot of good team in the league. Even making into LCQ not gonna be that easy as previous. It just shows how clan wars is a hight competitively league right now.

Anything you would like to share about your Clan?

We are a Chinese based team that has 2 japanese players. We started to join international competition since May 2019. Last season we end up at top 8 in CW. We also have some result in other league like 2nd place in TW last season and multiple time Asia region rank 1 in the KC cup.

What do you think about this meta? How did it influence your decks choice during the wars?

Current meta doesn’t change much since Jan, 2020, there’s many decks playable. Different region teams have different understanding of the meta, which makes deck picking decision much harder. Every team needs to put more effort to prepare.

How was your previous matches against other Clans you faced?

We had a tough season, end up 5-3 after 8 weeks. We lost many 2-3 rounds. We always try to predict opponent’s lineup from their previous match report, but this meta is very diverse, we don’t know when they gonna change the playstyle.

How was your LCQ? What are you thoughts on it?

We are happy for our LCQ result. It was quick hard for us to play due to the timezone’s problem, it starts at 2-4 am for us. I have to thanks all our members that tried their best, LCQ wasn’t easy but we still managed to take it down. Final match against Claw Clan we almost lost to a single player but lucky we didn’t let it happen.

Any comment from your best player so far Tobi?

Tobi: The most I have thought during the CW was predict the deck in Round 2 and prepare the main deck and side deck, because we don’t face many mirror match in this format, therefore after the understanding ur good and bad match up, I made my deck. According to opponent’s previous match report, I did the prediction of the number of the different deck and done the maneuver in my head. Also it is important to actually test the match up. During the regular 8 weeks, I got the support from my teammates that have strong mental, end up with a not bad result both individually and as a team. In the following playoff, I will try my best to win it with my teammates from B.Z .

How you feel going to Playoffs?

We have been thrilling along the way. The need to participate in LCQ is something you never want to see, but fortunately we finally got the final place to qualify for the playoffs through LCQ. Hope to make persistent efforts in the next playoffs.

What are you thoughts on your next opposing clan? (Shadow Games Links)

We have never played against Shadow Games Links, but I believe they are a very strong team. All we can do is to keep our common sense and do our best.

What were your toughest war so far?

The toughest war was against M.Y. M.Y is like our brother team, that game happened in week7 might decide which team that cant make into playoff. We know the player from M.Y very well, at the same time we know they can play many decks, it was kinda hard to predict their lineup.

Any Additional Comment you would like to share?

Have to thanks all the MOD, stream also every single teams in the league. We haven’t have this amazing experience without anyone of you.

Interview with Forbidden Memories


What do you think about this meta? How did it influence your decks choice during the wars?

The meta has been super stale this season with almost no change which is a unpleasant to everyone, hopefully the latest box changes that with the help of a banlist maybe.

How was your previous matches against other Clans you faced?

Every war was hard this season because like i said the format is the same and everyone should know by now what every deck does , how to build and every matchup so its really hard getting an edge over your opponent.

How was your LCQ? What are you thoughts on it?

LCQ was definitely hard this season cause a lot of good teams were in team and fortunately we made it in the end after a close war with DE-Fusion

Any comment from your best player so far Eduu16?

“I improved this season as a player mainly to my idol Chris. and the help of the rest of the team”.

How you feel going to Playoffs?

Going into playoffs is something natural for our team.

What are you thoughts on your next opposing clan? (Bricks & Potatoes)

We are very excited about this match, Bricks & Potatoes is a great team with great players.So far we have a bad record vs BnP in playoffs but this time we are going to exorcise this demon.

What were your toughest war so far?

Our toughest war so far was vs B.Z, round 1 we got completely countered and it felt like not much we could do after that


That’s all we got for this Week! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!

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