Clan Wars Season 7 Week 2 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[KR] Kagami 6-0 Invoked Neos (FIRE Reload)
[x0] T. Roweses 6-0 Blue-Eyes (Ultimate Dragons)
[MBR] Daedalus 4-0 Noble Knights (Balance)
[LSP] Fifi 4-0 Onomat (Onomatoplay)
[99%] Hash 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)
[VS] Lorenzo Roma 4-0 Onomat (Onomatoplay)
[LT] Milliardo 4-0 Invoked Neos (FIRE Reload)
[AA] MoAbdel 4-0 Noble Knights (Balance)
[SPA] Rekka 4-0 Noble Knights (Balance)
[DB] SimoW 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Ultimate Dragons)
[MBR] Socram 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)
[BaD] St3 4-0 Noble Knights (Balance)
[SEM] zenzoh 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
Team Socrates over B.Z 2 (while countering)
Alterra Union over Straight Jackets 3 (while countering)

Week 2 Match Results

Week 2 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 21-17 (55%)
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