Clan Wars Season 4 Week 3 Report

Clan Wars

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  • 5v5 clan members battling at the same time
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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[XH] Kiss-Shot 6-0 Blackwings (Harpies' Hunting Ground)
[TdZ] Machinevilson 6-0 Invoked Magician Girls (Sealed Tombs)
[FO] Wayone 6-0 Crystrons (Mythic Depths)
[TUS] blacksamurai 4-0 Darklords (Destiny Draw)
[SC] DennisEG 4-0 Elementsabers (Sorcery Conduit)
[B&P] gift 4-0 Darklords (Compensation)
[1%] Jason 4-0 Elementsabers (Sorcery Conduit)
[SC] Liampollz 4-0 Darklords (Compensation)
[1%] NaW 4-0 Elementsabers (Sorcery Conduit)
[SC] Ryo 4-0 Darklords (Destiny Draw)
[SC] Yusei 4-0 Invoked Roids (Sorcery Conduit)
[DLTW] 惡魔0o0 (Koala) 4-0 Elementsabers (Sorcery Conduit)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
The Usual Suspects over qutie pies 2 (while countered)
Sun Clan over Get Rekt Gaming 1
Sun Clan over Get Rekt Gaming 2 (while countered)

Week 3 Match Results

Week 3 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 21-10 (68%)
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[XH] Shaowz VS. [TdZ] BiscaiaBL


Back with another spicy game. Crystrons tier 0 don’t @ me. Game 3 btw

[FD] Nix VS. [DD] Dahiyon


Match determining game of the series between DD and FD. If I win FD takes the match if Dahiyon wins DD takes the match. I lost my only invocation to an early cc and was forced to play without fusion summoning vs Darklords. How did I fair? Find out

[FM] Jano VS. [WZ] unno


People told me 2 black whirlwind aint optimal, what about swallow’s nest

[KBS] VodkaForFree VS. [SEM] Grimmjow


we take those

[SGL] Onizuka VS. [C~H] Suhnrysanti


the pauer Is nothing without control cit.Rocco

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