Box Review: Tornado of Phantoms

This is the 16th Mini Box and was released on December 9, 2018. Secrets of the Ancients contains support for Gusto and Mecha Phantom Beasts decks.

Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Great%20Tornado
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Tetherwolf
Duel Links Card: Pilica,%20Descendant%20of%20Gusto
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Assault%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Mist%20Wurm
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Nightmare
Duel Links Card: Rainbow%20Overdragon
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Blue%20Impala
Duel Links Card: Gusto%20Egul
Duel Links Card: Mist%20Valley%20Soldier
Duel Links Card: Hushed%20Psychic%20Cleric
Duel Links Card: Mana%20Dragon%20Zirnitron
Duel Links Card: Trap%20Stun
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Concoruda
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Jaculuslan
Duel Links Card: Daigusto%20Gulldos
Duel Links Card: Mist%20Bird%20Clausolas
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Stealthray
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Sabre%20Hawk
Duel Links Card: Gusto%20Gulldo
Duel Links Card: Winda,%20Priestess%20of%20Gusto
Duel Links Card: Salvage%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Zombowwow
Duel Links Card: Symphonic%20Warrior%20Synthess
Duel Links Card: Torque%20Tune%20Gear
Duel Links Card: Skyscraper%202%20-%20Hero%20City
Duel Links Card: Token%20Sundae
Duel Links Card: Future%20Glow
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Trigger
Duel Links Card: The%20Revenge%20of%20the%20Normal
Duel Links Card: Daigusto%20Falcos
Duel Links Card: Symphonic%20Warrior%20Drumss
Duel Links Card: Symphonic%20Warrior%20Piaano
Duel Links Card: Symphonic%20Warrior%20Basses
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Warbluran
Duel Links Card: Gem-Elephant
Duel Links Card: Shadow%20Specter
Duel Links Card: Laughing%20Flower
Duel Links Card: Thousand%20Energy
Duel Links Card: Triangle%20Power
Duel Links Card: Mimiclay
Duel Links Card: Symph%20Amplifire
Duel Links Card: Counter%20Gem
Duel Links Card: Crystal%20Pair
Duel Links Card: Major%20Riot
Duel Links Card: Human-Wave%20Tactics
Duel Links Card: Swallow%20Flip
Duel Links Card: Gusto%20Codor
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Aerosguin
Duel Links Card: Contact%20with%20Gusto

Community Reviews

Trap Stun

Duel Links Card: Trap%20Stun

Justin Joestar:

Trap Stun will be used in sidedecks during trap-heavy metas. It is a great card to get, since it’s the trap counterpart of Magic Deflector.


This card is pretty slow, but can be a good side deck card for certain matchups.


Sweet tech in to relieve the player from Trap heavy decks used by Odion players. May also be a splash-able option for Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician decks to deal with their weakness to trap cards.

Rainbow Overdragon

Duel Links Card: Rainbow%20Overdragon

Justin Joestar:

This card is nearly impossible to summon without the Ultimate Crystal Magic trap, which would be cancerous if we would have it. I dont see anyone making use of this card outside of YouTube. If we ever get that trap though, holy sheit!

Elemental HERO Great Tornado

Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Great%20Tornado

Justin Joestar:

Tornado is a nice monster and a good comeback if youre in topdeck mode and get your Miracle Fusion. Sadly, the only two Wind Elemental HEROs are Elemental HERO Avian (trash) and Elemental HERO Stratos.


Would have been a decent card to use with Elemental HERO Avian if it wasn’t for the fact that Konami released Feather Shot in the Card Trader instead of Feather Wind which would have made Avian decent to use if there were more than one Feather Wind for the players to use. Right now, using Avian is a hassle just to go into Great Tornado.

Swallow Flip

Duel Links Card: Swallow%20Flip


Swallow Flip is a nice normal card to get for when the meta develops, right now it counters mostly (only) Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” but it might very well be better in the future.


Decent tech in options against Special Summoned monsters such as Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” as Shogun’s swarming is an ‘on summon’ effect.

Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf

Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Tetherwolf


Tetherwolf can be a very good T1 opener for certain decks. (Control comes to mind)


Very reliable beater in token heavy decks such as its own Mecha Phantom Beast Archetype as it gains 800 attack during either player’s turn by just tributing its own token that it can summon on its own. Since the Mecha Phantom Beast deck can generate tokens quickly and efficiently already, Tether Wolf can be use right away.

Mist Wurm

Duel Links Card: Mist%20Wurm


Mist Wurm is one of the better synchro’s in Yu-Gi-Oh!, sadly at this moment he is not that easy to summon. Karakuri can probably do it (but is it worth it?) and control has some ways to do it. Other than that I don’t see many possibilities. It can be a contender with Junk Destroyer.


May be worth the cost of summoning with three materials as returning three cards to an opponent’s hand may place you in a position to win the duel that turn.

Pilica, Descendant of Gusto

Duel Links Card: Pilica,%20Descendant%20of%20Gusto


Makes Synchro summoning a lot easier for Gusto deck now that they have another Gusto Synchro monsters, Daigusto Gulldos, from this box. Pilica have synergy with Gusto Falco to synchro summon Gulldos or Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.

Stardust Assault Warrior

Duel Links Card: Stardust%20Assault%20Warrior


Instant cheaper replacement for Flamvell Uruquizas as it serves as a generic toolbox Synchro for piercing and assist Junk Archetype decks. As a bonus, it also has the Warrior typing that have many supporting cards such as Silent Swordsman to let it fit in. However, the Wind attribute holds it back as Poisonous Winds is an available option for players to counter Wind monsters.

Overall Thoughts

Justin Joestar:

If you’re not a streamer or youtuber that needs content: dont touch this box.

Dkayed's Thoughts

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