Box Review: Warriors Unite

Warriors Unite

This is 18th Main Box and is released on April 1st, 2019. Warrior Unite contains support for Six Samurai, Scraps, Jurrac, Synchrons as well as the new Deskbot decktype.

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Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Road%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Twin%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Shi%20En
Duel Links Card: Quickdraw%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Kizan
Duel Links Card: Mobius%20the%20Frost%20Monarch
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Factory
Duel Links Card: Shuffle%20Reborn
Duel Links Card: Herald%20of%20the%20Abyss
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Nitro%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Charge%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Beast
Duel Links Card: Quillbolt%20Hedgehog
Duel Links Card: Red%20Sparrow%20Summoner
Duel Links Card: Parry%20Knights
Duel Links Card: Six%20Samurai%20United
Duel Links Card: Burial%20from%20a%20Different%20Dimension
Duel Links Card: Concentrating%20Current
Duel Links Card: Six%20Style%20-%20Dual%20Wield
Duel Links Card: Necro%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Giganoto
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Meteor
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Decisive%20Armor
Duel Links Card: Super%20Vehicroid%20-%20Stealth%20Union
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Goblin
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Enishi
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Kageki
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Mizuho
Duel Links Card: Elder%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Secret%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Fuma
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Velo
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Aeolo
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Cyclone%20Creator
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Cycle%20Reader
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20003
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20004
Duel Links Card: Mixeroid
Duel Links Card: Evolsaur%20Elias
Duel Links Card: Super-Ancient%20Dinobeast
Duel Links Card: D.D.%20Unicorn%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Deep-Space%20Cruiser%20IX
Duel Links Card: Asceticism%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Megaroid%20City
Duel Links Card: Magical%20Spring
Duel Links Card: Double-Edged%20Sword%20Technique
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Golem
Duel Links Card: Hand%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Herra
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Velphito
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Field%20Marshal
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20Jet
Duel Links Card: Barbaroid,%20the%20Ultimate%20Battle%20Machine
Duel Links Card: Charubin%20the%20Fire%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Road%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Nitro%20Synchron
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Shinai
Duel Links Card: Kagemusha%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Secret%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Genba
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Secret%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Shien's%20Squire
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Monoloph
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Dino
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Gallim
Duel Links Card: Ally%20of%20Justice%20Omni-Weapon
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20001
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20002
Duel Links Card: Deskbot%20009
Duel Links Card: Evoltile%20Casinerio
Duel Links Card: Grappler%20Angler
Duel Links Card: Majiosheldon
Duel Links Card: Chamberlain%20of%20the%20Six%20Samurai
Duel Links Card: Grappler
Duel Links Card: Monster%20Egg
Duel Links Card: Child's%20Play
Duel Links Card: Summon%20Over
Duel Links Card: Swift%20Samurai%20Storm!
Duel Links Card: Breakthrough!
Duel Links Card: Backs%20to%20the%20Wall
Duel Links Card: Musakani%20Magatama
Duel Links Card: Emergeroid%20Call
Duel Links Card: Mispolymerization
Duel Links Card: Giant%20Trap%20Hole
Duel Links Card: Degen-Force
Duel Links Card: Different%20Dimension%20Encounter
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Hunter
Duel Links Card: Scrap%20Searcher
Duel Links Card: Secret%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Hatsume
Duel Links Card: Jurrac%20Ptera
Duel Links Card: Shien's%20Dojo

Community First Impressions


Card Specific

Quickdraw Synchron: A tuner version of The Tricky that also helps being out synchron monsters. A decent card overall. Ideal discard for it would be Quillbolt Hedgehog.

Herald of the Abyss: At the cost of 1500 life points, remove one threat from the board. Doesn’t target. Seems like it could be a very good removal card in the future if there are boss monsters that can’t be targeted in the format.

Stardust Charge Warrior: I like this card. Seems like a good card to make with Psychic Wheeleder and Psychic Tracker. The draw the card gives you can go a long way to making up for the effort to bring it out.

Quillbolt Hedgehog: Reminds me of dark verger for its use. Mostly see it as going in synchron decks along with Quickdraw Synchron.

Concentrating Current: Only time I saw this card in the tcg was in a gimmicky otk. I think it will be more useful in duel links given the lower life points.

Necro Fusion: This is the card I am most interested in as it is a generic Miracle Fusion at the cost of being a trap. The cannot attack clause shouldn’t matter as it will probably be used during the opponent’s turn. I will be trying this out as a combo extender in Ojamas.


Card Specific

Herald of the Abyss: Not so good! Even tho it doesn’ t target the cost is a little bit high in a game with 4k lifepoints plus its a normal spell.

Quickdraw Synchron: Good card overall ,helps synchro summoning a lot and also is lvl 5 so you can go in to Nitro Warrior if the card you discarded is Quillbolt Hedgehog. You probably need 3x of this. With the last mini box containing Psychic Wheeleder and all these new synchron cards I definitely think that synchro decks now are going to be a real thing.

Parry knights: A downgrade version of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. This card has a lot of potential!

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En: The six samurai synchro is a great add, negating one spell or trap once per turn is quite deccent and also can be protected. The thing is that it’s going to be hard to summon it because of all distruptive backrow in the current meta(Paleozoic Canadia , Floodgate Trap Hole, Survival’s End, Offerings to the Doomed, Bad Aim, etc).

General Opinion

Six Samurais Overall: Most likely the best archetype in the box. In my opinion it will be a tier 3 deck (2 at best) just because the fact their boss monster is 2500 atk (can’t swing over Reactor Dragon and the deck requires some setup in order to pop cards on the field!

General Opinion: You might want to invest in this box if you have the rest of the six samurai cards from different boxes. F2p players might want to skip this because the best cards in the box are URs and you will probably need 3x of!


Card Specific

Mobius the Frost Monarch: This box’s random HERO card. I don’t see this doing anything for Monarchs.

Quickdraw Synchron: Quickdraw is Quickdraw. The Synchron Synchros we have are garbage tho, this needs Chevalier De Fleur or Junk Archer to do something by itself. Future potential for the XYZ era.

Herald of the Abyss: Comparable to {Offerings to the Doomed, however, not being a Quickspell hurts. What also hurts is that Herald is basically dead if your opponent has multiple mons with the same Type-Attribute-combination. However, as this card interacts with the player it mitigates some monster’s inherent protection. We might come back to this at some point.

Shuffle Reborn: Might be the closest to Monster Reborn we get in the game. I see this card being used in XYZ and some degenerate Synchro spam decks somewhen in the future.

Parry Knights: Gorz Light. Might see play, look out for these guys. With Skull Meister and now this, we might see Hand Traps rise into Duel Links.

Stardust Charge Warrior: Definetly a card to grab going into the future. Generic Lv6 Synch that draws when summoned is amazing for Synchro climbing. Even now, barring HTS Psyhemuth, this might be the best Lv 6 we have.

Burial from a Different Dimension: Amazing card in the TCG. Didn’t think we would get this card at 3 in DL. It’s arguably worse in Speed Duel format, still a lot of value going into the future, as Monsters with banish me from the grave effects get more prevalent.

General Opinion

Six Samurai: Now this is a bit of a question mark, demanding its own comprehensive analysis. Shi En himself is an amazing card, having a S/T negate a turn and protecting itself by destroying another Sam are powerful effects. Also we got almost the entire Six Sam toolbox barring Gateway, meaning Six Sams will be able to consistently puke out Shi En Turn 1. The amount of combinations leading into him is ridiculous. They also have immunity to single-target removal in their Synchro materials, being able to banish them from the grave to negate. We do have Canadia and Floodgate running rampant tho, meaning your Synchro plays can be interrupted. Also, Shi En sits at 2500 ATK, meaning there is no out to Reactor Dragon other than the S/T lineup. Also, Survival’s End mitigates the protection effect of the Six Sams in the grave. A lot of problems to consider there. This is a strong contender for a tiered deck tho. I believe it’s gonna come down to how much room Sams can make for disruption / removal tech cards while not hurting their engine. Keep in mind they can run Enemy Controller too.

Scrap: Don’t really know how to rate this archetype as I don’t know exactly how it plays. Their boss, Twin Scrap, seems easy to make and pretty powerful once it hits the field, bouncing two a turn is amazing, so is floating. If they can use their destruction effects to mitigate floodgates and make Twim Scrap consistently, this could be a strong deck.

Jurrac: Not gonna have an influence on the meta, neither on how Dinos are played. They might throw in the Lv 1 Tuner just to make Armades, but I dont see Jurracs becoming a strong deck, their bosses are incredibly lacking in what they can do.

Overall Veridict: Potent is the word for this box, I believe. There are quite some cards that have future potential, especially Burial from a the Different Dimension, Herald of the Abyss, Stardust Charge Warrior & Quickdraw Synchron. On the other hand though, the deck of the box, Six Samurai, doesn’t look like it’s stomping the competition from the very start. If you are a die-hard Six Sam fan, this the box for you, as this is how powerful Sams are ever gonna get in Duel Links. If you’re not or are F2P and have other top decks, e.g. AG or Dinos, at your disposal, I recommend waiting for other players to evaluate the potential of Six Sams. Know that they are gonna be expensive af, given you need at least 2 Shi En (UR), 2-3 Kizan (UR) and some tech cards released in the Noble Nuts box.


Card Specific

Scrap Twin Dragon: I usually worry about Scrap synchros being hard to summon, but actually, Scrap Shark into Scrap Factory is a two-card method to bring this out turn 1 by summoning Scrap Golem from the deck and milling Scrap Beast. Nondestructive removal always nice to see. Good card.

Road Warrior: Looks fun to use, a bit hard to summon. Two 1-card methods I can see: Synchron Explorer + Road Synchron (GY) + Quillbolt Hedgehog (GY); Road Synchron + Quillbolt Hedgehog x 2 (GY). The effect is quite nice; I would love to see someone summon a Sasuke Samurai #2 from the deck, to lock down or bait opposing back row.

Mobius the Frost Monarch: Mobius!! The fact that its effect triggers immediately (and is optional, unlike Zaborg) is great in this Canadia/Floodgate meta, and being able to target UP TO 2 backrow (not even just your opponent’s) are great flexibilities to have. This has potential to be a great tech for instant backrow removal/bait. Very excited for this.

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En: Amazing card. Kizan (UR) and Fuma (R) is probably a safe way to summon it in this meta, although Kageki (R) into Genba (N) is a nice F2P option. I can see this being super annoying to face, especially in combo with Great Shogun Shien (which is summonable before synchro summoning Shi En). Also, since it destroys after negating, be careful on negating Geartown! However, Dinos can get around it, as GY cards can’t be negated by Shi En.

Quickdraw Synchron: Definitely intended for use with Quillbolt Hedgehog, but I’m excited to tech it into Vampires to finally bring them into the synchro era. You could use it to summon Junk Berserker/Destroyer, or Nitro Warrior, as a “synchro substitute”. Good future potential, but I look forward to possibly testing this out!

Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan: Good to see another Six Sam monster that can special summon while another is on your field (besides Grandmaster of the Six Samurai), but Lv4. While it does seem minor, it reduces bricking with this deck. I think it makes the archetype quite a bit more viable! Excellent card.

Scrap Factory: In general, this can help Scrap monsters float (Scrap Goblin comes to mind) if needed. However, I can see this being used with Scrap Twin Dragon for basically a free 2-card bounce. Great card to see for Scraps!

Shuffle Reborn: I used this in the TCG with Shiranui cards, as it triggers their effects. It can also find interesting use in U.A.’s, since they can tag out before the banish effect kicks in. In general, it’s a good comeback version of Monster Reborn.

Nitro Warrior: Pretty easy to summon (assuming no interruption of course). Synchron Explorer, Quickdraw Synchron, Quillbolt Hedgehog, and Junk Synchron can combo with each other to give multiple ways to bring this out. The 2800 ATK makes it rough against Masked Hero - Anki, Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon, or Koa’ki Meiru Maximus, but you may be able to cheese out an OTK in combination with Battle Tuned!

Parry Knights: Interesting hand trap; it’s similar to, but easier to resolve than Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, and even if you don’t have a second monster to summon, you can still bring this out. We might actually see this in Stall…

Stardust Charge Warrior: Finally! Drawing a card upon its summon, and its being generic, makes this a great Lv6 synchro. The somewhat low 2000 ATK isn’t so great for its second effect, but it’s a welcome addition to our generic synchro toolbox for that draw power.

Red Sparrow Summoner: Having to be destroyed by battle isn’t the greatest condition, but I can think of several good warriors to summon from the deck with this card, such as Amazoness Princess, Obnoxious Celtic Guard and some Elemental HEROs. Kinda wish it didn’t do it in attack position, but otherwise, not too bad.

Quillbolt Hedgehog: Amazing support card, very glad to see this. It’s almost like a generic Amazoness Baby Tiger for synchros, which means that even if your opponent tries to stop the initial synchro summon, we might see some Enemy Controller plays!

Necro Fusion: An interesting generic Miracle Fusion. Banishing the materials face-down is unfortunate, but this card would be really good if you’re carrying cards that can disrupt on the opponent’s turn. Don’t sleep on this card, as you may see someone summoning Ojama King on you in the Draw Phase!

Six Style - Dual Wield: Somewhat tough activation condition, as Six Samurais are known to swarm the board and protect each other. The payoff is great, though, and you could activate it offensively before you swarm the board, or defensively after almost losing all your monsters.

General Opinon

Overall First Impression: This looks like one of the better main boxes we’ve had in a while. It carries support for Six Samurai, Jurrac, Scraps, and Deskbots. I think if there’s anything you should watch out for from this box, it would be Six Samurais, and maybe Scraps. There are also a few techable SR/UR cards that have great future potential, like Burial from a Different Dimension, Mobius the Frost Monarch, and Quickdraw Synchron.

Dkayed's Thoughts

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