Clan Wars Season 5 Week 7 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[WLM] Kris 6-0 HEROs (Sealed Tombs)
[DF] NaW 6-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[B.Z] techi 6-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[DLTW] 月璘 (Moon) 6-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[DD] Bobby 4-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[XF] c&y 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[KBS] ethan 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[DD] Firu 4-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[TCG] Herbel 4-0 Dark Magician (Sealed Tombs)
[WZ] Hiyama 4-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)
[DD] Jin 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[DC] kanikabuto 4-0 Blackwings (Harpies' Hunting Ground)
[VS] Lord 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[B&P] panase 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[XF] pokari 4-0 Ritual Beasts (Sealed Tombs)
[RK] Shuhei 4-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[TCG] soratun 4-0 Dark Magician (Sealed Tombs)
[FO] Sugar 4-0 HEROs (Bring it!)
[qtp] Tasm 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[AS] xeNNw0w 4-0 Blackwings (Harpies' Hunting Ground)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
Supreme European Monarchs over CLAW CLAN 1
Bricks & Potatoes over Sun Clan 1
Duel Links Taiwan over Forbidden Memories 1
1% over Shadow Games Links 1
Warriors Links Master over Phantom Hand 2 (while countering)
Warriors Links Master over Phantom Hand 3 (while countered)
Dark Magicians Force over The Legends 3 (while countering)

Week 7 Match Results

Week 7 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 16-16 (50%)
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4n6 Sean VS. [DD] Yoshifumi

4n6 Sean:

Ggz DD

[DLTW] VodkaForFree VS. [FM] Yanstorm


damn right, i can read those delays baby (also my replay is better)

[FM] lil Hormigøn VS. [DLTW] CoreGG

lil Hormigøn:

i only want my ticket, thx friends

[SGL] DarkRagno VS. [1%] Negative1


crazy combos in the mirror match vs neg1 (it was the decisive game vs 1%)

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