Clan Wars


  • Server Link: https://discord.gg/YHVY23Z
  • 36 clans, $5400 prize support (+ stream donations!)
  • 5v5 format with clan members battling at the same time!

Visit the Discord for the most detailed set of rules, including all information on match scheduling, timing, penalties, and the full playoff format.


  • Each clan battle involves 5 players (+ one substitute player) from each clan.
  • Each player uses 1 deck + 5-card side-deck.
  • Matches are best-of-3 duels, with side-decking allowed for games 2 and 3.
  • Both clans must submit all decklists of all potential players (includings subs) to DLM Decklist Submission before a clan battle begins.
  • Lineups for both clans (numbering their players 1-5) must be done before the clan battle begins.
  • The clan members battle at the same time against the same "player assignment number" (player #1 from Clan A plays against player #1 from Clan B, etc.) in a best-of-3 match. No spectating is allowed during the match.
  • Losing clans can swap their lineup (or bring in their sub) for the next round; winning clans must keep the same lineup.
  • The season is 8 weeks long, after which the "Last Chance Qualifier" (LCQ) tournament is held to determine the wildcard spots in the playoffs.
  • The top 10 regular season clans + top 2 LCQ clans will be in the playoffs.

Season 2 Champions
Season 1 Champions