Clan Wars Season 3 Week 8 Report

Clan Wars

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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[XH] Kanda 6-0 Magnet Warriors (Switcheroo)
[SGL] Bhalou 4-0 Vendread (Master of Rites II)
[CQT] Blackwing-Dragon 4-0 Crystrons (Beatdown)
[CQT] BlindBandit19 4-0 Magnet Warriors (Switcheroo)
[TCG] ChuChuMTFKR 4-0 Darklords (Beatdown)
[SGL] DeckMaster98 4-0 Darklords (Beatdown)
[KBS] deister 4-0 Six Samurais (Light and Dark)
[CH] MetaBeat 4-0 Darklords (Beatdown)
[B&P] mint 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)
[CH] Pain 4-0 Darklords (Beatdown)
[3K] Raul Torres 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
X-Hunters over Average Joeys 3 (while countering)
Duel Links Taiwan over The Usual Suspects 2 (while countering)
Casual Heroes over Latin Meta 1
Warufuzake over The Immortals 2 (while countering)

Week 8 Match Results

Week 8 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 11-14 (44%)
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[1%] superforms VS. [ADL] Kris


Kinda bricked and played turn 1 poorly, but came back anyway POGGERS Always nice to get carried by an OP deck.

[qtp] GrandHarrier VS. [SC] RaW


Fortune Ladies making their Clan War debut in style! Game 2 in what would be a 2-0 victory vs. RaW’s Triamids.

[RNG] Xeco VS. [SD] Zeledon


double econ take gg ez round 3, 2-2 score

[IMT] Belowski Doe VS. [WZ] WILDMAN


Beatdown is the way , always throught , always will. You can come back in High Potential cutie Darkie my Vendreads still in it. Round 1 against WZ , 2-1 score

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