Clan Wars Season 3 Week 2 Report

Clan Wars

What is Clan Wars?

  • 5v5 clan members battling at the same time
  • 36 clans fighting it out for over $5400
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Undefeated Players

Player Record Deck
[CC] RodJeanM 6-0 Red-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)
[3K] Two Oh 6-0 Spellbooks (Light and Dark)
[DD] Amaba 4-0 Buster Blader (Light and Dark)
[WZ] Arthur 4-0 Red-Eyes (Sealed Tombs)
[PH] Beastymario 4-0 Triamids (Balance)
[CQT] Blackwing-Dragon 4-0 Subterror (Masked Tribute)
[SD8] El Xixo 4-0 Blue-Eyes (Beatdown)
[TCG] Gypsy 4-0 Triamids (Balance)

Perfect 5-0 Rounds

Match Round
The Immortals over Clan Bennext 2 (while countered)
Duel Links Taiwan over Sun Clan 2 (while countering)
ROOKIES over Animal Plays 1
X-Hunters over Pharaohs 1
Pharaohs over X-Hunters 3 (while countered)

Week 2 Match Results

Week 2 Statistics

Counterpick Record: 20-11 (65%)
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[KBS] VodkaForFree VS. [RNG] Shaowz


Cyberdarks vs Six Sams.

[BT] *MARS VS. [ADL] Axel


Buster Blader VS. RE,+10.000 Buster

[AP] Gregulator VS. [RK] Kinotomo


Who Likes CYBERDANKS ??? Ever felt like Ebola just ruins your game winning attack TWICE!
Then u get reverse OTK sacked by Ancient Gear???
Never Fear! Cyberdarks pull through on the counter pick for a clean sweep. Or maybe I just got sacked

[GRG] MMASniper VS. [DD] TsunTsun


Absolutely amazing match. (TsunTsun) ST BEWD v. (MMASniper) DDraw Cyberdarks. I tip my hat to you TsunTsun. Heart rate rose to 120 BPM.

[DLTW] 月璘 VS. [SC] Mastercards


Sending Blue-Eyes to counter Six Sams? No way. An unexpected otk will show you who is the Boss

[TCG] Moberri VS. [C~H] Aby ruler


Cyberdark vs BEWD brick into OTK.

[qtp] Lore VS. [WZ] Dat


The sexiest Silver’s Cry I’ve ever seen - by Mr.Lorenzino.

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