Clan Wars Season 1 Week 4 Report

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Highlight of the Week

Xanxus (Creeping Death) vs Gypsy (TCG)


This happened today vs Gypsy! Thank you for the great duel, it was awesome and to be honest I never thought that I would win this one as the first turn Amazoness mirror was not in my favour!

Season 1 Standings

Place Logo Clan Clan Wins Match Wins

Clan Logo Sun

Sun 7-1 24-16

Clan Logo Creeping Death

Creeping Death 6-2 25-15

Clan Logo Faceless Duelists

Faceless Duelists 6-2 25-15

Clan Logo ADL Extra Credit

ADL Extra Credit 6-2 24-16

Clan Logo Chillin with Chilah

Chillin with Chilah 6-2 24-16

Clan Logo Meta Breakers

Meta Breakers 6-2 24-16

Clan Logo 1%

1% 6-2 21-19

Clan Logo 3 Kings

3 Kings 5-3 25-15

Clan Logo Pharaohs

Pharaohs 5-3 21-19

Clan Logo Warafuzake

Warufuzake 4-4 23-17

Clan Logo Forbidden Ones

Forbidden Ones 4-4 21-19

Clan Logo Latin Meta

Latin Meta 4-4 20-20

Clan Logo Animal Plays

Animal Plays 4-4 19-21

Clan Logo The Immortals

The Immortals 3-5 21-19

Clan Logo Bricks and Potatoes

Bricks & Potatoes 3-5 19-21

Clan Logo Murder Inc

Murder Inc 3-5 18-22

Clan Logo X-Hunters

X-Hunters 3-5 16-24

Clan Logo The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects 2-6 19-21

Clan Logo TCG

TCG 2-6 17-23

Clan Logo Kuribandits

Kuribandits 2-6 16-24

Clan Logo Qutie Pies

Qutie Pies 1-7 15-25

Clan Logo Mystery Signers

Mystery Signers 1-7 11-29

Top Players & Decklists

yasser - Sun

Match Wins: 2 (Total: 5)

I used these decks in both my games against Forbidden Ones and Warafuzake.

woooladdd - X-Hunters

Match Wins: 1 (Total: 6)

The Tie that Binds Fur Hires has been super consistent for me despite the nerfs and I splashed in a Jinzo because I was anticipating Amazoness from my opponent since my Clan Wars teammates said Animal Plays was using Amazoness in their matches against us this week.

Sealed Tombs Amazoness was again a meta call since my team mates told me that Animal Plays were also using Masked Heroes and Vampires, the strategy paid off. I just netdecked Jason’s KC Cup decklist and swapped in a Galaxy Cyclone over a Cosmic Cyclone since it has more utility against Amazoness and Vampires. Also, it can possibly get two free pops on their spells/traps.

Aankara - Chillin with Chilah

Match Wins: 2 (Total: 5)

I played versus [TCG] Bendytendy and [ADL] AceOfSpades.

At first I wanted to bet on playing 2 decks that beat Vampires consistently but then I realized that did not exist (lol). So, I switched my strategy for a consistent Vampires list and a good deck to beat Vampires counters.

I believe Fur Hires was the best choice because you can ignore pretty much Sealed Tombs and if your opponent plays Masked Heroes (played a lot to beat Vampires) without Beatdown they simply cannot get over your Wiz except with TTH, Trinity or a chaliced Anki (and you can negate all this).

In the 1st duel against Bendytendy I was able to simply pass for 3 turns just with Wiz on the field, until I got enough fuel to do a Fur Hire combo, because I knew he couldn’t destroy Wiz in any way.

Never thought I would say this but yes: in this meta you need to play slow with Fur Hires

If you’ve also won all your matches this week, send me a message on the Discord with your decks and I’ll add them here!

Week 5 Matchups

Clan VS. Opponent 1 Opponent 2
TCG Clan VS. The Usual Suspects Mystery Signers
3K VS. Meta Breakers Bricks and Potatoes
1% VS. Mystery Signers Meta Breakers
Forbidden Ones VS. Bricks and Potatoes Faceless Duelists
ADL Extra Credit VS. Creeping Death The Usual Suspects
Latin Meta VS. Chillin with Chiliah Creeping Death
Animal Plays VS. Immortals Chillin with Chiliah
Pharaohs VS. X Hunters Immortals
Kuribandits VS. Murder Inc X Hunters
Warufuzake VS. Qutie Pies Murder Inc
Sun Clan VS. Faceless Duelists Qutie Pies
Murder Inc VS. Warufuzake Kuribandits
Qutie Pies VS. Sun Clan Warufuzake
Faceless Duelists VS. Forbidden Ones Sun Clan
X Hunters VS. Kuribandits Pharaohs
Immortals VS. Pharaohs Animal Plays
Chillin with Chiliah VS. Animal Plays Latin Meta
Creeping Death VS. Latin Meta ADL Extra Credit
The Usual Suspects VS. ADL Extra Credit TCG Clan
Mystery Signers VS. TCG Clan 1%
Meta Breakers VS. 1% 3K
Bricks and Potatoes VS. 3K Forbidden Ones

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