Clan Wars Season 2 Week 1 Report


What is Clan Wars?

  • Two month season, one month playoffs
  • 5 vs 5 (+1sub) Clan Battling at the same time!
  • 34 Clans battling it out for over $3,400!
  • Join the Discord to learn more and compete yourself next season

Season 2 Ladder

Can be found HERE

Week 1 Match Results

Clan Clan Winner Match Results
1% Creeping Death CD 2-0
3K The Renegades 3K 2-1
Academy Duel Links Extra Credit Divergents DVG 2-0
Faceless Duelists Sun Clan SC 2-1
Qutie Pies Rookies RKS 2-0
Average Joeys Supreme European Monarchs SEM 2-1
Vermillion Birds X Hunters VB 2-0
TCG Clan Latin Meta TCG 2-0
Bless RNG The Ususal Suspects TUS 2-1
Forbidden Memoriez Duel Links Taiwan FM 2-0
Phoenix Pharaohs PHX 2-1
Chillin With Chilah Animal Plays AP 2-1
Destiny Draw Forbidden Ones FO 2-1
Immortals X-Force IMT 2-1
Switcheroo Bricks and Potatoes BNP 2-1
Kuribandits Twist of Fate TOF 2-1
Vermillion Birds MK Warufuzake WZ 2-0

Week 1 Highlights

LM George vs TCG Cray

Even though we lost in that day, it was a great duel, in round number 2 against a great player and an excellent deck. I managed to wait long enough to steal the right letter at the last moment. Thanks for the duels bro

In Game Replays (Will Try to Open the App)

SC vs FD


Week 1 Vods

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