Clan Wars Season 5 Week 5 Report

Clan Wars

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  • 5v5 clan members battling at the same time
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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[AS] bushdgodking 6-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[SEM] Grimmjow 6-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[TCG] inzang 6-0 Dark Magician (The Tie that Binds)
[PH] BexDaBex 4-0 Cyber Dragon (Cyber Style)
[PHX] MetalOverdrive 4-0 Crystrons (Heavy Starter)
[qtp] NationalMike 4-0 Dark Magician (Sealed Tombs)
[KBS] Obito 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[FO] TakeYuki 4-0 Blackwings (Peak Performance)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
TCG Clan over UNIVERSE SEVEN 3 (while countering)
Get Rekt Gaming over Chillin' with Chilah 3 (while countering)
Sun Clan over Paradise of the Forbidden Desires 3 (while countered)
Warufuzake over Ultimate X 3 (while countered)

Week 5 Match Results

Week 5 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 26-12 (68%)
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[FM] Eduu16 VS. [M.Y] Kisara


crystron tier 0

[GRG] 4n6 Sean VS. [CwC] nacseo

4n6 Sean:

Who said ESabers are still thriving and Crystrons are dead? Pog…..Crystrons Tier 0

[AD] *Mars VS. [qtp] Shelter


This was the qtp counter pick and they send me DM against my Shiras, DM started first with full combo but my Shiras were cunning

What were your thoughts on Week 5 of Clan Wars Season 5?

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