Clan Wars Season 3 Week 4 Report

Clan Wars

What is Clan Wars?

  • 5v5 clan members battling at the same time
  • 36 clans fighting it out for over $5400
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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[1%] Hextor 6-0 Six Samurais (Beatdown)
[1%] Jason 6-0 Blue-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)
[SGL] Bhalou 4-0 Triamids (Balance)
[DD] Bobby 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)
[3K] CPerozo05 4-0 Cyberdarks (Switcheroo)
[FO] HidekiBro 4-0 Cyberdarks (Destiny Draw)
[SEM] man-D 4-0 Ancient Gears (Middle Age Mechs)
[PD] MatthewT_10 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)
[SEM] PhoenixStrikers 4-0 Desperado (Master of Destiny)
[FO] soulcardinal06 4-0 Triamids (Balance)
[FM] Yanstorm 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
The Immortals over Average Joeys 2 (while countering)
Phantom Destruction over Clan Bennext 1
Get Rekt Gaming over Latin Meta 2 (while countering)

Week 4 Match Results

Week 4 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 14-13 (52%)
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[GRG] LφrdSteez VS. [LM] JuanPY19


This is the final match to determine the winner of LM vs GRG we were 1-1 You think you can control destiny Sartorius, well I believe in my team and my deck. The heart of the cards shall guide me and my team to VICTORY! But ggs my dude JuanPY

[CQT] Varis-VV VS. [FO] DigiChannel


This is my first debut for me with Sams. This is a duel from Six Sam mirror that I thought it is very crazy.

[KBS] deister VS. [3K] Cpt.Insano


It was a duel of thinking too much because it was a deck counter, in the last shifts I only had 15 seconds on the clock, I really thought I would run out of time, really good duel against Insano 3K

[SEM] NaW VS. [BT] yukiblade


This is why i love Ultimate Providenz <3

[TUS] Wise VS. [DD] Firu


Back and forth duel between me and DD Firu despite double treacherous, resource management won me the game at the end!

[KBS] PopayMaster VS. [3K] monkeyboy44


Triamid vs 6s, big brain deck is always op

[XH] Tommy VS. [SC] nog


Epic Six Sam comeback from misplays from both players

[CwC] Krabh VS. [1%] haru


playarounding despacito is not that hard after all…

What were your thoughts on Week 4 of Clan Wars Season 3?

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