Clan Wars Season 7 Week 4 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[1%] Grucius 6-0 Fire King (Destiny Draw)
[IS] Sung 6-0 Water Xyz (Territory of the Sharks)
[MHC] Victor Li 6-0 Thunder Dragons (Level Duplication)
[ME] Alph4xm41l 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Ultimate Dragons)
[BZ] APP 4-0 Cyber Dragon (Cyber Style)
[MBR] BiscaiaBL 4-0 Water Xyz (Territory of the Sharks)
[PHX] Gregulator 4-0 Thunder Dragons (Level Duplication)
[SGL] Monkey D. Willy 4-0 Triamids (Balance)
[DLTW] Ris 4-0 Water Xyz (Territory of the Sharks)
[x0] T. Roweses 4-0 Water Xyz (Territory of the Sharks)
[XF] Tetsuya.O 4-0 Fire King (Destiny Draw)
[DLTW] VodkaForFree 4-0 Lunalight (Destiny Draw)
[MBR] Zeeta 4-0 Water Xyz (Territory of the Sharks)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
Bricks & Potatoes over Vorpal Swords 2 (while countered)
INTI'S SON over The Legends 2 (while countering)
Phoenix over Chaos 1
DE-Fusion over Sun Clan 2 (while countering)
Mile-High Clan over Access Denied 3 (while countering)
GLF Gryphons over Faceless Duelists 2 (while countering)
Warufuzake over ROOKIES 2 (while countering)

Week 4 Match Results

Week 4 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 18-17 (51%)
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