Clan Wars Season 5 Week 2 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[FM] Eduu16 6-0 Crystrons (Transcendent Crystals)
[ADL] Nightcore 6-0 Thunder Dragons (Baggy Sleeves)
[XF] sakku 6-0 HEROs (The Tie that Binds)
[PHX] Scofield 6-0 Crystrons (Transcendent Crystals)
[qtp] Serenity 6-0 Shiranui (No Mortal Can Resist)
[B.Z] Tobi 6-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)
[PFD] Ushiiez 6-0 Thunder Dragons (Baggy Sleeves)
[TCG] MarcomX 4-0 HEROs (Grit)
[ADL] No LovE 4-0 Thunder Dragons (Baggy Sleeves)
[DLwtB] trooperm1 4-0 Shiranui (Level Augmentation)
[FO] Wayone 4-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[WLM] ZancaHugo 4-0 Elementsabers (Destiny Draw)
[SC] zPlusG 4-0 Dark Magician (The Tie that Binds)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
DE-Fusion over Dark Clan 1
B.Z over Access Denied 3 (while countering)
The Immortals over Dark Magicians Force 3 (while countering)
Academy of Duel Links over God's Council 2 (while countering)

Week 2 Match Results

Week 2 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 24-12 (67%)
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[PFD] MuTen_09 VS. [TL] daarrkside


Not even your pp would finish as fast as this match.

[DF] mudtke VS. [DC] putaro


lethal through lancea? Ez

[WoR] Shadow11 VS. [PH] Wanted


Clash of the Sabers

[ADL] No LovE VS. [GC] T_4-K

No LovE:

FULL POWER Here is a follow up to my pal Gregulator. Let’s show these sabers who the real meta defining deck is.

[ADL] Small_Cheese VS. [GC] Bashiki


Thunder Dragon mirror!?!?!?!? Just kidding nobody else plays TD like me with crystrons. Play through 2 Levi and float like a GOD.

[SGL] ZaGaZaGa VS. [VS] XLuxun


3 Lancea is not enough for Shiranui

[SGL] Bielle VS. [VS] XLuxun


Going through an handtrap jungle

[FM] Chris. VS. [AS] Francesko07


Thanks for the ticket

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