Clan Wars Season 4 Week 7 Report

Clan Wars

What is Clan Wars?

  • 5v5 clan members battling at the same time
  • 38 clans fighting it out for over $5700
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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[DLC] Playmaker EY 6-0 Darklords (Compensation)
[DLTW] 米斯塔 (Vista) 6-0 Darklords (Compensation)
[FO] bambihey 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)
[RK] shinya 4-0 Shiranui (Sealed Tombs)
[UX] Veeb 4-0 Blackwings (Sealed Tombs)
[AP] Victor Li 4-0 Darklords (Compensation)
[AP] zPlusG 4-0 Shiranui (Sealed Tombs)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
Phantom Destruction over Academy of Duel Links 3 (while countering)
NEO over The Immortals 2 (while countering)

Week 7 Match Results

Week 7 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 23-8 (74%)
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[C~H] Drizzels VS. [DLTW] Snow悶


Dm vs 30 Card Shiranui. Epic combo with 100lp left for game.

[PHX] LetItBrick VS. [WZ] Hiyama


Back and forth in a BW VS DL, 2 whirlwind 1 close and jin vs Desire A top deck that decide everything.

[DVN] Small_Cheese VS. [CB] Lord Freiza


30 card wombo combo crystron thunder dragon deck vs shiranui with side decked chaos hunter

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