Clan Wars Season 5 Week 6 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[U7] Coloxo17 6-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)
[SGL] DarkRagno 4-0 Crystrons (Heavy Starter)
[DMF] DMF Frost 4-0 HEROs (Bring it!)
[NMB] Jako 4-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[DMF] LetItBrick 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[DMF] Lord Freiza 4-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)
[UX] manan amc 4-0 Blackwings (See You Later!)
[WLM] mems 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[DC] mokkun 4-0 HEROs (Switcheroo)
[NEO] porao 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[FD] swaganitis 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[FO] TakeYuki 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)
[FM] TomvdElzen 4-0 Blackwings (Harpies' Hunting Ground)
[1%] Whilipino 4-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
The Immortals over God's Council 3 (while countering)
UNIVERSE SEVEN over Access Denied 2 (while countering)
Dark Magicians Force over Phantom Hand 1
Forbidden Memories over X-Factors 1
Ultimate X over CLAW CLAN 2 (while countering)
Forbidden Ones over Bricks & Potatoes 2 (while countered)

Week 6 Match Results

Week 6 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 22-13 (63%)
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[TCG] Gregulator VS. [M.Y] Doctor博士


Zane DESTROYS Sartorius. Cut scenes >>. Watch how Malefic Blue Eyes takes on Alpha Zane.

[GRG] MrBigTrace VS. [TL] Fr0st


Almost deck out vs crystron but nah we go all in

[GRG] 4n6 Sean VS. [TL] TheFisix

4n6 Sean:

Crystrons or Sean tier 0?

What were your thoughts on Week 6 of Clan Wars Season 5?

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