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About Three Kings

  • All Day: 2x WWE trading card game world champion
  • Smug: “I will go to Worlds some day”
  • Betrayal: #castleoverfortress
  • Cperozo05: Christiano Ronaldo irl
  • Dog: Poor af, no optimal decks, tops every tournament
  • Joe Torres: “Not Raul Torres”
  • McKnaerich: Lowkey better than all of us but refuses to play
  • Monkeyboy: “I’m smart, watch me write many paragraphs“
  • AdoboBoy: Who?
  • Raul Torres: “Has a brother that plays DL”
  • Insano: “This isn’t a Madden 2019 league?“
  • Two Oh: Promised to win the MCS 20 times and promised to go to Worlds 3 times
  • Lex Talions: Post food pics that he “made himself, not googled”
  • Mistilteinn: Tops every possible TCG event, only plays full power Fur Hires
  • March: “Not a super computer”